Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre22 and release/0.6.pre23

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre22 and release/0.6.pre23

5623c58 2019-06-14 Andy Chu [builtin/getopts] Added spec test case for issue #335.
7543c3a 2019-06-15 Marek Šuppa build/ Print usage when no arguments are passed (#336)
ace3acd 2019-06-14 Andy Chu [opy] A program that shows bytecodes for all name lookups.
d8717b8 2019-06-16 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' of
cce0739 2019-06-16 Andy Chu [metrics] Count lines in a way that's fair vs. bash.
43a906c 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Audit arith, array-compat, array.
aa4b94c 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-vars] Turn 2 failures into N-I.
c39a629 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Audit dbracket, named-ref, pipeline.
0ad536a 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Audit 'prompt' and 'sh-options'.
faa4965 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [osh-language] implement ${x?error} and ${x:?error}
5c8b44d 2019-06-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Audit var-ref cases.
f7a5778 2019-06-18 Andy Chu [test] Trying to build smoosh.
9d2c651 2019-06-18 Andy Chu [test/smoosh] Some progress on building it.
1e6be2b 2019-06-19 Andy Chu [opy/gold] Expose differences in bytecode generated for constants.
baef56b 2019-06-20 Marek Šuppa [test/lint] Fix TravisCI linter by not importing unused sys (#350)
c9684d9 2019-06-20 Marek Šuppa [osh-language] Implement [[ -o val ]] to test for options (#348)
2be44d6 2019-06-19 Andy Chu [test/spec] Add test for 'test -o'.
45bfcb5 2019-06-19 Andy Chu [test builtin] Show a proper error rather than raising NotImplementedError.
c0ee9a8 2019-06-19 Andy Chu [core/process] Wait for stopped jobs with WUNTRACED.
1d4b899 2019-06-19 Andy Chu [refactor, builtin] Comments and cleanup toward implementing 'fg'.
f538022 2019-06-20 Andy Chu [job control] Refactoring based on reading bash manual.
0665015 2019-06-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove dead code related to job control.
43efd09 2019-06-20 Andy Chu [core/process] Fix bug in last commit.
b735540 2019-06-21 Andy Chu [job control] Introduce job IDs, and record the PID of every process.
fc153fb 2019-06-21 Andy Chu [core/process] Now Waiter calls Process.WhenDone calls Pipeline.WhenDone.
31fbf66 2019-06-21 Andy Chu [job control] 'fg' now waits for a stopped job.
be98347 2019-06-22 Andy Chu [bool_eval] Implement test -b -c -p -S.
bc726e0 2019-06-22 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Retry waitpid() on EINTR.
ff36fe6 2019-06-22 Andy Chu [core/process] Fix bug where you couldn't Ctrl-C 'wait'.
22ea2ef 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Implement '%.5s' to truncate strings.
416fc89 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [builtin] Remove NotImplementedError in declare/typeset.
20b5a23 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [doc] Document backtick differences.
198a9dd 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [doc] Add a "Setup" section.
6a3261b 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [doc] Add links so users can find the documentation.
b0c6c3c 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [word_eval] Fix behavior when IFS is empty and unset.
9d50322 2019-06-24 Andy Chu [word_eval] Fix another bug when IFS=''.
8f12b19 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [word_eval, refactor] Change 'do_split_glob' to 'quoted'.
c38f449 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [word_eval] Don't split literal words.
57e1ff2 2019-06-25 Andy Chu comment
fa597a2 2019-06-25 Andy Chu comment
03ef02d 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [spec/var-op-test] Mark "$@" behavior as ok.
2a31155 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [doc] Document a known differences with splitting and parsing.
708042c 2019-06-25 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre23.