Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre14 and release/0.6.pre15

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre14 and release/0.6.pre15

e7660b8 2019-02-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Moved comments about completion to oil-sketch repo.
c0359a3 2019-02-11 joris Add support for \W in $PS1 (#229)
33f8268 2019-02-10 Andy Chu [prompt] Add spec test for \W in $PS1.
b88f629 2019-02-10 Andy Chu [ASDL] Start generating Python code with MyPy type annotations.
f490a7c 2019-02-11 Andy Chu Implement $HOSTNAME.
a0366af 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [asdl/typed_arith_parse] Applied types auto-generated by pyannotate.
e2df1bf 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [asdl/typed_arith_parse] Down to zero type errors in non-strict mode.
212afb4 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [asdl/typed_arith_parse] Turned on strict mode and fixed all errors!
7252b7c 2019-02-11 Andy Chu Fix the dynamically typed version of arith_parse.
7d47ec6 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix the build.
0bfdfb2 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Refactor to prepare for generating pretty-printers.
277e496 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Clean up pretty printing code.
e05df07 2019-02-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate type-specialized code for pretty printing.
e128865 2019-02-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate an AbbreviatedTree() method.
954feb6 2019-02-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] Simplify code and start working on
0992e6e 2019-02-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] osh -n works with AbbreviatedTree.
b281347 2019-02-13 Andy Chu OSH now uses the ASDL -> MyPy code generator.
6d1e8be 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove remnants of the old pretty-printing mechanism.
af3c2d8 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove more remnants of pretty-printing.
e5c49c6 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] typed_demo.* again passes under --strict.
61c9f56 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] assert not None in pretty-printing methods rather than 'if'.
06e0587 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Concatenate abbreviations module to avoid circular dependency.
bdf9453 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [travis] Try type checking with MyPy in Travis.
d650817 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [travis] Revert MyPy changes for now.
32ba76c 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [travis] Got MyPy type checking working on Travis.
9d240f1 2019-02-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Demo of arithmetic evaluator.
09ee9b6 2019-02-14 Andy Chu Add bin/
e99d73f 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [typecheck] Strip down the typing module to avoid runtime dependencies.
b6f0473 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Pull out path_stat module to reduce osh_parse deps.
6b7c5df 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [typecheck] Strip down to a bare minimum.
1837b5e 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [typecheck] Start folding Id and Kind into ASDL.
897b220 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up Id and Kind, in preparation for using ASDL.
58237ca 2019-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Use ASDL-generated types for Id and Kind.
0582c76 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [refactor] More simplification of core/id_kind, etc.
7ef678b 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [test/lint] Remove unused imports.
1a0cf10 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [typecheck] Down to 13 errors in non-strict mode for bin/osh_parse.
ef50d55 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [typecheck] Add more annotations for bin/osh_parse.
72fa122 2019-02-15 joris [prompt] Implement \h and \H correctly in $PS1 (#233)
8bb16c6 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [typecheck] Ignore the last 2 errors for osh_parse.
15bd014 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [prompt] Add test coverage for \h and \H.
fe2973c 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [spec/strict-options] Review behavior of existing options and add tests.
d668516 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [builtin/set] More audit and cleanup of strict options.
e7cda13 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [options] Implement set -o strict-argv to disallow empty argv arrays.
e4b0a2d 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [build] Add vendor/ to PYTHONPATH while building app bundle.
6b6935a 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre15.
46c1ff3 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method lists.
df5702b 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [test/lint] Remove unused imports.
1873dc4 2019-02-15 Andy C [build] Set PYTHONPATH so the dev build finds vendor/
a328437 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [build] Remove old ASDL metadata in pickle format.
3f1bd0b 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [test/osh-usage] Fix PYTHONPATH.
17c131f 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [bin/oil] Unconditionally initialize the ResourceLoader.
ace7b6a 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] Get rid of remnants of ASDL_TYPE_CHECK.
eae94aa 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [test/lint] Remove unused import.
2177b0b 2019-02-15 Andy Chu Another PYTHONPATH fix.
92bc85c 2019-02-15 Andy Chu [opy build] Remove symlinks to old ASDL pickles.