ca02b0e Wed Sep 27 01:23:58 2017 -0700 Andy Chu
Solution that is safe against adversarial input.

Use NUL bytes as delimiters, and also grep for NUL beforehand.
112ba20 Thu Sep 21 09:48:12 2017 -0700 Andy Chu
An example of handling multiline output from git.

This solution doesn't assume:

- That every field is a single line
- That there is only one field with spaces
- Anything else about the input format, other than it doesn't contain
  0x01 and 0x02 bytes.  (The encoding should therefore be ASCII/utf-8.)

It also has the nice property that you can change your format string
arbitrarily while not worrying about the escaping function.  I don't
want to rewrite the escaping function every time I change the format
string.  Solutions that require that are fragile.
4c353d1 Wed Sep 20 00:44:45 2017 -0700 Andy Chu
Simplify, and add a git-specific solution.
a089617 Tue Sep 19 11:23:33 2017 -0700 Andy Chu
Modify example:

- Use bash $'' because it's not specific to git.  It can be used with
  other tools too.
- 0x01 and 0x02 so as not to confuse the issue of NUL in bash strings
7fa3cba Tue Sep 19 00:00:30 2017 -0700 Andy Chu
Inline the function for readability