Blog Retrospective #3


This post summarizes the blog since April, when I wrote the last blog retrospective.

Table of Contents

1. Popular Posts

The explicitly educational posts have been the most popular ones.

Here I describe a concrete problem, give a useful solution — that I actually used, and discuss lessons for the Oil language:

These posts criticize two aspects of the shell language. I give saner and safer alternatives:

What is the relationship between the Shunting Yard Algorithm and Pratt Parsing?

2. Thoughts on Language Design and Implementation

A collection of observations on language design:

Riskiest part of the project indeed! I still haven't gotten to this. I'm thinking about this based on optimization.

Tests will help me make this transition:

Is this still the plan? Yes.

3. Releases

I made the first three releases:

4. Status Updates

Project planning:

Other Status Updates:

5. Other

6. Things I Skipped

The shell runtime. Design of core/args.py.

Long Slog through the Shell.

I wrote about build system observations, but I didn't write about the R language yet. Why four languages?


A few months ago, I also added tags on the blog index, which may also help you find posts to read.

For example, see: #usage-tips.