Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.10.1 and release/0.11.0

eb7a4cfb 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Fix bug where d->data conflicted with 'data' keyword
67161958 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow shell style assignment
0e25ef91 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow bash (( with parse_dparen
752789e0 2022-05-20 Andy C [translation] Fix conditional style
f04fb431 2022-05-20 Andy C [doc] Document NAME=value convention
db530ca4 2022-05-20 Andy C [test/parse-errors] Disable a couple cases for oil-native
c137981d 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove NotImplementedError
3896a8bc 2022-05-20 Andy C [spec/oil-array] change spec title
555c0cbc 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Failing test cases for enhanced for loop
4d50a341 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove old functions
7004d0c2 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove list comprehension and generators
512c0ff4 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Planning config file functions
522d30ba 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove old typed array literal syntax
97eadd69 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove old notion of 'func'
9e195b8d 2022-05-20 Andy C [fix] Unit tests and lint errors.
d0e274b8 2022-05-20 Andy C [refactor] Create for_iter sum type
4dffe111 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Parse the new for loop style
75f78b67 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Implement new for loop on lists and dicts
f6853123 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove OilForIn, as its now subsumed
1da961c4 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Change schema of 'for' loop
1a589e9d 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Parse multiple indices in for loop
bc977ae2 2022-05-20 Andy C [fix] For loop parsing, and osh2oil
ec8a14de 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Support multiple loop variables in for loops
e0f118cc 2022-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Implement shopt --unset parse_bare_word
53519481 2022-05-21 Andy C [oil-language] Require left paren in case clauses
6e039889 2022-05-21 Andy C [builtin/shvar] Clear the PATH cache when modifying PATH
21674fe6 2022-05-21 Andy C [oil/builtins] Stub for push-procs builtin.
c30b75f3 2022-05-21 Andy C [oil/builtins] Implement 'fopen' builtin
def95713 2022-05-21 Andy C [doc] Document for loops and 'fopen'
08782be6 2022-05-21 Andy C [refactor] Remove wrapper in oil_lang.objects
51144621 2022-05-21 Andy C Revert "[refactor] Remove wrapper in oil_lang.objects"
425fed09 2022-05-21 Andy C [spec/oil-with-sh] Add a few more test cases
43b9b5ba 2022-05-22 Andy C [oil-language] Start implementing the parse_config() function
4bc02d45 2022-05-22 Andy C [oil-language] Better error message when there's a trailing comma.
cdb2459e 2022-05-22 Andy C [translation] Fix translation of error::Expr
e9d60e3e 2022-05-22 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse] Tighten up a syntax error
5cd1259a 2022-05-22 Andy C [oil-language] Multiple for loop variables are separated by commas
b9d9aa32 2022-05-22 Andy C [oil-language] Constant case patterns should be quoted
d7180997 2022-05-23 Andy C [oil-language] parse_config() works!
fcfd096b 2022-05-23 Andy C [oil-language] First cut of eval_to_dict()
47c97239 2022-05-23 Andy C [oil-language] First cut of Config Dialect, called Hay :)
c83bddf1 2022-05-24 Andy C [cleanup] Remove the bin/oven experiment
1f1087ef 2022-05-24 Andy C [fix] Recalculate dependencies afte removing bin/oven
2abd1bbe 2022-05-25 Andy C [test/spec] Add cases to oil-config
3010e2e6 2022-05-25 Andy C [oil-language] Remove placeholder for parse_amp
24fa954d 2022-05-25 Andy C [oil-language] Allow PYTHONPATH=. in Oil
d313e406 2022-05-25 Andy C [spec/oil-options] Fix test case for #1140.
bf352c29 2022-05-25 Andy C [doc] Move 'exit codes' out of "Getting Started".
584b45a0 2022-05-26 Andy C [builtin/shopt] Support shopt -s oil:all { ... }
27e6a642 2022-05-26 Andy C [builtin/haynode] Run hay nodes with oil:all
852ddbf5 2022-05-26 Andy C [options] Rename oil:basic -> oil:upgrade
3f1b3006 2022-05-26 Andy C [options] oil:basic -> oil:upgrade in the docs and tests
2a267c3b 2022-05-26 Andy C [refactor] Use switch/case table rather than re2c for option strings
9b39fd73 2022-05-26 Andy C [test/spec] Add a test file with old features to deprecate.
82665682 2022-05-26 Andy C [oil-language] Move const/var/setvar etc. out of compound_command
e4e93feb 2022-05-26 Andy C [fix] Fixes after removing match::MatchOption()
1fd6ca30 2022-05-26 Andy C [oil-language] Hide 'proc' behind shopt --set parse_proc
b2be7a71 2022-05-27 Andy C [main] Accept new options with -o, like osh -o oil:upgrade
a28b153b 2022-05-27 Andy C [fix] Fix the 'oil-large' test.
0cb8f9a4 2022-05-27 Andy C [hay] Plan a slightly different API with 'hay eval'
49ce7bdf 2022-05-30 Andy C [web] Add blog-v6.css and 35em body CSS class
360b3afd 2022-05-30 Andy C [hay] New 'hay eval' API
9439ec11 2022-05-30 Andy C [hay] Factor 'hay eval' into a context manager
3155957a 2022-05-30 Andy C [hay] Names are only visible inside 'hay eval'
842044ba 2022-05-30 Andy C [json] Add test for the new py-yajl patch for OrderedDict
e0cf9ce7 2022-05-31 Andy C [fix] Translation and lint errors
0f453d2f 2022-06-01 Andy C [hay] Start ordering the dictionaries
e02913b3 2022-06-01 Andy C [pylib] Make a copy of OrderedDict
d876dcc4 2022-06-01 Andy C [translation] Able to translate d = NewDict()
cb2a3620 2022-06-01 Andy C [hay] Serialize objects to JSON properly
599671e7 2022-06-02 Andy C [fix] Fix undefined vars in our copy of collections_
01683047 2022-06-02 Andy C [hay] Only add notes to the tree after checking for failure.
3d7fef4c 2022-06-02 Andy C [hay] Change rules for arguments to nodes
8200432a 2022-06-03 Andy C [hay] Change output schema: nodes have 'args', not 'name'
06bab041 2022-06-03 Andy C [refactor] Rename hay spec tests
71d1f5b7 2022-06-03 Andy C [mycpp] Pretty print OrderedDict more nicely
aae0d266 2022-06-05 Andy C [oil] Add --location-file and --location-line-offset
37228256 2022-06-05 Andy C [bin/oil] Rename to --location-start-line
5f6847ee 2022-06-05 Andy C [bin/oil] Rename to --location-str
1b2f7b5b 2022-06-05 Andy C [hay] Fix and test serialization of code blocks
a9f18c4f 2022-06-05 Andy C [test/oil-runtime-errors] Simplify test cases
79d64153 2022-06-05 Andy C [test/oil-runtime-errors] Some hay errors
ec7ccb32 2022-06-07 Geoffrey Huntley Enable software development from any device via (#1156)
dc51f5b7 2022-06-05 Andy C [oil-language] Only allow bare assignment inside Caps { } blocks.
d49013aa 2022-06-10 Andy C Merge branch 'master' of
5de2f831 2022-06-10 Andy C [doc] Skeleton of Hay doc
f9193a55 2022-06-10 Andy C [hay] Two hay evaluation modes.
d7c40686 2022-06-10 Andy C [hay] Don't mutate globals in Hay evaluation
5c2f9f20 2022-06-10 Andy C [spec/hay] Refactor test cases
b8e74e7d 2022-06-11 Andy C [doc] Rewrite deprecation doc
c8da657f 2022-06-11 Andy C [doc] Polish upgrade-breakage
5da011e3 2022-06-11 Andy C [doc] Polish upgrade-breakage.
18c4b53b 2022-06-11 Andy C [spec/hay-meta] Make most metaprograming examples pass.
30a25a94 2022-06-11 Andy C tweak
8c299c6b 2022-06-11 Andy C [refactor] Move copy of collections to pylib
6abde53c 2022-06-11 Andy C [ASDL] Make map[] type ordered with OrderedDict
d2030afd 2022-06-11 Andy C [ASDL] Fix type checking of OrderedDict()
18b4e002 2022-06-11 Andy C [hay] In attribute evaluation, hide names ending with _
f174fef0 2022-06-11 Andy C [oil-language] Dictionaries retain insertion order
447215d2 2022-06-12 Andy C [fix] Type checking and spec test
933fd1cd 2022-06-12 Andy C [hay] Fix parsing of nested attribute nodes
b9d397ee 2022-06-12 Andy C [oil-language] Another fix for SHELL node inside Attr node.
cc29b833 2022-06-12 Andy C [doc] Work on Hay doc
732eb3aa 2022-06-13 Andy C [test/shell-vs-shell] New comparison of languages
a3e0211b 2022-06-14 Andy C [test/shell-vs-shell] More examples, and publish it
7d30ee61 2022-06-14 Andy C [doctools] Add Why Sponsor? link to docs
02319619 2022-06-15 Andy C [doc] First draft of Hay doc done
4d5d8e0c 2022-06-17 Andy C [doc] Polish Hay doc
ae02c9d6 2022-06-20 Andy C [soil] Start 'maybe-merge' job
02eeb7ec 2022-06-20 Andy Chu [cpp] Implement test -f
1abba3f0 2022-06-20 Andy C [soil] First pass of 'maybe-merge' task.
27f9d164 2022-06-20 Andy C Merge branch 'master' of
bfb12281 2022-06-20 Andy C [soil/maybe-merge] Gate it on more tasks
f38c52b1 2022-06-20 Andy C [soil/maybe-merge] Wait on all Soil jobs before merging
a8fc5237 2022-06-21 Andy C [soil] Cleanup /status-api/github dir
b31dc4a9 2022-06-21 Andy C [soil] pushd/popd to be on the safe side
c40c8950 2022-06-21 Justin Hong [build] Fix macOS build from source failing at make step (#1162)
eef51358 2022-06-21 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.11.0
071ca2de 2022-06-21 Andy C [pylib] Prune methods from collections_.OrderedDict
8e0a822f 2022-06-21 Andy C [stateful/signals] Skip mksh because it appears to have a bug
dbe5c764 2022-06-21 Andy C [github-actions] Don't run on master now that we test on soil-staging