Commits Between Branches release/0.2.0 and release/0.3.alpha1

2ec5e04 2017-11-09 Andy Chu Include gold tests in the line counts.
0009387 2017-11-09 Andy Chu Also add release automation
d51a8f1 2017-11-11 Andy Chu More things not parsed
1edc3f7 2017-11-15 Andy Chu Fix evaluation of escaped literals in double quotes.
e96d835 2017-11-15 Andy Chu Fix a bug where [ foo -o bar ] was not parsed correctly.
6ece464 2017-11-15 Andy Chu Handle backslash escapes at parse time rather than at runtime.
dbc4727 2017-11-15 Andy Chu Parse two more projects in the wild tests.
ea1d24f 2017-11-16 Andy Chu Fix bug when a bad help topic is passed, and add tests.
6ea7878 2017-11-16 Andy Chu Implement 'command -v'.
5a37cbc 2017-11-16 Andy Chu Fix spec tests after the fix for [ -a ].
189d87b 2017-11-17 Andy Chu Remove the dependency on collections.deque().
444270d 2017-11-17 Andy Chu Remove unused JSON dependency.
4d1771a 2017-11-17 Andy Chu Optimization: don't create a new object on every Newline token!
3a6c86e 2017-11-17 Andy Chu Add virtual memory benchmarks.
371c3cd 2017-11-18 Andy Chu Incorporate virtual memory measurements into the osh-parser benchmark.
cc1b515 2017-11-19 Andy Chu Out of curiosity, record PyPy virtual memory usage.
3edfc00 2017-11-19 Andy Chu Skeleton for lex.c.
c65a386 2017-11-19 Andy Chu stub
9a81dcb 2017-11-19 timetoplatypus Adds error handling to the pushd and popd builtins. (#52)
d49b29d 2017-11-19 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' into dev/oil9
f45c9fa 2017-11-19 Andy Chu Slight tweaks to the error messages.
0ab40d5 2017-11-19 Andy Chu Allow returning from a sourced script.
0c27fab 2017-11-20 Andy Chu Change style for simple sum types to foo_e.Bar (from foo.Bar).
764dc48 2017-11-20 Andy Chu Change LexMode from a util.Enum to an ASDL type called lex_mode_e.
f06278c 2017-11-20 Andy Chu Plumbing for the lexer in re2c.
ccb0a23 2017-11-21 Andy Chu Rename lex.c to fastlex.c so there's no confusion with osh/
529aaf2 2017-11-21 Andy Chu Introduce a match_func abstraction for the LineLexer to use.
1bef1c5 2017-11-21 Andy Chu Got re2c code working in a Python extension.
107d077 2017-11-21 Andy Chu Successfully translated the lexer to re2c and compiled the output.
113311a 2017-11-22 Andy Chu Separate the build from the build.
80a1974 2017-11-22 Andy Chu Now able to build oil.ovm with fastlex.c.
3cb2205 2017-11-22 Andy Chu Fix a horrible bug in util.Enum that I introduced on Monday.
435dee0 2017-11-24 timetoplatypus First draft of osh manpage (#54)
16b11b9 2017-11-24 Andy Chu Clean up input line handling for re2c vs. the Python regex engine.
7ae49ef 2017-11-24 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' of
f2343a0 2017-11-24 Andy Chu Enable the re2c-based lexer.
35c2cf3 2017-11-24 Andy Chu Turn on re2c warnings and make them fatal.
ec9b584 2017-11-24 Andy Chu Prepare for benchmarking the re2c lexer on different machines.
2e29dfb 2017-11-24 Andy C Make the required _build/gen dir before generating lexer code.
64305c1 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Reduce object creation / memory usage by reusing ID instances.
e6c31c3 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Fix up the arithmetic oheap demo.
af0decd 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Tweaks to store only unsigned integers in the AST.
1557dfa 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Allow encoding primitive Maybe types, like Maybe<Int>.
cd38f4a 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Change schema for {100..50..-5}.
86b8f78 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Can now serialize osh.asdl to oheap!
10c0897 2017-11-25 Andy Chu Introduce the concept of asdl.const.NO_INTEGER.
de19b3d 2017-11-26 Andy Chu All 10 files in benchmark/testdata can now be oheap-encoded.
00b36fa 2017-11-26 Andy Chu Generate Python source code from an ASDL schema.
37b0fc5 2017-11-27 Andy Chu Add a gold test case for $'', derived from a problem found in the lexer.
268155d 2017-11-27 Andy Chu Use benchmarks/testdata/configure for profiling.
8ba80cb 2017-11-27 Andy Chu Progress toward migrating away from asdl/
89c7e30 2017-11-28 Andy Chu Make note of two more input handling / memory management options.
c0a87ec 2017-12-01 Andy Chu Add a script to download testdata.
1ea42c1 2017-12-01 Andy Chu Implement >|, because the configure script for yash uses it.
8402bd6 2017-12-01 Andy Chu Fix bug parsing test expression (found in tcc's and QEMU's configure)
6245833 2017-12-01 Andy Chu Disable the globerr callback.
143b77a 2017-12-01 Andy Chu Fix bug in case execution tickled by OCaml's configure script.
21c675f 2017-12-02 Andy Chu Add a stub for set +C because yash's configure script uses it.
90296b6 2017-12-02 Andy Chu Use the compiled version when running benchmarks.
b677038 2017-12-02 Andy Chu Reformat the section on shell options in the OSH quick ref.
14900e2 2017-12-02 Andy Chu Big refactoring of benchmarks.
5c998d6 2017-12-04 Andy Chu Refactor to use the xargs pattern, like
a8bb5c6 2017-12-04 Andy Chu Prepare to analyze the osh-runtime benchmark in R.
562ce71 2017-12-04 Andy Chu Make a report for the osh-runtime benchmark.
745843e 2017-12-05 Andy Chu Implement osh --runtime-mem-dump for benchmarking.
07b0119 2017-12-05 Andy Chu Report on virtual memory used by the osh-runtime benchmarks.
1edc52d 2017-12-05 Andy Chu Compress oheap files and make a report on the encoding size.
0931858 2017-12-07 Andy Chu Enhance the benchmark reports and make them more consistent.
58213dd 2017-12-07 Andy Chu Generating an HTML report for the vm-baseline benchmark.
8ec5f4f 2017-12-07 Andy Chu Generating an HTML report for oheap encoding.
4dcdc4c 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Fix typo in
e697df4 2017-12-08 Andy Chu 'benchmarks/ all' is working.
5448cc6 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Add another copy of abuild with
cbc75dd 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Change the abuild path.
c10e1ae 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Replace uftrace configure with CPython configure in
3f79428 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Replace StaticPython with configure from coreutils.
001647c 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Got 3 benchmark reports working across 2 machines.
6a4683b 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Adjust the precision of floating point numbers in the benchmark tables.
e081a57 2017-12-08 Andy Chu Publish all the new benchmarks.
adf1b56 2017-12-09 timetoplatypus Implement the 'dirs' builtin (#55)
68d9bd5 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Disable the 'dirs' tests on dash and mksh, since they don't implement it.
496dc46 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Minor tweaks. Tests still pass on OSH but fail on other shells.
0c1f78a 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Minor changes to prepare for the 0.3.alpha1 release.
993d4a4 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Make the 'dirs' tests pass for bash and zsh.
523ed53 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Allow 4 failures for 'dirs'.
20daec3 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Make the error messages clearer in
4dcfb29 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Clean up the dev build.
6593c24 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Build fixes to prepare for release.
a82dfbf 2017-12-09 Andy Chu Tweaks before release.