Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre20 and release/0.6.pre21

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre20 and release/0.6.pre21

a764250 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Cache the parsing of format strings.
c89ff50 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Implement the arg recycling semantics.
ecf7746 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Improve an error message.
cbb57d2 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Fix spec test style.
2365ab0 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [osh/cmd_exec] Fix bug with break/continue and subshell.
6ebc234 2019-05-15 Andy Chu Fix typo in error message.
fad90ec 2019-05-15 Andy Chu [test/spec] Enable printf spec tests.
0fc1f1b 2019-05-16 Andy Chu [doc] Mark printf as implemented.
5d54361 2019-05-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove sys.stdout.flush() in builtin implementations.
9fbef70 2019-05-16 Andy Chu [doc] Split the known-differences doc from the manual.
b17b8e4 2019-05-16 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Rebuild the method list.
a9d2eb1 2019-05-16 Andy Chu [test/spec] Mark alias test failures as OK.
8394029 2019-05-18 Andy Chu An experiment with Oil syntax in pgen2.
eee1ee1 2019-05-18 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify the Awk code to extract CPython method defs.
15cb0b0 2019-05-18 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Validate the var name in the -v flag.
0e96af9 2019-05-18 Andy Chu [builtins/unset] Also validate the variable name passed to 'unset'.
4f5f782 2019-05-18 Andy Chu [builtins/getopts] Validate the variable name.
dc329fc 2019-05-18 Andy Chu [pgen2] Testing out more Oil syntax.
ba8717a 2019-05-19 Andy Chu [pgen2] Create a new directory with tests.
1fb13e9 2019-05-21 Andy Chu [test/lint] Don't lint opy/_tmp, etc.
37098df 2019-05-21 Andy Chu [pgen2] Start hooking up the Oil lexer to pgen2.
79f683d 2019-05-21 Andy Chu [pgen2] Able to use the Oil lexer with a pgen2 grammar (calc).
05d3386 2019-05-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Minor simplifications to the TdopParser main loop.
0e91d83 2019-05-22 Andy Chu [pgen2] The calc example uses the Oil lexer directly.
aa2243c 2019-05-23 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Prototype of the expression language lexer.
890b07e 2019-05-24 Andy Chu [pgen2] Keyword tokens like 'if' now parse with the Oil lexer.
58ab0da 2019-05-24 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor] Remove unused entries in gr.labels.
b4f8022 2019-05-24 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor, oil-lang] A bunch of small improvements.
de77e5c 2019-05-26 Andy Chu [pgen2] Implement some nontrivial "transformer" methods.
330f046 2019-05-26 Andy Chu [pgen2] Combined lexer modes with pgen2's "push parsing"!
8087bd3 2019-05-27 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor] Use PNode objects in the parse tree instead of tuples.
fc99e96 2019-05-27 Andy Chu [oil-lang, refactor] Test lexer mode transitions
3d8601e 2019-05-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix tests broken by presence of 'pgen2' dir.
59c3aec 2019-05-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Use syntactic Id like DollarParen instead of CommandSub.
a50841c 2019-05-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Give more tokens lexical names.
16a5d71 2019-05-28 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Start using Kind.Left in the lexer.
81a8bde 2019-05-29 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Test more lexer mode transitions.
8d3089a 2019-05-29 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Fill out lexer mode transition table.
b4ea569 2019-05-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename lexer modes for consistency.
64d65a4 2019-05-30 Andy Chu [pgen2] Change format from pickle to marshal, to reduce dependencies.
c723289 2019-05-30 Andy Chu [doc] Add a note about /etc/profile and $LANG.
26ac9fe 2019-05-30 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Move some parsing code to expr_*.py.
4950c24 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [refactor] Move opy/pgen2/ -> pgen2/
29ffad6 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor] Clean up the ParserGenerator API.
f099de7 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.
ad0c798 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Pristine copy of Python 3.7's Grammar/Grammar.
1240a5e 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [oil-lang] ' all' works with the patched grammar!
ee18fe2 2019-05-31 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor] Building the grammar uses a more functional style.
379708b 2019-06-01 Andy Chu [pgen2, refactor] Inline another function.
b7a98d3 2019-06-01 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Hook up the expression parser to the OSH command parser.
2c6a127 2019-06-01 Andy Chu [pgen2] Add type annotations and remove a dependency.
3697e86 2019-06-01 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Integrated the Oil assignment grammar and the OSH parser!
3dae784 2019-06-02 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Handle comments in expressions.
8a07bcd 2019-06-02 Andy Chu [pgen2] Build a file of nonterminals _devbuild/gen/
5719e76 2019-06-03 Andy Chu [test/spec] Try out by drwilly!
5731774 2019-06-03 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Support for augmented assignment and multiline expressions.
846927d 2019-06-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Reuse the ExprParser and pgen2 Parser instances.
99fc16e 2019-06-03 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Test out augmented assignment.
d8f0bf7 2019-06-03 Andy Chu [types] Make the Oil parser pass MyPy.
58f8125 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix unit tests.
9c41afb 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre21.
bbefd72 2019-06-04 Andy Chu Fix lint errors.
6464e98 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [release] Misc fixes for a green release build.
13643a1 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Update method list.
a0a5672 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [build] Build grammar tables on Travis too.
161235f 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [bin/oshc] Load the Oil grammar in oshc too.
6115882 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [build] Fix grammar path.
7f19ab2 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Don't blacklist marshal.load().
4eb1ccf 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [pgen2] Load Grammar from a string rather than directly from a file.
6e3dc4d 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [opy] Use the new Grammar API.
884048d 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.
3b49c61 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [types] Fix type errors.
a5199c5 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix lint errors.
d7d8241 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [metrics] Update line count scripts to account for pgen2 move.