Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre2 and release/0.8.pre3

991352d 2020-03-03 Andy Chu [devtools] Document the re2c and cmark dependencies a bit more.
36bbfc8 2020-03-03 Andy Chu [travis] Test if help works on Travis.
045ae7a 2020-03-03 Andy Chu [builtins/help] Fix crash in error path when 'help' data isn't there.
f9d72ea 2020-03-03 Andy Chu [travis] Disable failing test for now.
8fc8f25 2020-03-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'setlocal'.
f90384c 2020-03-05 Andy Chu [spec/word-split] Verify issue with IFS='' and $* $@.
7437fbf 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [spec/word-split] Failing tests for #627
e5de780 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [spec/word-split] Failing test for bug #628
7b6fc62 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Make a new Alpine image and run spec tests inside.
9665289 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Change the default env to --cd-tmp.
a44affd 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Forgot this file.
b915635 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Create shell functions for Alpine.
5d4fec9 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix unit test.
b3f1d96 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Get rid of xargs --verbose; update
eed24f9 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Use benchmarks/ instead of 'time' in $PATH.
f6f770d 2020-03-06 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Able to get a HTML spec report running in Alpine chroot.
ea0d987 2020-03-07 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Able to publish HTML results from Alpine.
1ac8ab8 2020-03-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate chroot setup for two usages of Alpine.
65432bc 2020-03-08 Travis A. Everett [spec/errexit-oil] Replace absolute executable path with 'env' (#638)
583a925 2020-03-08 Travis A. Everett [spec/builtin-completion] Don't depend on nondeterministic file completion order (#639)
8fdb25d 2020-03-08 Andy Chu [spec/arith] Failing cases for dynamic LHS name in arith assignment.
2694247 2020-03-08 Travis A. Everett [spec/builtin-dirs] Use more portable /dev instead of /lib (#642)
b5072a9 2020-03-08 Andy Chu [strict] Hide 'return' redirect error under 'shopt -s parse_ignored'.
b0647a4 2020-03-08 Andy Chu [test/] Handle unicode consistently between HTML and ANSI out.
2827cda 2020-03-08 Andy Chu [osh-language] Stub for test -k
0f8e971 2020-03-09 Andy Chu [doc] Add links about static parsing to "known differences".
7ac615b 2020-03-09 Andy Chu [builtin/test] Implement test -v (var) and test -k (sticky bit)
c6b1ecd 2020-03-09 Andy Chu [builtin/type] Don't lie about 'break' etc. being a builtin.
a1b912c 2020-03-09 Andy Chu [spec/dparen] Example of assoc array usage in (( ))
462ade6 2020-03-10 Andy Chu [translation] Remove pgen2/ from the translation.
0d71646 2020-03-10 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of unneeded conditional.
cf72951 2020-03-10 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Add cases for invalid assignment.
b8d37bf 2020-03-10 Andy Chu [doc] Update MyPy version in instructions.
97dcc53 2020-03-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate ANSI constants in core/
7ef4741 2020-03-11 Andy Chu [osh/arith_parse] Add parse_unimplemented option
f0106f0 2020-03-11 Andy Chu [travis] Allow Travis to publish to
b4f9bd3 2020-03-12 Andy Chu [travis] Re-enable after testing.
d1bbf23 2020-03-12 Andy Chu [devtools] Don't assume 'typing' is installed.
84f8f51 2020-03-12 Andy Chu [devtools] Abstract the $PATH into build/
fbfdf63 2020-03-12 Andy Chu [test/spec] Allow LOCALE_ARCHIVE to leak for Nix.
bae0280 2020-03-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename function so .travis.yaml is stable.
0322d34 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [devtools] Initial version of 'toil', a script for running build tasks.
fc0a344 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [travis] Fix build.
5db7b30 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [services/travis] Improve the HTML dashboard.
6565719 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [services/travis] HTML improvements.
a5afb30 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [travis] Replace script: block with our own shell script.
258a4a9 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [travis] Enable deployment on two branches.
f963a86 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [travis] Turn off TRAVIS_SKIP.
3044381 2020-03-13 Andy Chu [travis] Rename shell functions.
c8f52ca 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] Publish spec test HTML with every build.
64a38d7 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] Test out parallel jobs in Travis.
0c0192d 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] First cut of dev-all-nix job.
d48f743 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] Misc tweaks.
1742040 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] Starting ovm-tarball job.
f53e5d6 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] ovm-tarball build now works!
d54750b 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [travis] dev-minimal uses language: minimal
30211bf 2020-03-15 Koichi Murase [osh-language] Allow ${X} in addition to ${X[0]} where X is BASH_LINENO or FUNCNAME. (#656)
3a18432 2020-03-15 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Fix the ${!prefix@} failure for the second time (#657)
c156b72 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [osh-language] Expose what I think is a bash bug in FUNCNAME.
3c22813 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [spec/introspect] Clarify the test / bash inconsistency.
d469d8f 2020-03-15 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Implement special case of ${@:offset:length} (#658)
47636b9 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Move tests to a different file and add a few comments.
efa26b8 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename test. It only contains cases for slicing.
edcc57b 2020-03-14 Andy Chu [spec/introspect] Add link to comment.
c0f9c2f 2020-03-15 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix ${var=x} to use dynamic scope.
dfa49a8 2020-03-15 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing spec tests for eval/trap --
3dac31e 2020-03-15 Andy Chu [toil] Set up toil-web on the server.
f479504 2020-03-15 Andy Chu [travis] Fix bug when there are no jobs.
2c1dc9d 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [toil] First cut of HTML jobs index.
7af7ea3 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [toil] Improve the appearance of the dashboard.
672b9b3 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Spec tests runs return success/failure.
a4fc393 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [toil] More dashboard HTML improvements.
61439a6 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [travis] dev-minimal job now passes.
59a6cd8 2020-03-16 Andy Chu [toil] Exit with the max exit code of any task.
bd521fb 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [metrics] Update line counts for services/, doctools/, etc.
b66fa86 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [toil] Allow 'dev-all-nix' to fail.
d323d26 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [travis] Disable TRAVIS_SKIP
6abfefd 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix core/ after ${@::} fix.
3c14b1f 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [toil] Show better detail about failure.
04a12e8 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [toil] Better links and appearance tweaks.
c156e32 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [toil] More tweaks.
82d1984 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [osh-language] Allow declare -A A=() for compatibility.
f6c66d3 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [doc] Mention the 'repr' builtin.
15ea657 2020-03-18 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Failing spec tests for 'read -d delim' (#665)
fff807f 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Mark unset -v 'a[i]' as failing.
40e9a22 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [interactive] Make set -o emacs the default interactively.
2851746 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [builtin/eval] Eval accepts --, but no other flags
a197b58 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [builtin/trap] Fix command line parsing to accept --
492f80c 2020-03-17 Andy Chu [builtins/read] Implement read -d
0ff0a74 2020-03-18 Andy Chu [translation] Make osh_eval translate once again.
5614b34 2020-03-19 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Failing spec tests for mapfile/readarray (#666)
2822cd5 2020-03-19 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Add failing spec tests for fd manipulations (#667)
454ca55 2020-03-18 Andy Chu [doc] Big update to architecture doc.
99f3349 2020-03-18 Andy Chu [doc] More updates to
cde3f10 2020-03-19 Koichi Murase Implement printf %()T %.s %*s %.*s (#668)
eba6506 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-printf] Adjust zsh output to account for bug.
172e654 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [build] Use explicit posix.putenv() methods, etc.
ff303b6 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [devtools] Change location to _deps/spec-bin to be consistent.
c4fb75b 2020-03-18 Andy Chu [doc] Draft data-model, and add process-model.
7132537 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Implement printf %b for 'echo -e' escaping
fddcf67 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Remove usage of getenv() and unsetenv().
60ad650 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [toil] Building shells and run OSH spec tests in 'ovm-tarball' task.
fcbc9f4 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [spec/redirect] Hack to switch to descriptor 8 instead of 9.
0cdc56d 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [test/spec-bin] A newer version of dash fixes mysterious Travis bug.
b7a81fc 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust dash assertions after upgrade to
1f27755 2020-03-19 Andy Chu [toil] Don't fail until after 'publish-html'.
9092a81 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-printf] Make tests less flaky.
3f8dbd9 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [doc] Re-organize, rename, update.
0a8e5e4 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [web] Tweak font size and appearance.
b390ccd 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Use e_strict / error.Strict consistently.
017f7a9 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [errors] Fix error location for arith_expr.VarRef.
7638f91 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [errors] Fix semantics of strict errors.
c64308e 2020-03-20 Andy Chu [toil] Small tweaks
3e4ef40 2020-03-22 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Failing spec tests for rvalue dynamic var name in arith (#670)
091db69 2020-03-22 Koichi Murase [builtins] Implement declare/readonly/export -p (#671)
3e59517 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [types] Fix type annotation
65152be 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [spec/assign] Update expected value
9cdc686 2020-03-22 Koichi Murase [core/process] Fix/Implement redirections <>, 5>&-, 6>&5-, {fd}>file, etc. (#672)
089e2f0 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [types] Fix type errors and lint errors.
b627479 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [spec/redirect] Simple substitution to make bash case fail on Travis.
5b6aa46 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [builtin/json] Fix extra implicit close() in JSON builtin.
dede20d 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [core/process] Minor refactoring
4aca10f 2020-03-21 Andy Chu [types] Add type checking to core/
536f350 2020-03-22 Andy Chu [core/process] Big refactor of redirect / FD handling.
d47b21f 2020-03-22 Andy Chu [types] Fix annotations in core/
5e8ac99 2020-03-22 Andy Chu [core/process] Shell uses file descriptors above 100, not 10.
768ab5b 2020-03-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Redesign the schema for redirects.
0a4e1d9 2020-03-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Move redir_loc to syntax.asdl
29de1eb 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Move runtime.asdl to core/
878ae8c 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement .find()
0cc176f 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [builtins] Add stub for 'bind'.
b694826 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [release] Bump to version 0.8.pre3
ee428f3 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [devtools] Script to generate release notes, with github issues.
9d2896b 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
1af906d 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [test/osh2oil] Disable failing cases.
f80f6f7 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [metrics] Fix path
bfb3129 2020-03-23 Andy Chu [spec/var-op-slice] Avoid unescaped 'sed' pattern.