Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre6 and release/0.8.pre7

ff775a5 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [release] Minor fixes in HTML
8dc328d 2020-06-13 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract core/ from bin/
412ab94 2020-06-13 Andy Chu [refactor] Use args.Reader() in main()
9987ef6 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Preparing for osh-pure main()
ce3fc2d 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Make the _ResourceLoader a parameter.
e4e43a0 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [translation] Generate types for FlagSpecAndMore
50740c6 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [translation] Fix C++ arg_types.h.
947973d 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [types] Use vm._Builtin consistently
9c4786b 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [types] core/ now type checks
e0c81eb 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of _devbuild/gen/
7e83609 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [fix] lint, cast with string, etc.
d1b53fa 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [main] Remove error when oshrc doesn't exist
d3c9240 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename core/{main => shell} to avoid name conflict
f128339 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove redundant ui.Stderr().
927ac8d 2020-06-14 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
ee4dc74 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [translation] Make expr_ev optional.
ba6a8b3 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
721e5da 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract functions to initialize different builtins.
b63cfb0 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [translation] main() for a pure interpreter (in progress)
4b36ce2 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [translation] _ResourceLoader has a simpler API.
97814f7 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [translation] Fix more compile errors, and fix loader usage.
23c448e 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Move Python-only functions from core/{util => pyutil}.py
d476286 2020-06-15 Andy Chu [translation] bin/osh_eval compiles again, now with core/
715d73f 2020-06-16 Andy Chu [types] Use _DebugFile base class consistently
a25f14d 2020-06-16 Andy Chu [translation] Remove code that's subsumed by core/
424d932 2020-06-16 Andy Chu [translation] Running until assertion in ParseMore().
96b340a 2020-06-17 Andy Chu [doc] Link 0.8.pre6 release announcement
a662f87 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add an option to generate a header.
2cf1d15 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused shell functions.
f79459c 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [translation] Start generating a header osh_eval.h.
359fee6 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [translation] Generate asdl/{runtime,format} in a header.
01c3f4a 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove declarations now exported by mycpp.
7dbac10 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix unit tests with #ifdef.
6d505d8 2020-06-19 Andy Chu [translation] Trying to translate FlagSpecAndMore.
489a0e2 2020-06-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify preamble.h and osh_eval_stubs.h.
830214a 2020-06-21 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix after renaming
881409c 2020-06-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename core/{passwd => pyos}.py
a3152ec 2020-06-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of core/
59b7fea 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Expose str_equals0() in mylib
0db3774 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [translation] Start constructing _FlagSpecAndMore
c5d620b 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [translation] More work on _FlagSpecAndMore
305d11d 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [translation] Fix implementation inheritance of _Executor.
27c066d 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing test for #777 regarding EXIT trap.
81abd77 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename to PlusFlag to avoid confusion
fda5bc1 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [refactor] OnMatch() takes an attached_arg argument.
cf54e9a 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [flags] Require options to be enabled explicitly.
d4e9be2 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove 'typed' option that's no longer used.
c7fbdd8 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [flags] The args - and + end flag parsing!
847ef35 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [main] Run EXIT trap after explicit 'exit'
9cda125 2020-06-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of ASDL versions of FlagSpec.
f8aebb1 2020-06-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Use more polymorphism for args::_Action.
6c31ded 2020-06-23 Andy Chu [translation] Planning out better serialization of flag specs.
95712d1 2020-06-23 Andy Chu [translation] Work on serializing default flag values to consts.
a3b42da 2020-06-23 Andy Chu [translation] Work on structure for deserializing flag specs.
f7ef78f 2020-06-23 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes trying to get ParseMore() to work.
730c7e7 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [osh-language] Add tilde expansion for ${x-~} and ${x//~/}
cf3aa1f 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Avoid EvalStatic() in
7af8eeb 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [osh-language] Add missing tilde detection in [[ ]]
5ff7bd2 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify tilde detection and add mutating method.
931ce4f 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [osh-language] Add special tilde expansion rules for assignments
464cda9 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [translation] Adjust tilde changes so they translate and compile.
856a86c 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement shopt -s strict_tilde.
b7d3a4a 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [fix] Clean up after last change (lint, spec tests, etc.)
670d1ec 2020-06-24 Andy Chu [translation] Serialize args::_Action more correctly.
edd9bc4 2020-06-25 Andy Chu [translation] Serialize flag validators.
a2ed8b9 2020-06-25 Andy Chu [frontend/args] Distinguish between '' and None/nullptr.
8f33141 2020-06-25 Andy Chu [test/spec] Import toysh blog test cases
84c64b9 2020-06-26 Andy Chu [test/spec] Test corner cases like ${@@P}
bfb28ee 2020-06-26 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement @Q on arrays, and tighten ${} language
a715034 2020-06-26 Andy Chu [osh-language] Word eval adjustments.
51570ca 2020-06-27 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix the integration of WordParser and TdopParser.
fd9b506 2020-06-27 Andy Chu [fix] Fix slice parsing and unit tests.
dcdfb61 2020-06-27 Andy Chu [fix] Fix the last fix!
087de4f 2020-06-27 Andy Chu [ArithEvaluator] Fix infinite recursion in arith_expr_e.Word case.
9845cca 2020-06-27 Andy Chu [translation] Minor fixes to make it translate again.
262c4bf 2020-06-29 Andy Chu [builtin/read] Implement read -s
3f5f6ac 2020-06-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Use pyos.TermState for read -n in addition to read -s
0c2adef 2020-06-29 Andy Chu [translation] Make 'read' builtin translate again.
ac53afb 2020-06-30 Andy Chu [builtin/read] Implement read -t 0
f7e384c 2020-06-30 Andy Chu [flag_gen] Handle value.Float case
eff72d2 2020-07-02 Andy Chu [translation] Trivially translate floating point constants
17b272f 2020-07-02 Andy Chu [toil] Try to run tests.
460b98a 2020-07-02 Andy Chu [main] Warn about --rcfile that's ignored
4776b48 2020-07-02 Andy Chu [toil] Create a new 'cpp' task.
7ee5648 2020-07-03 Andy Chu [build] Get rid of hard-coded path.
f162537 2020-07-03 Andy Chu [toil] More weork on the 'cpp' task
f1eba2e 2020-07-03 Andy Chu [demo] Perl and Python backtrack, but POSIX style engines don't.
640c22d 2020-07-03 Andy Chu [translation] Minor rewrite to avoid 'in' and get maybe_str_equals()
6a4ab37 2020-07-03 Andy Chu add comment
50d308d 2020-07-03 Andy Chu [toil] Fix osh-eval-demo task
a1ddd55 2020-07-05 Andy Chu [demo] Benchmark for glob, examine greedy .*
fd388ad 2020-07-05 Andy Chu [demo] Test out regex submatches.
79761d9 2020-07-05 Andy Chu [demo] Moved to oilshell/blog-code/regular-languages
64a5465 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre7
97ce721 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test/opy] Update golden checksums.
bfe7937 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Add missing file, and add TODO
338d3bb 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [tools/readlink] Fix arg parsing bug found by 'gold' tests.
e9c3f51 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [main] Fix osh command parsing
9498723 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Fix location of oil-native
1ef915d 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Minor fixes
cb502fc 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix invocation of osh_eval
a4bf870 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.8.pre7 release.
4cd7e91 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test] Fix glob expansion.