Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre4 and release/0.8.pre5

cf98611 2020-04-19 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Add test cases for unset, localvar and tempenv. (#718)
4e0002e 2020-04-18 Andy Chu [devtools] Make sure _tmp/shells/ash doesn't override _deps/spec-bin.
5753cba 2020-04-18 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix ble-features function.
a8916ff 2020-04-20 Andy Chu [translation] 8 compile errors left with osh/cmd_eval.
4e619a6 2020-04-20 Andy Chu [translation] Add non-varargs versions of errfmt.Print().
f4256fc 2020-04-20 Andy Chu [translation] bin/osh_eval compiles and links with osh/cmd_eval.
41b2367 2020-04-20 Andy Chu [translation] Instantiating objects in main() in bin/osh_eval.
9662848 2020-04-21 Andy Chu [test/syscall] Measured number of processes to run CPython configure
72c2c90 2020-04-21 Andy Chu [translation] Generate code for Lookup*Builtin() functions.
77e3af8 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Failing test cases for fd bugs.
abe89a5 2020-04-21 Koichi Murase [core/process] Fix fd leak after redirection failure.
7f86a1a 2020-04-21 Koichi Murase [core/process] Fix a problem >&100 does not fail.
4ed53e1 2020-04-21 Koichi Murase [core/process] Fix a bug that fd is not closed by {fd}>&-.
6966b67 2020-04-21 Andy Chu [translation] Got past 2 errors in osh/cmd_eval.
2fd9816 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [arith] Fix reversed digits in $((base#num)). (#724)
48474aa 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Add a test case for invalid redirections
13e0d47 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [test/spec] Failing test cases for scalar form $FUNCNAME.
7666e47 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Fix ${#BASH_SOURCE}, etc.
e956611 2020-04-22 andychu [core/process] Fix 2 redirect bugs (#723)
e758237 2020-04-22 Andy Chu [osh/arith_parse] Implement special precedence rule for cond ? a=1 : b.
16764ed 2020-04-22 Andy Chu [translation] Generate the IFS state machine table in C.
eebb9b1 2020-04-22 andychu [word_eval] Fix ${#BASH_SOURCE}, ${BASH_SOURCE:offset:length}, etc.
ee80ef0 2020-04-22 Andy Chu [spec/introspect] Stub out shopt -s compat_array and add failing test.
f31a52f 2020-04-23 Andy Chu [types] Fix annotation from last commit.
9fc20e7 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [spec/introspect] Failing test case for $((BASH_LINENO)).
c2365f5 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [arith] Allow scalar access of BASH_LINENO, etc. in arith.
bf9f332 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [spec/ble-features] Failing test case for 'shopt -s compat_array'.
6704770 2020-04-22 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Implement 'shopt -s compat_array'.
b1a16c2 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Disallow ${#BASH_SOURCE}, etc. by default.
edbc52e 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [spec/builtin-io] Failing test case for 'IFS= read -n 1' bug.
88f5530 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [builtin/read] Fix 'IFS= read -n' bug.
5368975 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [spec/builtin-printf] Failing test case for printf %d \'.
5b33c97 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [builtin/printf] Support printf %d \'.
6a03c1c 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [spec/assign] Failing test cases for 'declare -a arr' on existing arrays.
21246ac 2020-04-23 Koichi Murase [builtin/assign] Do not remove existing arrays by 'declare -a array'.
5eaa210 2020-04-23 andychu [builtin/read] read uses dynamic scope; fixes 'IFS= read -n'
109a5b3 2020-04-23 andychu [builtin/printf] Support printf %d \' for NUL delimiter
4662002 2020-04-24 Koichi Murase [spec/ble-features] Failing test case for scalar lvalue access to arrays.
b311fb3 2020-04-24 Koichi Murase [word_eval] Rename parameter 'compat_introspect' to 'is_plain_var_sub'.
eba9532 2020-04-23 andychu [builtin/assign] declare -a and -A don't overwrite existing arrays
b16e087 2020-04-23 andychu [word_eval] Implement 'shopt -s compat_array'.
e8ad728 2020-04-24 Koichi Murase [spec/ble-features] Add test cases for compat_array.
f6172ae 2020-04-24 Koichi Murase [arith] Fix scalar lvalue of arrays (compat_array).
c3a8cef 2020-04-23 andychu [arith] Handle indexed and assoc array lvalues for shopt -s compat_array
df195bb 2020-04-23 Andy Chu [types] Fix type annotation syntax.
6e0be1b 2020-04-25 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing spec test for DEBUG trap.
881db8b 2020-04-25 Andy Chu [test/spec] Test DEBUG trap and pipelines.
21ef8c8 2020-04-26 Andy Chu [devtools] Playing with debuggers: rr, gdb plugins, etc.
df47b08 2020-04-26 Andy Chu [devtools] GDB plugin to print mylib Str* and an ASDL value!
fb339f4 2020-04-27 Andy Chu [devtools/gdb] Make the pretty printer data-driven and more flexible.
b00a51d 2020-04-27 Andy Chu [ASDL] Export sum type info for to read.
8d9318a 2020-04-27 Andy Chu [translation] GDB plugin prints a tree, and mylib fixes.
e3e6a31 2020-04-28 Andy Chu [translation] Re-implement Dict and fix bool() translation.
09db25b 2020-04-29 Andy Chu [translation] Proper stubs for executor.
dc8f817 2020-04-29 Andy Chu [test/cpp] C++ tests now use greatest.h, and run under toil.
474d463 2020-04-29 Andy Chu [devtools/gdb] Refactor to _GetTag() method.
718df06 2020-04-30 Andy Chu [translation] Implement 'echo' in bin/osh_eval.
65bee82 2020-04-30 Andy Chu [translation] Stubs for shopt/set, for spec/arith cases.
bdfa6ed 2020-05-01 Andy Chu [translation] Able to throw error::Strict.
b8d9929 2020-05-02 Andy Chu [translation] Exit code and string -> int conversions.
4b3c817 2020-05-02 Andy Chu [translation] More work on spec/arith.
03132f2 2020-05-03 Andy Chu [translation] More work on running spec/arith
d75a56a 2020-05-03 Andy Chu [translation] Add workaround for mycpp.
f0d859a 2020-05-04 Andy Chu [translation] Implement more of mylib, for spec/arith cases.
1a7f4c8 2020-05-04 Andy Chu [test/lint] Reformat with clang-format.
1211307 2020-05-04 Andy Chu [translation] spec/arith passes 50 tests now!
a0b8615 2020-05-04 Andy Chu [translation] Remove use of IndexError in core/
5e6e545 2020-05-04 Andy Chu [test/spec] Run all cases with osh_eval.{py,cpp} and make a report.
fbda156 2020-05-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Register flag specs consistently.
5156b02 2020-05-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Misc fixes to prepare for frontend/
9ad9238 2020-05-07 Andy Chu [types] Refactor flag definitions toward static typing.
2ad0a52 2020-05-07 Andy Chu [types] Start using the arg_types module.
bba2575 2020-05-07 Andy Chu [translation] Use arg_types on all assignment builtins.
6d82e92 2020-05-07 Andy Chu [translation] Fix type of default val for FlagSpec.ShortOption()
a7545cd 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [translation] Refactor get rid of Any types.
b975189 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [translation] Use statically typed Bool in
a223ec8 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [translation] doesn't crash mycpp.
9209e64 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Move Flag specs to
d2d57f8 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [translation] Work on frontend/
53e2842 2020-05-08 Andy Chu [types] Fix build.
5a0d58e 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [fix] Fix indentation in codegen.
56cdd45 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify _FlagSpec.
30ed02b 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [translation] C+ type stubs for frontend/
2fb2be6 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [demo] Test out initialization of global class instances.
efe598b 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [refactor] args.UsageError -> error.Usage
124b560 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [translation] Fix invocation of e_usage().
e984e85 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [fix] Create a new pyerror module to break circular build dep.
9abd664 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [fix] Lint fix and import fix.
0959925 2020-05-09 Andy Chu [translation] Work on translating osh/
3967e6d 2020-05-10 Andy Chu [translation] More work on
83b5613 2020-05-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix inheritance across modules.
2223199 2020-05-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix detection of virtual methods.
bbca487 2020-05-10 Andy Chu [translation] Start generating constant flag specs in
4e0781a 2020-05-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Add C++ unit tests, and plan out parameterized types.
6daf17f 2020-05-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Refactoring to prepare for parameterized type syntax.
c75ff26 2020-05-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] Refactor to type expressions.
3000338 2020-05-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] Parse parameterized types.
74bdd22 2020-05-12 Andy Chu [ASDL] Big refactoring to start using map[] type.
f69ff76 2020-05-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Delete dead code in asdl/*.py.
ee3e134 2020-05-13 Andy Chu [fix] Don't pass removed argument.
94bb7ac 2020-05-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate C++ and Python for map[].
57a5deb 2020-05-13 Andy Chu [fix] Fix build.
89f18c3 2020-05-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Handle map[user_defined_type, ...]
15504eb 2020-05-14 Andy Chu [ASDL] Able to pretty-print of map[] in Python. C++ enhancements.
e373692 2020-05-14 Andy Chu [ASDL] Pretty printing maps in C++ works.
42d56ab 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] Separate asdl_format.h for the unit tests.
1b3d26b 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Express _FlagSpec as runtime_asdl::flag_spec.
a8c4707 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] asdl/ walks parameterized types correctly.
51fb922 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract free functions in asdl/gen_{cpp,python}.py.
aea4693 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Use TypeExpr in
9e92590 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] doesn't confuse None with [], {}
0338205 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename ASDL types to CapWords.
d96320a 2020-05-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] Test out compile-time literals.
07c983f 2020-05-16 Andy Chu [ASDL] Hacking on constexpr literals. Not sure if we'll use this yet.
07681ad 2020-05-16 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix mycpp/target_lang.
6a44fc3 2020-05-16 Andy Chu [cpp] Write and test types for compile-time FlagSpec instances.
e87b773 2020-05-16 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Implement test -u and test -g.
8e51edb 2020-05-16 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Add failing spec test cases, and add location info.
f614394 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Fix definition of "falsey" arrays.
422ab98 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Fix bug where ${undef+foo} triggered the 'set -u' error.
5e20c90 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Move FlagSpec_c types to cpp/frontend_arg_def.h.
279d1ed 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [frontend/arg_def] Code generator for FlagSpec.
7c07ec9 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [cpp] "Inflate" the compound literals into runtime_asdl::FlagSpec_.
ae31a27 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [translation] Hook up more builtins.
0694551 2020-05-17 Andy Chu [frontend/arg_gen] Initialize C++ types to hold arg parsing results.
ebe524c 2020-05-18 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Create separate jobs under _tmp/spec/$SPEC_JOB.
3c6106d 2020-05-18 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Re-enable all spec tests.
ffcc57e 2020-05-18 Andy Chu [web] Fix / enhance the test for csv2html.
cf5953e 2020-05-18 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Make an HTML report for C++ spec tests.
c51b18f 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec-cpp] Colorize good rows with new web/table features.
bf2cedf 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre5.
6aee22f 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.
99081b8 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [test/syscall] Fix 'rm' invocation to be more robust.
513266b 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [bin/readlink] Fix flag parsing, and fix release automation.
beae4fa 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
f9c824d 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec-cpp] Allow the tests to fail.
527aa56 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Fix bug introduced by ${x+foo} fix.
7223bd0 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Fix a bug in ${array[@]+foo}
61675c2 2020-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing tests for extglob bug #758.
ee59db8 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix incorrect globs by respecting shopt -s extglob.
7be4e8f 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [cpp] Respect the new third arg to fnmatch().
d86ed2c 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [osh-language] Hide 'func' keyword behind an option.
7f7ae02 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [test/gold] Fix parse-help test with extglob.
4e4b850 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [release] Note about broken pygments dependency.