Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre8 and release/0.6.pre9

fe701ad 2018-10-23 Andy Chu [metrics/bytecode] Print a nice table of memory operations.
b4501f9 2018-10-23 Andy Chu [metrics/bytecode] Compare use of closures in CPython and OPy.
cee9285 2018-10-23 Andy Chu [metrics/cpython-defs] Fix a parsing bug and add resulting PyMethodDefs.
d7fd2eb 2018-10-23 Andy Chu [build] Edit CPython source to use the new extracted definitions.
6a78be5 2018-10-23 Andy Chu [build] Filter methods from the newly found defs.
966520b 2018-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Avoid {LOAD,MAKE}_CLOSURE in the only 2 places they're used.
049bdf2 2018-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove unused code which had DELETE_FAST bytecode.
ca03baa 2018-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract a function and move an import to the top-level.
9b71eee 2018-10-24 Andy Chu [opy] Figured out what's wrong with WITH code generation.
14528a0 2018-10-26 Andy Chu [release] Publish OPy line counts.
10b22d6 2018-10-26 Andy Chu [opy] Simple test suite for the opyc tool.
e850e6c 2018-10-27 Andy Chu [opy] Demonstrate the bug compiling generator expressions.
f2a8025 2018-10-27 Andy Chu [opy] Regenerate from ast.txt.
f92ca64 2018-10-28 Andy Chu [opy] 'opyc ast' now shows the ast.
cbc2a69 2018-10-28 Andy Chu [opy] Better AST pretty printing.
8436aa2 2018-10-29 Andy Chu [opy] Add 'opyc symbols' to print symbol tables.
9804e6e 2018-10-29 Andy Chu [opy] Fix bug in symbol resolution that caused spurious closures.
f2c468d 2018-10-29 Andy Chu [opy] Make note of a possible issue with nested generator expressions.
590e5ac 2018-10-29 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums after the genexpr fix.
38cad4d 2018-10-30 Greg Price [spec/builtins] Tuck a couple of stray directories under tmpdir. (#205)
aca2027 2018-10-30 Andy Chu [test/lint] Remove unused import.
bd2fb71 2018-10-30 Andy Chu [ovm2] Move shell functions to the ovm/ dir.
823b8c0 2018-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec-bin] Add instructions in the comments.
2145e2d 2018-10-30 Andy Chu [ovm2] Vertical slice of oheap2.
e954293 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [opy] Remove obsolete subset.
07f9ada 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [ovm2] Move to ovm2/ dir for consistency.
515cded 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [test/lint] Add ovm2/ to the lint checks.
ae6f81d 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [test/unit] Run tests under the ovm2/ dir.
b376623 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [oheap2] Align slabs to 4 bytes, since they begin with a 4-byte length.
15c983c 2018-10-31 Andy Chu [ovm2] Planning out the interpreter structure.
f20a68c 2018-11-04 Andy Chu [doc] Document the fact that ${!x} reparses data as code.
7521118 2018-11-04 Greg Price Implement ${!ref} when $ref is like arr[1]. (#206)
eba89c7 2018-11-05 Greg Price Initial version of printf builtin (#209)
1e50537 2018-11-05 Greg Price [printf] Add explanatory comment on %q implementation. (#210)
4f3e1aa 2018-11-06 Andy Chu [spec/var-ref] Split out, and stop testing mksh.
bad04ff 2018-11-07 Andy Chu [ovm2] Fix memory error when the file is invalid.
fa41120 2018-11-07 Andy Chu [ovm2] Got opy/gold/ running.
dce6d99 2018-11-07 Andy Chu [ovm2] Sketch out bytecodes for
214aa51 2018-11-08 Andy Chu [ovm2] Able to partially run!
ab3bf76 2018-11-08 Andy Chu [rename] -> ovm2/
345497e 2018-11-08 Andy Chu [ovm2] Fix compiler warnings and rationalize
a77cda0 2018-11-08 Andy Chu [ovm2] Implement push/pop/unwind of the block stack.
63c929e 2018-11-13 Andy Chu [doc] Make note of more deviations from the "ideal architecture".
3db6441 2018-11-13 Andy Chu [ovm2] Try it with Clang and ubsan.
a5ab4ba 2018-11-16 Andy Chu [opy] Implement the -fast-ops flag and test it out.
5ca73c5 2018-11-16 Andy Chu [ovm2] Plan out Function and Dict.
a83885a 2018-11-16 Max Bernstein Fix compiler warning; `pos` was unused (#213)
050c53b 2018-11-16 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove src_id_stack from Arena.
a82d01d 2018-11-16 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start the lexer, parser, ASDL schema, and main().
7cfb452 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move code common to Oil and OSH to the frontend/ dir.
ac62582 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move borrowed code to a new pylib/ dir.
bdb103e 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused dir.
324142d 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [doc] Update repo structure description in the README.
de1e4ea 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix broken test due to renamed file.
94f1759 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Allow ASDL Constructors to be used under a namespace.
ba6cdc9 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use the new naming style for runtime.part_value.
bfa1c6d 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use the new ASDL style for runtime.value.
a621db3 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use the new ASDL style in
7786b09 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [test/unit] Add a unit test for
8fe09cd 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [cleanup] osh/ -> frontend/
3b7a717 2018-11-17 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix unused ipmort.
bbfe148 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move scripts around and document rationale in
6eb839b 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move more modules into frontend/
a5b06f4 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move Oil language to oil_lang/ dir.
9d2208b 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Move most OSH-specific files from core/ to osh/
0d97c87 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [metrics] Adjust line counts for new layout.
110268a 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [refactor] Move core/ -> osh/
8ad75ff 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [refactor] Move,, to osh/
9c1ee34 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename modules that contain OSH builtins.
30f52f5 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Get rid of 'types' alias for 'types_asdl'.
d654aa0 2018-11-18 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove usages of the 'ast' alias.
87db215 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename builtin-test -> builtin-bracket.
565c0b8 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] More renaming of 'ast' to 'syntax_asdl'.
fdc9df4 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use the new ASDL style in many modules, and sort imports.
eca01d7 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] Rename ast -> syntax_asdl in more places.
dfb09a8 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] Get rid of the old ASDL style *everywhere*.
e7571c6 2018-11-19 Andy Chu [test/lint] Silence lint errors about imports.
f902dcb 2018-11-20 Andy Chu [asdl] Generate fully-qualified names for "constructors".
8609a51 2018-11-20 Andy Chu [asdl] Do dynamic type checking when ASDL_TYPE_CHECK=1.
bcef603 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [asdl, cleanup] Remove and use output instead.
eeaebc3 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre9.
0d25ecd 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [release] Temporarily disable printf for release.
c649bac 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [release] Update version numbers.
162a9dd 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Update methods for the release.
512300b 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [asdl] Remove obsolete error checking for clashing "Constructors".
869380d 2018-11-21 Andy Chu [release] Generate a missing data file for bytecode metrics.