Comments About Programming Languages


Here are some more comments.

I want to clear the air for posts on parsing.

None of these posts are particularly actionable. I may refer to some of these concepts later in the blog.

Table of Contents

Language Design

Oil goals:


Also: weren't there ones about bazel and config languages?

This one is probably the most important link.


What Oil is doing is not new: Converge and Mython. Not to mention PyPy!

Languages Should Focus on Compatibility

Joe Duffy talk -- did Rust focus enough on compatibility?

Nobody ever rewrites anything -- Go. However Oil does do automatic translation

C is two languages -- shell is also two languages

TensorFlow is a Progrmaming Language and has Language Problems

TensorFlow Model -- related to Oil. A strict computational model.

Language Implementation

Parsing Techniques You Will See In Practice -- 3 styles of parsing you will see in practice

translation units, type information

Language and Technology Adoption

I am spending a lot of time on Oil, so I want it to be adopted. I'm scratching my own itch, but it's more interesting if other people's itches are also scratched!

TBL genius

Programming Languages Shouldn't Nag You (with respect to GC and safety) -- language

- C doesn't nag you, but it allows your program to run wild
- Python and Java don't nag you, but they impose large runtime costs
- Rust and Haskell nag you

Review of the "Science of insecurity" / langsec [langseg.org][] -- CFGs are the wrong abstraction

Programming Style

Managing State / Managing Side Effects

Dependency-Injection style

classes vs. prototypes


TODO: The problem of killing untrusted processes ?