Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre23 and release/0.6.0

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre23 and release/0.6.0

e8f54b9 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust allowed failures.
340299b 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [release] Update announcement URLs
68ebe56 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Try to fix build failure on OS X.
b2e90eb 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [core/process] Rewrite OSH_HIJACK_SHEBANG with a regex.
053fd9d 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.0.
4dd8e8e 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.
1c75077 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing spec tests for several redirect bugs.
5901367 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [errors] Add span_id when there's no command, e.g. '> file'
c96108b 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [redirect] &> and &>> no longer take a file descriptor on the left.
c3ddc61 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Implement %u %o %x %X.
480e7e3 2019-06-26 Andy Chu [osh/state] Comment and re-organize shell options.
adde031 2019-06-27 Andy Chu [types] Add missing annotation to fix build.
a659eda 2019-06-27 Andy Chu [doc] Update release index to be more self-contained.
4c814ec 2019-06-27 Andy Chu [doc] Make the release index intro more readable.
2b16154 2019-06-27 Andy Chu [sh-options] Move strict-* options over to 'shopt'.
3249d38 2019-06-27 Andy Chu [builtins/shopt] shopt -s all:strict turns on all strict options.
b090edd 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [word_eval] Fixed slice semantics, revealed by writing the manual.
22ed2bc 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [osh-language] Disallow slicing of associative arrays.
4dbeb72 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Test out IFS and joining arrays.
36e6f1a 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [doc] Document strict-errexit compared with bash's inherit_errexit.
04c22bf 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Move from tools -> devtools.
143b659 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Another move from tools -> devtools
0d1abff 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [doc] Preparing for the 0.6.0 release.
04a8ae9 2019-06-28 Andy Chu [sh-options] Turn strict-arith on by default.
b0fa1c3 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [var-op-strip] Fix boundary cases ${var%*} and ${var#*}.
3f485f0 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [var-op-strip] Add a few more test cases.
7f36f72 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [doc] Publish the manual in the /release/ tree.
3aae7bd 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up comments and code style.
fc572b8 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [doc] Put CSS into data files, and out of build/
7633ecf 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [doc] Write manual intro and update CSS.
a767036 2019-06-29 Andy Chu [spec/sh-options] Test out backward compatibility.
e4c2dd9 2019-06-30 Andy Chu [doc] Major revisions to the manual.
1a41519 2019-06-30 Andy Chu [doc] Editing pass over the manual.
14de8b6 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [doc] Document ${x@P}
adb781b 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [core/process] Only test the first 80 bytes for a shebang.
971f9d1 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [doc] Document OSH_DEBUG_DIR.
a117448 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [build] Fix bug where doc directories weren't created.
2fc0a0d 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [spec/redirect] Change file descriptor from 5 to 6.