Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre15 and release/0.6.pre16

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre15 and release/0.6.pre16

443ff53 2019-02-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove files made obsolete by the MyPy / ASDL migration.
4aa303a 2019-02-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove old ASDL -> Python code generator.
1dcde01 2019-02-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove demo.asdl.
6671a9b 2019-02-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Rename unit test.
36dd9ea 2019-02-16 Andy Chu [ASDL] Demo of isinstance() style.
32124a8 2019-02-17 Andy Chu [spec/strict-options] Add a failing test for a strict-argv case.
86e9521 2019-02-18 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust allowed failures.
30fd24a 2019-02-19 Andy Chu [release] Update announcement URLs.
c014ea7 2019-02-19 Andy Chu [build] Detect objcopy and not dsymutil.
391297e 2019-02-19 Andy Chu [build] Copy readline module to line_input so we can fork it.
07555cd 2019-02-19 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Updates for readline -> line_input.
fa78a26 2019-02-20 Andy Chu [line_input] Fix the build hack correctly.
73a174d 2019-02-20 Andy Chu [history] Enter commands in the history AFTER history expansion.
48bcc68 2019-02-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Move prompt evaluation to its own file.
455dc0a 2019-02-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Move the HistoryEvaluator to its own file.
95fea3c 2019-02-21 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix missing imports.
6bd2ffd 2019-02-24 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused StatusLine.
2fac0b8 2019-02-24 Andy Chu [completion] Start integrating
8145d32 2019-02-24 Andy Chu Fix typos in last commit.
0b5eeee 2019-02-24 Andy Chu Fix lint errors.
26aca1f 2019-02-25 Andy Chu [completion] Fix bug respecting dynamic options.
7f18c97 2019-02-25 Andy Chu [completion] Initial integration of comp_ui, with display callback.
53cffab 2019-02-27 Andy Chu [interactive] Ctrl-C now prints ^C and cancels a command.
7bd5eec 2019-02-28 Andy Chu Ignore SIGTSTP / Ctrl-Z in the interactive shell.
0209830 2019-02-28 Andy Chu [interactive] Add handler for SIGWINCH.
16b218c 2019-02-28 Andy Chu [interactive] Handle the case where stdin isn't a terminal.
36843bd 2019-02-28 Andy Chu [cleanup] Fix unit tests for FileSystemAction.
b7f8182 2019-02-28 Andy Chu [completion] Simplify and improve FileSystemAction.
208bfa1 2019-03-01 Andy Chu [interactive] Ctrl-\ no longer quits the shell itself.
1191238 2019-03-02 Andy Chu [interactive] Fix handling of Ctrl-C.
dd52c22 2019-03-02 Andy Chu Fix nondeterministic unit tests.
bf60ee6 2019-03-02 Andy Chu [build] Reimplement GetTerminalWidth() in C to remove dependencies.
171a2a1 2019-03-02 Andy Chu [build] Update cpython-defs after get_terminal_width() change.
565e04b 2019-03-03 Andy Chu Patch git completion to use compopt +o nospace.
ff10d91 2019-03-03 Andy Chu [release] Bump versino to 0.6.pre16.
60a37e3 2019-03-03 Andy Chu [history] Don't add empty lines to the history.
91526c8 2019-03-03 Andy Chu Ignore Ctrl-C in non-interactive shells too.