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osh0 Normal and braced

[osh stdout] Expected b'a b c\n', got b''

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bin/osh", line 378, in <module>
  File "bin/osh", line 368, in main
    return OshMain(main_argv)
  File "bin/osh", line 327, in OshMain
    status, cflow = ex.Execute(node)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 857, in Execute
    status, cflow = self._Execute(node)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 655, in _Execute
    argv = self.ev.EvalWords(words)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 769, in EvalWords
    return self._EvalWords(words)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 759, in _EvalWords
    val = self._EvalCompoundWord(w, ifs=ifs, do_glob=do_glob)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 455, in _EvalCompoundWord
    val = self._EvalWordPart(p, quoted=False)  # may raise
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 671, in _EvalWordPart
    defined, val = self._EvalVarNum(var_num)
  File "/home/andy/git/oil/bin/../core/", line 540, in _EvalVarNum
    raise NotImplementedError