Roadmap #5


I reviewed roadmap #4 awhile ago. I noted there that the project completely changed directions.

Here is the belated Roadmap #5

Loose Ends

I also promised that I would "re-sell" Oil. Focus it on the message.

I did update the oil quick ref. The language is fairly well designed in my head and through the auto-conversion tool.

But honestly I don't feel that is necessary.

Main Priority: Real Usage with Alpine Linux

Further Down the Road

These things probably won't be done in the next 3 months. But I am itching to work on them.

I will just give a little status update, and current thoughts.

Help Wanted

If you want an interactive shell, you should tell me.

Also, the idea of an in-person Hackathon crossed my mind. If I can get 3 people to show up and contribute 20 lines of code each it could be worth it.

If this soudns appealing e-mail me.