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OSH Future Work


Objective: get people thinking about helping?

Turn this into a bug. Help wanted.

Differences Between OPy and Python

[opy][] OVM

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Future Work

OVM Changes

Small tasks

transforming - various notes. compiler bigger, and runtime smaller.

Two Virtual Machines: for OSH and for OPy

  1. Shell Virtual Machine. Should I write one in C?

  2. Python virtual machine.

  3. Write a OSH to OVM compiler. This will make shell scripts faster than bash. But it means that the parser will still be in Python, and we'll still need the Python interpreter.

  4. Write an OPy to OVM compiler. This makes


If you've worked on a VM before.

Help me make it faster?


This is an experiment. I have no idea how long it will take to make OSH small and fast.

I hope it will be by the end of 2018, but I can see the work stretching out beyond that.

But I think OSH should be usable even if it's a bit bigger and slower than bash.

This release also has a preview of oilc. Oilc is a little like 'go' -- a suite of tools.


oshc deps

oshc to-oil

oilc to-osh ?

opyc to-oil? Hm interesting idea.