Commits Between Branches release/0.0.0 and release/0.1.0

0890482 2017-07-24 Andy Chu Use common $CHROOT_DIR variable
ad7d3df 2017-07-24 Andy Chu Draft of Oil Quick Reference.
c39d9b2 2017-07-27 Andy Chu Minor updates to the Oil Quick Reference.
82aa68f 2017-07-28 Andy Chu Create a new build/ script that does all the dev build steps.
61ba42d 2017-07-28 Andy Chu Fix tests.
2878392 2017-07-28 Andy Chu Add osh2oil errors to the FAILED.html output of test/
24b9513 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Implement <&, with test.
49c7a8c 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Fix typo in install script.
1c85bfc 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Update the README
a6bc98e 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Work on osh2oil
8e371a8 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Pass through ControlFlow in osh2oil
9d7af35 2017-07-30 Andy Chu Print names of unconverted node types, rather than numbers.
8c1a6f1 2017-07-31 Andy Chu Add missing headers to detect-readline.c
373f06b 2017-07-31 Andy Chu Make the _tmp directory before building.
b0c4120 2017-07-31 Andy Chu Don't hardcode ~/git/oil in the Makefile.
fee9067 2017-07-31 Andy Chu Fix yet more typos in the configure script!
2fbc360 2017-08-05 Andy Chu 'cd' without arguments should change to the home directory.
ae8804a 2017-08-05 Andy Chu Handle errors in 'source' builtin.
d422565 2017-08-05 Andy Chu Fix 'source' and 'eval' syntax errors to give location info.
981001a 2017-08-07 Andy Chu Give INSTALL and LICENSE a .txt extension.
4b5d75d 2017-08-07 Andy Chu Statically parse local -a A=(1 2) and declare -a A=(1 2).
46b7a0c 2017-08-07 Andy Chu Add 'flags' field to other instantiations of Assignment node.
d522a97 2017-08-08 Linus Heckemann Build fixes (#28)
74c0356 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Add comment about mkdir
9914e82 2017-08-07 Andy Chu Parse += (append)
91bdb8a 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Fix bug in last commit. Both branches need assign_op.
772b19f 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Fix spec test failures introduced by recent commits.
150acde 2017-08-08 Andy Chu 'cd' without arguments now changes to $HOME.
6eae98b 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Handle chdir() error, with test.
f9a645d 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Refactor ArithEvaluator so we can share LHS expression eval with Executor.
0d3f679 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Move comment to where it belongs.
44b83a5 2017-08-08 Andy Chu Implement += on strings and arrays.
77b45ef 2017-08-09 Linus Heckemann Make more shebangs compatible (#30)
2b43fd5 2017-08-09 Andy Chu Implement 'shopt -s nullglob' and 'set -f '(noglob), with tests.
a5c107a 2017-08-09 Andy Chu Add test for ${FUNCNAME[@]}
37d5490 2017-08-09 Andy Chu Implement basic bar ref ${!a}.
32df376 2017-08-09 Andy Chu Comments about ${!a}
1d17032 2017-08-10 Andy Chu Nailing down the behavior of compound expressions in [
9e5cc41 2017-08-10 Andy Chu Adjust test failures
a7c03b4 2017-08-11 Andy Chu Tests for declare -i, -a, -A flags.
439a44a 2017-08-11 Andy Chu Make the test more consistent
0b86961 2017-08-11 Andy Chu Implement $FUNCNAME (bash-only, used by Nix.)
2d15886 2017-08-11 Andy Chu introspect test passes now
730e7f9 2017-08-12 Andy Chu Fix bug with && and errexit.
2be86f8 2017-08-12 Andy Chu Fix errexit with loops and { }.
b70a401 2017-08-13 Andy Chu Saving snippets from comments on 2017/08/12 post.
118089e 2017-08-12 Andy Chu Fix bugs with errexit. Found by tests.
0af9b23 2017-08-14 Andy Chu More examples of hard-coded file descriptors
8066fd7 2017-08-14 Andy Chu Implement Patsub ${x/pat/replace} and strip ops ${x#prefix}, etc.
643b825 2017-08-21 Andy Chu Add failing test case for unicode glob.
80b6aba 2017-08-24 Andy Chu First cut of generating
bd5d5e6 2017-08-24 Andy Chu Add ASDF to the list of parsed projects.
203a7ba 2017-08-25 Andy Chu First pass of test/[ builtin.
f39be99 2017-08-26 Andy Chu Remove tabs
afbfd5f 2017-08-26 Andy Chu Alternative to using <& $fd
0f0fb35 2017-08-26 Andy Chu Fixes to the test / [ builtin.
2b5791e 2017-08-28 Andy Chu [ a = b ] [ a == b] and [ a != b ] now don't do globbing/fnmatch.
728375d 2017-08-28 Andy Chu Spec test caught missing import.
53a8677 2017-08-28 Andy Chu Implement arithmetic comparisons. Caught by spec test.
f35d420 2017-08-28 Andy Chu Mark off newly implemented features in the quickref.
077f76e 2017-08-30 Andy Chu Implement test -d.
5ca7bac 2017-08-30 Andy Chu Test matrix for blog post about the test builtin.
a79ebc8 2017-09-01 Andy Chu Testing a here doc + command sub example from / blog post.
dd52222 2017-09-02 Andy Chu Simpler test cases
8e43366 2017-09-02 Andy Chu Work on the infrastructure for the next release.
14bfa7e 2017-09-03 Andy Chu Make another alpine chroot for testing abuild scripts.
20b9cdb 2017-09-04 Andy Chu Move doc/index.html to doc/release-index.html
d5a64ee 2017-09-04 Andy Chu Expand symlinks when copying spec tests.
47c4521 2017-09-04 Andy Chu Comment
2319491 2017-09-04 Andy Chu More work on the the$VERSION/ tree.
ff95c8a 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Parse Github's scripts-to-rule-them-all.
76af99b 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Test empty arrays combined with set -u (nounset).
bbe5808 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Add author name and date to git changelog.
5aaffbc 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Implement the 'type' builtin (just the '-t' case), with tests.
c57b83e 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Simplify the coding style of the 'type' builtin.
16ca906 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Implement a first cut of test -x.
42e9dec 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Make a new gold/ dir for gold tests.
4e3e9a7 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Implement read -n, and a placeholder for -r.
5949fe1 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Test for read -r.
8dde7f4 2017-09-05 Andy Chu Implement shopt -p and -o.
eca488a 2017-09-06 Andy Chu Add location info to error message.
576dd20 2017-09-06 Andy Chu Using Vagrant to test Oil on differnt OSes.
a8cd603 2017-09-06 Andy Chu pyconfig.h: Assume we don't have stropts.h.
9c0dedf 2017-09-06 Andy Chu Make note of issue with centos/7 Vagrant box
85f64d7 2017-09-07 Andy Chu Add FreeBSD and ubuntu32 Vagrant images.
a3cd796 2017-09-07 Andy Chu Rewrite SIZEOF_* and HAVE_* feature detection.
e0ff74f 2017-09-08 Andy Chu Remove some more hard-coded checks.
4b828dc 2017-09-08 Andy Chu Build fix for single processor machines.
66a79e1 2017-09-08 Andy Chu Rewrite detection of VA_LIST_IS_ARRAY.
c9bb39a 2017-09-08 Andy Chu Tweaks for the 0.1.0 release.