Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre1 and release/0.8.pre2

bd3f4c2 2020-02-17 Travis A. Everett [tools/deps] Fix AttributeError (#607)
85ec7f3 2020-02-17 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' of
ba6f8ba 2020-02-19 Andy Chu [translation] Add some temporary stubs for osh_eval.
7c1032e 2020-02-20 Andy Chu [lazylex/html] Add a ToText() function, extracted from
1b9ac54 2020-02-20 Andy Chu [doctools] Fix double escaping when using the pygments plugin.
13df018 2020-02-20 Andy Chu [test/unit] Disable test with pygments dependency.
80989ec 2020-02-21 Andy Chu [translation] Move function to core/passwd.
977ae52 2020-02-21 Andy Chu [glob] Mark 'failglob' as unimplemented.
0488eaf 2020-02-22 Andy Chu lint
20103ab 2020-02-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Change globbing to use 'out param' style.
71124a2 2020-02-22 Andy Chu [oil-options] Implement shopt -s glob_dash.
8fce213 2020-02-22 Andy Chu [builtin/shopt] Don't invert options because that's confusing.
8a0cd3b 2020-02-22 Andy Chu [oil-options] Rename to dashglob to be consistent with bash's dotglob.
b6866b2 2020-02-22 Andy Chu [doctools] Add internal anchor for <h4> too.
c40f538 2020-02-23 Andy Chu [doc] new doc: Simple Word Evaluation in Unix Shell.
ed8839a 2020-02-23 Andy Chu [doc] Updates to
89d1698 2020-02-25 Travis A. Everett [test/unit] Skip libc tests that fail on darwin/macOS (#613)
e0569fb 2020-02-25 Travis A. Everett [test/unit] Skip completion tests that fail on darwin/macOS (#614)
a9b6f75 2020-02-24 Andy Chu [doc] Add glob() and maybe().
2317d33 2020-02-25 Andy Chu Merge branch 'master' of
bed4518 2020-02-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Remove the 'do' keyword.
c92d41f 2020-02-25 Andy Chu [core/state] Get rid of unused debugging features.
cdf91fc 2020-02-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up implementation of BASH_SOURCE, etc.
af0bdb2 2020-02-26 Andy Chu [demo] Showing the 'if $0' pattern.
f6181ca 2020-02-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Give the demo a better name.
8c03558 2020-02-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Make shell initialization of state.Mem a separate step.
237d206 2020-02-26 Andy Chu [translation] Down to 30 compile errors in osh_eval.
c567114 2020-02-26 Andy Chu [doctools] Entire lines can be comments in 'sh-prompt'.
731ccf6 2020-02-27 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generate a globally unique name for fmtX() functions.
67d659a 2020-02-27 Andy Chu [test/spec] Shell functions to run test suites serially.
907a15e 2020-02-27 Andy Chu [translation] Extract ui.PrettyId function to fix fmtX() type errors.
6bb0730 2020-02-27 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement maybe(), glob(), and add IFS arg to split().
927c3b9 2020-02-27 Andy Chu [spec/oil-demo] Show that -- is not special to write.
08f50e3 2020-02-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Use helper functions like ui.PrettyId.
d81467c 2020-02-28 Andy Chu [refactor] osh/ uses a single state machine.
80e2f8d 2020-02-28 Andy Chu [translation] TRANSITIONS -> consts::IfsEdge().
fff2884 2020-02-29 Andy Chu [translation] Don't generate fmtX() functions when there are 0 args.
7a6a029 2020-02-29 Andy Chu [translation] Create e_usage() wrapper for args.UsageError.
720e06d 2020-02-29 Andy Chu [translation] Introduce stderr_line() to replace ui.Stderr().
d762e02 2020-03-01 andychu [doc] Fix backticks in (#618)
9d19abc 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Make exception handling translatable.
7153ac5 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [builtins/set] Make vi and emacs options exclusive.
1f4fb3c 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Factor out OptHook from state.MutableOpts.
4deada3 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [cpp/posix] Remove unnecessary ::
03e9714 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Avoid name conflict for real this time.
a786891 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Stubs so bin/osh_eval compiles and links!
62b0292 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes so that bin/osh_eval runs!
71ca8db 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Brace expansion works under osh_eval!
02063c8 2020-03-01 Andy Chu [translation] Enhance bin/
881238c 2020-03-02 Andy Chu [translation] Preparing to release osh_eval as oil-native.
f57a3d2 2020-03-02 Andy Chu [fix] Fix oil-options spec test and lint failures.
edc2132 2020-03-02 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre2
0dc5a3b 2020-03-02 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Run osh-parser on its own. Testing osh_eval.
370d1bb 2020-03-02 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-parser] Work on automation / testing.