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Roadmap #3 Continued


In the last post, I mentioned the two top priorities for the project: refining the design of the oil language by automatically converting shell programs to it, and fleshing out the runtime portion of the shell and spec test suite.

In this post, I outline more things to do. I'm sure I'll end up dropping some of them for lack of time, but it won't hurt to publish a TODO list.

Ongoing Work

This is work that I expect to be spread out over a period of time.

Short-Term Plans

Medium-Term Plans

C++ port. The current plan is to write each component in a sublanguage of Python, and then, using the Python AST module, write very specific translators to C++. Explaining this will take a few blog entries.

Long-Term Plans

I could add more, but that's enough of the TODO list for now.

Since releasing the code, I made some big changes to the enums used in tokens and nodes.

And I'm currently working on polishing the AST format. One issue is that I want to support printing the AST to oil, as well as executing the AST directly. These requirements pull the AST in different directions. I will have more to say on this later.

Tomorrow I will give a roadmap of future blog topics, as opposed to the project design and implementation roadmap in this post.