Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.8 and release/0.8.9

7cb34ab 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [mycpp build] examples/modules now translates, compiles, and runs tests and benchmarks
61d15a1 2021-03-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Generalize to more examples
512d18b 2021-03-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Work on building examples/{parse,varargs}
5705767 2021-03-20 Andy Chu [mycpp/examples] varargs works; remove 2 obsolete examples
74be012 2021-03-21 Andy Chu [translation] Regenerate the ASDL runtime.
3c710cb 2021-03-21 Andy Chu [translation] Generate a GC variant of the runtime
b0a3c74 2021-03-21 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix ASDL unit tests after the runtime was regenerated.
88e9505 2021-03-21 Elisha Hollander Remove unnecessary line in osh-to-oil.js (#910)
ec3f79a 2021-03-22 Andy Chu [native/libc] Add comments about locales.
5436aff 2021-03-22 Andy Chu [unicode] Oil doesn't call setlocale()
d225034 2021-03-22 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by adding missing annotation
270a93a 2021-03-23 Andy Chu [native/libc] Fix Python binding to return None.
33615c2 2021-03-23 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Demo of cachegrind
e5920d3 2021-03-25 Andy Chu [osh-language] Allow empty string arguments to break/continue/return.
cfbab37 2021-03-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] Start invoking cachegrind
b895a6f 2021-03-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Remove old virtual memory metric
4f7540e 2021-03-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] Clean up header generation.
545ab69 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Run cachegrind with separate 'no-host' provenance
85eb243 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [toil] Start running cachegrind benchmarks on continuous build
b25a43d 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [toil] Add mksh, zsh, etc. to 'cpp' task
8652c02 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Use the in-tree osh_eval.opt.stripped
c8dc503 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [toil] Build osh_eval.opt.stripped before running cachegrind
97feec1 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Consolidate MYPY_REPO more
b6dd617 2021-04-05 Ilya Sher Fix typo (#921)
251126a 2021-04-04 Andy Chu [doc] Fix broken link in manual
39e8155 2021-03-27 Andy Chu [devtools] Start a generic TSV tool for the benchmarks.
7a593cf 2021-04-05 Ilya Sher Update (#922)
4d80b5b 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [spec/oil-user-feedback] Add eggex bug, and append idiom
e98f0e2 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [eggex] Fix evaluation bug that happened in a loop
c863cdf 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Check type of value returns from $f(x)
4a7d21e 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Do stringification more consistently
2ede847 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [types] Add missing annotation
3943987 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [doc] Document the 'push' builtin
ff2e25e 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Use new _Stringify() function for $x too
5150dae 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Initial cut of tsv_column_from_files
f68ecf4 2021-04-11 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] Working report for the cachegrind results
461ca6a 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] cachegrind summary works
1f50be9 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] Add raw data, and tweak report.
e3ca253 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.9
e8917ad 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate Python methods
c214be1 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix "large" tests
883f7e9 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [test/lint] Work around for flake8 on my machine.
bded9a6 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [oil-native] Add file to tarball
0891cc1 2021-04-12 Andy Chu [test/wild] Document the way to get the data