Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.10.0 and release/0.10.1

bcf23d4d 2022-05-01 Andy C [doc] Minor edits and polish.
793592c4 2022-05-02 Andy C [doc] More polish of error handling.
2a79afc7 2022-05-02 Andy C [doc] Add language design FAQ.
1f451287 2022-05-03 Andy C [doc] Reorg error handling doc into 4 fundamental issues, 9 pitfalls
0809d75f 2022-05-05 Andy C [doc] Change intro to error handling doc.
fb5ea16a 2022-05-06 Andy C [doc] Add FAQ to eggex
e05275ae 2022-05-06 Andy C [doc] Polish last answer, and add FAQ
5e36c56b 2022-05-06 Andy C [oil-language] Catch type errors consistently
5219c576 2022-05-06 Andy C [test/spec] Add failing test cases for a few bugs/features
cde8aac3 2022-05-07 Andy C [spec/var-op-bash] Failing test case for bash 5.1 ${x@u} feature
c107b8f9 2022-05-07 Andy C [spec/var-op-bash] Test case folding of unicode chars
7a5f85fb 2022-05-07 Andy C [doc] Draft of FAQ for documentation
6336d619 2022-05-10 Andy C [doc] Update mycpp README more
480aea59 2022-05-10 Andy C [doc] Update mycpp README
4fc693c6 2022-05-10 Andy C [doc] Polish OSH help and Oil help
b06d7fd5 2022-05-11 Andy C [doc] Plan the new doc/ref system
79d0e041 2022-05-12 Andy C [soil] Run test/py3_parse in a new Soil task 'pea'
a618f4de 2022-05-12 Andy C [soil] Add Github and sourcehut .yml files for new task.
7b4c1a86 2022-05-12 Andy C [soil] Make the 'pea' task run
f28eba83 2022-05-12 Andy C [fix] Fix last commit
112968ff 2022-05-12 Andy C [test/spec-bin] Preparation for upgrading bash version
5150708f 2022-05-12 Andy C [build] Try out new version of Clang
1fe3e17a 2022-05-12 Andy C [native build] Demo of -ftime-trace, and cc -E expansion.
1fbe877d 2022-05-13 Andy C [doc] Update mycpp README
fa2ab746 2022-05-13 Andy C [native build] Parallelize the build with Ninja.
d142e7da 2022-05-13 Andy C [native build] Add .d and generate a shell script
606f084b 2022-05-13 Andy C [native build] Make note of template bloat bug with separate compilation
320b569e 2022-05-14 Andy C [native-build] New _bin and _build/obj layout
4df063f7 2022-05-15 Andy C [native build] Work on _build/
7d6e646a 2022-05-15 Andy C [native build] Cleanup, and fix paths to osh-eval
15e6673a 2022-05-15 Andy C [fix] Fix typo in build/
e599857f 2022-05-15 Andy C [fix] More fixes for osh_eval filename
6ca70035 2022-05-15 Andy C [native build] Function to profile build with -ftime-trace
798ba1fc 2022-05-15 Andy C comments
ec447aab 2022-05-15 Andy C compile-quickly
462ec11d 2022-05-16 Andy C [native build] Restore -fno-omit-frame-pointer by default
94bc7ace 2022-05-16 Andy C [native build] Use _bin/cxx-dbg-sh paths for _build/
d3916b04 2022-05-16 Andy C [spec/oil-config] Another use case for Oil-like blocks
d67f6e01 2022-05-16 Andy C [soil] Shell function for local shell debugging
2ce2df32 2022-05-16 Andy C [fix] MyPy paths and labeling of osh_eval in spec reports
bfa42dbc 2022-05-16 Andy C [fix] mycpp paths were moved to ../oil_DEPS
504a10a6 2022-05-17 Andy C [spec/oil-config] Test for shvar PATH='' { ... }
7b72fc59 2022-05-17 Andy C [cpp] Fix crash because by missing return value!
e33031c6 2022-05-17 Andy C [devtools] YAML bug demo in Python
602a41b2 2022-05-17 Andy C [native build] Add "self" edge to
a79c80cf 2022-05-17 Andy C [native build] Make _build/ run with !/bin/sh
c8cc7c14 2022-05-17 Andy C [fix] Fallout from last change
382b3e8e 2022-05-17 Andy C [test/py3parse] Walk the AST with the match statement
f7a33fc0 2022-05-17 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.10.1
dd4080dd 2022-05-17 Andy C [native build] Back to bash for now
74fc632f 2022-05-17 Andy C [release] Fix invocation, and file from last release
6857fd90 2022-05-17 Andy C [benchmarks/ovm-build] Fix compiler=clang argument
07e159e1 2022-05-17 Andy C [native build] Fix more _build/ invocations
27b38f83 2022-05-18 Andy C [native build] Add targets for preprocessed output
9c900730 2022-05-18 Andy C [release] _build/ can skip rebuilds
13356bd2 2022-05-18 Andy C [release] Move 'test-opy' function out of release, and into CI
01c63a6d 2022-05-18 Andy C [refactor] test/py3_parse -> pea
7fbb47ec 2022-05-18 Andy C [soil] More fixes for opy tasks
6d492c51 2022-05-18 Andy C [release] Remove opyc test
fd6ebaff 2022-05-18 Andy C [release] Release script bug fixes and cleanup
bfd9c6f5 2022-05-18 Andy C [doc] Add example expression to JSON doc
8d359854 2022-05-18 Andy C [build] Fix path to Clang
1ee95fd3 2022-05-19 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix several issues uncovered during the release