Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.9 and release/0.10.0

ae12bf93 2022-03-26 Andy C [release] Shell functions for the 0.9.9 release
0f977b91 2022-03-26 Andy C [devtools/release-history] Many enhancements to the plot
1744e5d9 2022-03-31 Andy C [devtools/release-history] Tweak labels
b4f2bdf7 2022-04-19 Andy C [doc] Save letter of intent
55db3f09 2022-04-24 Andy C [strict_errexit] Allow assignments as conditionals.
f7001e2e 2022-04-24 Andy C [errexit] Fundamental overhaul of strict_errexit.
f9b03730 2022-04-26 Andy C [fix] Remove construct disallowed by new strict_errexit.
1b688ea9 2022-04-26 Andy C [doc] Sketch of new errexit doc.
c06d8c3f 2022-04-26 Andy C [oil-builtins] Implement 'boolstatus'.
aefea3b3 2022-04-26 Andy C [doc] Rename ->
71b1b443 2022-04-26 Andy C [refactor] Rename spec/oil-builtin-try -> spec/oil-builtin-error
52b45559 2022-04-27 Andy C [cleanup] Remove obsolete --allow-status-01
5f331f52 2022-04-27 Andy C [doc] Update 'try' docs
31a3d17c 2022-04-27 Andy C [oil-builtins] Change 'try' to set $_status and take a block.
677ac9e9 2022-04-27 Andy C [oil-builtins] Make flag parsing consistent.
ab7ed829 2022-04-27 Andy C [fix] Fix translation by stubbing out value.Obj()
32850822 2022-04-27 Andy C [doc] Update tour and idioms with new 'try'
1db20c55 2022-04-27 Andy C [doc] Update oil-help
8c05632e 2022-04-27 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow control flow in blocks
465abd23 2022-04-27 Andy C [doc] Work on error handling doc.
578843ff 2022-04-28 Andy C [doc] Polish and publish the error handling doc.
189dfebf 2022-04-28 Andy C [doc] More updates to error-handling.
3da01746 2022-04-28 Andy C [doc] More error handling updates.
b75e4dcc 2022-04-29 Andy C [doc] Add try / case example.
a6e6d23c 2022-04-29 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow typed args as usage error in most builtins
10fefce0 2022-04-29 Andy C [oil-language] Expression errors produce error status 3 in a command.
9fe95838 2022-04-30 Andy C [oil-language] Turn off bare assignment (parse_equals) by default
92a1b26f 2022-04-30 Andy C [oil-language] Bare assignment (parse_equals) only does dynamic checks
7adc1786 2022-04-30 Andy C [fix] Fix various test cases after bare assignement change.
de165cf5 2022-04-30 Andy C [osh-language] =word is disallowed unconditionally
c3a0df68 2022-04-30 Andy C [doc] Address error handling issue pointed out by ca2013
952a730a 2022-04-30 Andy C [oil-language] command_sub_errexit always set during Oil expr eval
98c7803d 2022-04-30 Andy C [oil-language] The 'try' builtin handles Oil expr eval errors.
83fe8fef 2022-04-30 Andy C [test/unit] Fix build
c47117c5 2022-04-30 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.10.0