How I Would Like To Use Tests


Reddit Comments on Working Toward an OSH Release

The last post describes how I've been using test-driven development to prioritize what features to implement, and then decide on the exact behavior of those features.

This post describes some other benefits of comprehensive tests. I also want to use it to address the big problem with OSH: it's too big and too slow.

Why So Many Tests?

So I can work on many different things at once. I've been saying that the core of OSH is around 12K lines, which is small compared to most shells and interpreters.

But OPy adds 8K lines. And the build system is actually at least a thousand lines of code!

And I have ASDL.

And I still want Oil, Awk, and Make.

Also, I want To avoid calcifying the code. Testing against immature and fluctuating interfaces Unit tests can cal

Abstractions that have gone a long way: ASDL

Potentially more styles of tests:


As mentioned yesterday, the next post will go through sh ell features.

Some things I will talk about are: