Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre13 and release/0.6.pre14

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre13 and release/0.6.pre14

a698e3c 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [completion] Partially fix completion inside backticks.
c9f431a 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [completion] Fix two sources of infinite loops.
b27da64 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [word eval] Fix evaluation of R in ${x/pat/R}.
314329f 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Split spec/var-op-len from spec/var-op-other.
d4e876f 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [patsub] Fix infinite loop when pattern is *.
3958d87 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [patsub] Fix bug by getting rid _ConstStringReplacer.
e62f99c 2019-02-03 Andy Chu [regex] Parse quoted regex metacharacters as bash does.
c4e2016 2019-02-04 Andy Chu [spec/regex] Test for fatl errors and tighten up test cases.
b60ed4a 2019-02-04 Andy Chu [special-vars] Implement basic support for $OSTYPE.
7bc718a 2019-02-05 Andy Chu [comments] What to do with --parser-mem-dump.
18544c3 2019-02-05 Andy Chu [build] Remove linker flags to remove unused code.
43ac38b 2019-02-05 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-completion] Make test robust against 'mypy' in $PATH.
db3b531 2019-02-06 Andy Chu [test/lint] Make lint checks pass.
ca3af3c 2019-02-07 Andy Chu [interactive] Fix Ctrl-C behavior in the OVM build.
d7000fe 2019-02-07 Andy Chu [readline] Remove old workaround.
69ec97d 2019-02-07 Andy Chu [alias] Add failing spec tests for pipeline case.
099fc15 2019-02-08 Andy Chu [alias] Allow pipelines, && ||, multiline commands, etc.
e1554a9 2019-02-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Make the schema for Subshell consistent with CommandSubPart.
28ac283 2019-02-08 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre14.
273e50d 2019-02-09 Andy Chu [completion] Don't show 124 protocol error on stderr.
5e27fee 2019-02-09 Andy Chu [release] Functions to quickly build a tarball.
b20302d 2019-02-09 Andy Chu [cpython-defs] Regenerate methods.