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The Oil App Bundle Works


MAIN POINT: It's too big and too slow, but I want to get back to oil. It can be made smaller and faster AFTER OIL.

SECOND POINT: Blog themes for LATER. After Boil.

  1. Use shell and make
  2. Complain about them. Don't flesh out blog posts yet.
  3. Write a replacement
  4. Complain in detailed blog posts to market them.

What I described in the last post is now working:

I still haven't hooked up the opy front end, but I've done enough tests.

The mai issue is that it's too slow. I noticed that the compiler2 generates bytecode that is worse than CPython. It was removed from Python 3 because it was not maintained that well.

However, it does work, and gives me a lever to FORK the language, so I still plan to keep the opy front end.

It's Too Big And Too Slow


Not sure how detailed I want to be on this.

Maybe just mentrion metrics.

- fix makefile bugs
- improve on all these metrics, in order of priority:
  - startup time
  - binary size -- vm size, etc. with bloaty
  - lines of code in the tarball
  - build time -- right now it's a single C compiler invocation.  It's fast
    on my machine.  Might want to move to separate compilation.
    - it's OK on my machine, but it will be slow on other machines because:
      1. Clang is faster than gcc
      1. My machine is fast
  - benchmark speed -- e.g. parsing with
    - it will likely slow down due to the code generated by OPy.
- add coverage, ASAN back
- test the tarball on different systems.
- deal with ./configure -- freeze it in a container

- integrate Opy compiler.  Right now it's using CPython compiler.  This
  could fix the stack trace issue.
  - speed benchmarks
  - add back PGO -- Python has it.
    - test it against Python.

Makefile evaluation

see Lessons Learned in oil-sketch repo

Build themes -- there is a draft of this


configure script. Generate header file and make flags.