Commits Between origin/release/0.6.0 and release/0.7.pre1

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.0 and release/0.7.pre1

5b69d5e 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.6.0 release.
ebe719d 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [build] Fix OSH version regexes.
b16bdb9 2019-07-01 Andy Chu [doc] Address feedback from Quentin.
9db0d9a 2019-07-03 Andy Chu [doc] Clarify that strings are arbitrary byte sequences.
6a120df 2019-07-03 Andy Chu [test/lint] Exclude tools/{find,xargs} for now.
44139d5 2019-07-03 Andy Chu [oil-lang] Copied the expression type in Python's ASDL schema.
4ce7d26 2019-07-03 Joshua Nelson [interactive] Take unicode into account when calculating display width (#368)
38f1254 2019-07-04 Joshua Nelson [builtin/source] Lookup files to be sourced in $PATH (#393)
9a8a09f 2019-07-04 Joshua Nelson [core/process] Run files with /bin/sh if shebang is missing (#365)
7df76b2 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-eval-source] Update tests to cd $TMP
2ae6e4f 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Create a new SearchPath object to look up things in $PATH.
7bdc49b 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [core/process] Refactor so we're not mutating arg_vec.
06cca17 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [demo] Show that OSH is calling execve() too much.
9bf65d0 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [test/spec] Don't pollute repo, and add old demo.
49b0649 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Transform list literals.
dd401d2 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Make the structure of the Transformer clearer.
caa5dae 2019-07-04 Andy Chu [cleanup] Update comment from grammar.
76cfa19 2019-07-05 Wilke Schwiedop [tools] MVP for find and xargs (#386)
dc8f2ec 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove explicit version check, now that shebangs are python2.
8441c65 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [find, xargs] Add licenses and READMEs. Tweak find unit tests.
3596e72 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-eval-source] Regression tests for issue #395.
b536f9c 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [osh-language] 'exit' becomes a UserExit exception, not ControlFlow.
e19a904 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [spec/interactive] New test file for interactive cases.
08b8b44 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename now that UserExit is not control flow.
ae647d4 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [main] Move handling of unexpected exceptions to the top level.
9aa3f85 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [core/process] Also handle unexpected errors / Ctrl-C in subshells.
c270d7d 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [devtools] Dogfood the all:strict option.
408cf3b 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [osh/cmd_exec] Fix bug in recent commit.
9a38374 2019-07-05 Andy Chu [core/process] Fix bug I introduced during refactoring.
59c469d 2019-07-05 Andy Chu spec tests for path caching
3cd91fb 2019-07-05 Andy Chu new style
ce31115 2019-07-06 Andy Chu another spec
d455d2d 2019-07-06 Joshua Nelson [errors] Add location information for ~ (#403)
97808b2 2019-07-06 Joshua Nelson Handle -1 from wcwidth (e.g. newline) (#402)
110a23a 2019-07-06 Joshua Nelson [test] Add property testing using hypothesis (#406)
43dbc96 2019-07-06 Joshua Nelson [test/lint] Use python2 version of flake8 (#409)
9b20ccf 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [build] Always pretend libc doesn't have ftime().
b7c5b03 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.
c864743 2019-07-06 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' of
cc20fb4 2019-07-06 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' into dev/andy-14
9f0efb6 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Remove bindings for getpgrp() and setpgrp().
a39bfe3 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Fix crash when no arguments are passed.
a517182 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [osh/cmd_exec] Search the $PATH for executables, and cache locations.
a89c986 2019-07-06 Andy Chu [builtins] Implement the 'hash' builtin.
deb45c9 2019-07-07 Andy Chu [spec/command_] Only search for executable files.
4e6d32f 2019-07-07 Andy Chu [osh/cmd_exec] Experiment with special builtins rule.
66476b1 2019-07-07 Joshua Nelson [native/libc] Don't crash when parsing regexes on FreeBSD (#413)
86e702f 2019-07-07 Andy Chu [travis] Try spec/interactive tests in Travis
84467e7 2019-07-07 Andy Chu [spec/assign] Test cases for dynamic and aliased assignment.
9c435e4 2019-07-07 Andy Chu [spec/assign] Make test cases more comprehensive
60dd0f0 2019-07-08 Andy Chu [devtools] Shell function to check out PRs.
4f9f4f6 2019-07-09 Andy Chu [core/process] Fix waiting for singleton pipelines like '! true'.
8a87333 2019-07-10 Matt Singletary [doc] Rewrite man page with (semantic) mdoc macros (#337)
19b6731 2019-07-09 Andy Chu [doc] Build man page as HTML.
5697002 2019-07-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start the expression evaluator.
b4ddfbd 2019-07-10 Andy Chu [oil-language] Got lists and subscripts working.
854bda4 2019-07-10 Andy Chu [oil-language] Able to use the + operator on lists and strings too.
0ceeabc 2019-07-10 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'setvar x += 1'
8346ebd 2019-07-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Don't lookup variables with dynamic scope.
750a19e 2019-07-11 Andy Chu [builtin/export] Disallow exporting associative arrays.
9fd9d7a 2019-07-11 Andy Chu remove dead code
6181733 2019-07-11 Andy Chu point out more corner cases
cc0455e 2019-07-11 Andy Chu [spec/assoc] Add a couple more test cases, and implement "${!assoc[@]}".
1d98d54 2019-07-11 Andy Chu [osh-language] Change AssocArray representation and test semantics.
b0487f8 2019-07-12 Joshua Nelson Add changes to ./configure to build on FreeBSD (#421)
ab3043c 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [bool] Implement -O and -G.
9947939 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix default value of 'exit' and 'return'.
bb457d4 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [spec/sh-usage] Forgot this file in the last commit.
882c13e 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [osh-language] Disallow referencing (associative) arrays as scalars.
80b2cad 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [spec/dbracket] Clarify comparison of arrays.
919298c 2019-07-12 Andy Chu [spec/assoc] More associative array tests pass.
7d79aad 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [osh-language] Spec tests for associative arrays.
441373c 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [builtins/repr] Fix crash in 'repr' on array with holes.
9dea54a 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [test/spec] Two more failing test cases for array semantics.
a863699 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [refactor, osh-language] Consolidate evaluation of arrays.
c403133 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement A['x']+=$s for assoc array A.
8caf4a4 2019-07-13 Andy Chu patsub
1a27c13 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [osh-language] Vectorize string ops over associative arrays.
714a80b 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [refactor] Make note of place for decaying
6fd86d4 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [osh-language] Do additional type checks for arithmetic.
4291df2 2019-07-13 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate a[x]=$v and (( a[x] = v ))
1f2075b 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [spec/assoc] Fix test, and add comments.
495cbac 2019-07-14 Andy Chu adjust another test
128c910 2019-07-14 Andy Chu init
b96b3ff 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix bug parsing a[$x$y]=1, ${a[$x$y]}, etc.
74d6d24 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix RHS assoc array indexing.
d5066c5 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [expr_eval] Add type checking for list indexing.
df97cc3 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename lvalue type.
81fabfd 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Start getting rid of int_coerce for assoc array keys.
c0998fa 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [assoc, refactor] Use EvalWordToString, EvalToIndex, lvalue.Keyed
3a57094 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [cleanup] Get rid of unused int_coerce flag.
1bafc7a 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [spec/assoc] Tighten spec, now that we have EvalWordToString.
f2e405c 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Tighten up behavior of assoc arrays inside (( )).
4a9c4eb 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement assoc array literals A=(['k']=v ['k2']=v2)
d4b268b 2019-07-14 Andy Chu [osh/word] Fix crash in static evaluation.
339d0d1 2019-07-14 Andy Chu Remove 'import traceback'.
8f07fbe 2019-07-15 Andy Chu [spec/assign] Add test cases to prepare for redo of assignment builtins.
1402d03 2019-07-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Move assignment builtins to their own file.
eedc731 2019-07-15 Andy Chu [interactive] Remove side effects from InteractiveLineReader.Reset().
3c9adf3 2019-07-15 Andy Chu [types] Reorder methods to fix type checking.
c332b8b 2019-07-15 Andy Chu [doc] Start design-docs directory.
54272e8 2019-07-17 Joshua Nelson [interactive] Initial implementation of PROMPT_COMMAND (#414)
18ba1f0 2019-07-16 Andy Chu [spec/interactive] Minimize spec test differences.
82d22cc 2019-07-16 Andy Chu [spec/interactive] Got bash and OSH tests working the same way.
2d0f150 2019-07-16 Andy Chu [interactive] Give reasonable location info for PROMPT_COMMAND.
39e10de 2019-07-16 Andy Chu [types] Fix Travis build.
8a46bc1 2019-07-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust allowed failures.
e9e32a0 2019-07-17 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre1.
a72e976 2019-07-17 Andy Chu [build] Fix build on Alpine.
bf93b30 2019-07-17 Andy Chu [spec/command_] Fix failure due to 'realpath' finding oil.ovm.