Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre1 and release/0.6.pre2

0f719de 2018-08-15 Andy Chu Got basic UTF-8 aware string slicing working, but with duplicate code.
c08e45d 2018-08-16 Andy Chu Noticed a bug: set -o strict-arith somehow got disabled.
cad1f8e 2018-08-16 Andy Chu Style changes to UTF-8 code.
5bd633d 2018-08-16 Andy Chu Improvements to string slicing.
5e4025d 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Documentation and rethinking of error conditions.
81a0851 2018-08-17 Andy Chu More docs and notes about error handling.
132cee4 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Error handling for slices in OSH.
9148d86 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Properly handle invalid UTF-8 when taking the length ${#s}.
53de755 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Move the ASDL front end into its own module.
b808672 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Minor refactoring / renaming of ASDL.
56f4fac 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Preparing to break the runtime dependency on asdl/
e290009 2018-08-17 Andy Chu Separate and simplify the generation of ASDL reflection data.
6eadbd7 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Broke runtime dependency on asdl/!
7521d11 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove pickle module dependency on 're'.
aef87e7 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove unused imports
91a9c1d 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Successfully removed and family.
9575b70 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove _sre.c from the build.
03e6001 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Reduce dependencies by making a copy of the stdlib Unpickler.
b87cb5e 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Fix references to undefined variables in unpickle.
4fa0a80 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove bytearrayobject.c from the build.
3bb4bc4 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove TypeLookup wrapper; just use a dictionary.
f1f4903 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Bump version to 0.6.pre2
312b542 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove unicodeobject.h from the build.
3a0d0e9 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove future.c from the build.
ca16bca 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Update the oil-unit-byterun tree with the new pickle files.
3eb1f37 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Remove the date from the Python version number.
54020f3 2018-08-18 Andy Chu Shell functions for the 0.6.pre2 release