Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.11.0 and release/0.12.0

3ce31474 2022-06-21 Andy C [release] Shell functions for the 0.11.0 release.
875d7a88 2022-06-21 Andy C [core] Crash dump now works in the release build.
7a0382a8 2022-06-22 Andy C [release] Update release note template
68fe868f 2022-06-22 Andy C [soil] Fix race condition related to 'mv' and different file systems
ca710ee4 2022-06-22 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Implement test builtin functions in C++ (#1168)
e4d6ed2a 2022-06-23 Andy C [pea] Parse type comments from assignment statements
928f5b06 2022-06-23 Andy C [pea] Report syntax errors in a nicer way
5ca2870e 2022-06-23 Andy C [doc] Simplify () -> forkwait examples
0dd50cf7 2022-06-24 Andy C [doc] Polish the Hay doc
aa1bb2ad 2022-06-25 Andy C [test/spec-cpp] Run with the dbg binary by default
49965b66 2022-06-25 Andy C [doc] New "Understanding Hay" section
3f531d52 2022-06-25 Andy C [soil] Address race condition with rm -f
4548c4b6 2022-06-25 Andy C [doc] More edits to the Hay doc
4c09b8ac 2022-06-26 Andy C [ASDL] hnode doesn't depend on the ASDL runtime.
99624229 2022-06-26 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Implement Str::find(Str*, int) (#1177)
a1120f2a 2022-06-26 Andy C [ASDL] Able to compile the translated garbage collected runtime
1175c671 2022-06-26 Andy C [ASDL] asdl/runtime.gc.{cc,h} compiles and links
da4998bf 2022-06-26 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
90d8565e 2022-06-26 Andy C [ASDL] Test pretty printing in a loop with asdl/
6ef4a41d 2022-06-26 Jesse Hughes Fix warnings in generated code (#1175)
2b0920be 2022-06-26 Andy C [ASDL] Fix typo in test script
10ecb12d 2022-06-26 Andy C [cleanup] Fix unit test, and remove compiler warnings.
380a43b9 2022-06-26 Andy C [cleanup] Fix compiler warnings in oil-native
3c7bd402 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Use #include paths relative to REPO_ROOT
c7ad76f7 2022-06-27 Andy C [fix] Add -I $REPO_ROOT to mycpp examples build
2f2fbc3c 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Use -I $REPO_ROOT in mycpp/
1e4e9502 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Conslidate ASDL tests in asdl/
23d4fb2f 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Use only -I $REPO_ROOT in oil-native build
5926ed9d 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Move greatest.h to vendor/
04f14826 2022-06-27 Andy C [metrics] Add preprocessed metric
8c59ddba 2022-06-27 Andy C [frontend/consts_gen] Remove restriction on OptionName()
4111cd22 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Reformat with clang-format and get it to compile again.
1a5cdce3 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] More #include optimization
96a309c9 2022-06-27 Andy C [fix] Revert <algorithm> change
1326d53d 2022-06-27 Andy C [fix] ASDL test scripts
998982f2 2022-06-27 Andy C [mycpp] Remove spew from stdout
cd6375e0 2022-06-27 Andy C [mycpp] Errors go to stderr, not
222be2dd 2022-06-27 Andy C [mycpp] Run build from $REPO_ROOT, not mycpp/ dir
471e545b 2022-06-27 Andy C [mycpp] examples/parse compiles, but doesn't link
7705da43 2022-06-27 Andy C [build] Unify two Ninja graphs
7bea4464 2022-06-27 Andy C [build] New structure for Ninja under _test/
df2fa299 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Rename to build/, mycpp/
e671fc9c 2022-06-27 Andy C [build] Generate for test actions
6958f0ae 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Use common naming convention.
2118f58e 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Move to the top level
fe8d5185 2022-06-27 Andy C [refactor] Rename generated ->
b4fc4733 2022-06-27 Andy C [fix] Fix reference to cpp/
42efd577 2022-06-28 Andy C [doc] Updates READMEs with new build structure
f63f3745 2022-06-28 Andy C [types] Calculate type checking manifest in a much simpler way.
f5eee727 2022-06-28 Andy C [fix] Change app-deps filter so it works in any repo
b7c04b26 2022-06-28 Andy C [refactor] Get of ugly types/osh-eval-manifest.txt
815e2e15 2022-06-29 Andy C [fix] Check the osh_eval typecheck manifest into git, for pea.
48949910 2022-06-29 Andy C [mycpp] Work on examples/parse
16b42039 2022-06-29 Andy C [mycpp] Update README
b121463d 2022-06-29 Andy C [pea] Hook it up to mycpp/
38bb9fce 2022-06-29 Jesse Hughes Change assert(0) -> InvalidCodePath() and add comments (#1180)
c9dbf880 2022-06-30 Andy C [pea] Plan passes, and implement constant pass
be4e51f6 2022-06-30 Andy C [pea] Skeleton for each stage.
9f89ac25 2022-06-30 Andy C [pea] Sketch a more efficient pass structure.
8c0036dc 2022-06-30 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Script to keep track of which spec-cpp tests pass/fail per-commit (#1183)
0cdda680 2022-06-30 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Survey a fair number of assert(0) function calls (#1182)
410bc3c0 2022-06-30 Andy C [pea] Plan pass state like virtuals and local vars
cf6f077a 2022-06-30 Andy C [cleanup] Rename function to avoid confusion with gc_heap::NewStr
d3a137b5 2022-06-30 Andy C [mycpp] CopyStr() is the function to convert from const char*
aee565b9 2022-06-30 Andy C [mycpp] Rename to CopyStr(const char* s, int n)
42e117e4 2022-06-30 Andy C [refactor] Minor renamings and comments
20d38a89 2022-06-30 Andy C [cpp] Start using CopyStr() in
af2e1d49 2022-06-30 Andy C [mycpp] Rename NewStr -> BlankStr
65771e26 2022-06-30 Andy C [cpp] New string creation API that's common between leaky and GC.
9d99f462 2022-07-01 Andy C [cpp] Start writing/testing bindings in both leaky / GC mode.
b8031143 2022-07-01 Andy C [cpp] Remove NO_GC_HACK from gc_binding_test
8fe8ea35 2022-07-01 Andy C [metrics] Fix patterns for test files
828d290c 2022-07-01 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Implement several missing bindings (#1187)
0728b7aa 2022-07-01 Andy C [build] Add more_cxx_flags as a param
ce4e08a6 2022-07-01 Jesse Hughes Implement Str::{upper,lower} (#1185)
93dc736d 2022-07-01 Andy C [build] Fix compile_and_link function
a380930c 2022-07-01 Andy C [spec/builtin-printf] Make note of strftime implementation quirk
8288c9d2 2022-07-01 Andy C [cleanup] Reformat the C++ code
d8567d07 2022-07-01 Andy C [refactor] Rename mylib -> mylib_leaky
bb55132e 2022-07-01 Andy C [fix] mylib -> mylib_leaky in shell scripts
d6f019a8 2022-07-01 Andy C [mycpp] Script to build 'testgc' variants to expose bugs
e250c3ab 2022-07-02 Andy C [cpp] Run mycpp examples and unit tests under UBSAN.
92df7755 2022-07-02 Andy C [mycpp] Run unit tests with shell, not Ninja
14a7befd 2022-07-02 Andy C [cpp] Move osh_eval flags out of NINJA-steps, into NINJA-graph
c0d722ba 2022-07-02 Andy C [fix] Run before unit tests
91793b67 2022-07-02 Andy C [refactor] Now run tests with {asdl,cpp,mycpp}/
c1c997ce 2022-07-02 Andy C [cpp] Refactor test build to use compile_and_link function correctly
1ce2ead3 2022-07-02 Andy C [cpp] Fix crash in QSN binding due to missing StackRoots.
082ac05f 2022-07-02 Andy C [ASDL] Refactor test build to use the compile_and_link function.
8aa73da1 2022-07-02 Jesse Hughes Fix off by one in time::strftime (#1192)
2efc917e 2022-07-02 Jesse Hughes Update baseline.spec-cpp.assertion_fails
c39e691e 2022-07-02 Jesse Hughes Update test/baseline.spec-cpp.results
8ebd3a83 2022-07-02 Andy C [mycpp] Unify build with cpp/
ced26536 2022-07-02 Andy C [refactor] Rename BlankStr -> AllocStr
0187d24d 2022-07-02 Andy C [build] Remove compile-quickly / Clang from default oil-native build.
eaa3ae13 2022-07-02 Andy C [devtools] Tool to prevent accidental merge to master
71d3f79d 2022-07-02 Andy C [translation] Unify leaky and GC and code generation
96107f13 2022-07-02 Andy C [refactor] Rename to
85c2eec9 2022-07-02 Andy C [build] Don't generate
d9bf361e 2022-07-02 Andy C [devtools] First pass of Clang coverage automation.
9a4bfd76 2022-07-03 Andy C [refactor] Separate tests of hand-written vs. generated code.
715f98fe 2022-07-03 Andy C [fix] Don't build _bin/clang-coverage with mycpp unit tests
7df92284 2022-07-04 Jesse Hughes Turn off buffered I/O in oil-native (#1200)
1cac5a8c 2022-07-04 Jesse Hughes Fix out of bounds memory access in Str::slice (#1199)
95a513c2 2022-07-03 Andy C [build] Compute dependencies of Python code generators
0208775b 2022-07-04 Andy C [build] Preparing to put C++ code gen in Ninja
07c0a326 2022-07-05 Andy C [fix] PYTHONPATH and code generation
729c2f49 2022-07-05 Andy C [cleanup] Remove unnecessary #undef
4bd72649 2022-07-05 Andy C [fix] #include order issue and lint error
fa530d6d 2022-07-05 Andy C [fix] PYTHONPATH for mycpp
118b4909 2022-07-06 Chris Watkins [test/spec-cpp] Ensure that spec test tsv output dir exists (#1203)
aa799365 2022-07-05 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Fix off-by-one in putenv, rewrite in terms of setenv() (#1195)
0278696c 2022-07-06 Chris Watkins [cpp] Fix nullptr deref in List::reserve() (#1208)
d2d35f84 2022-07-05 Andy C [mycpp build] Enable running unit tests and examples with Clang ubsan
1bc33bf5 2022-07-06 Andy C [fix] mycpp-all won't run without Clang; use mycpp-logs-equal
099cba55 2022-07-06 Jesse Hughes [gc_heap] Increase kMaxRoots to pacify another spec test (#1210)
4c350317 2022-07-06 Jesse Hughes [cpp] Check errors from execve (#1212)
98ec3799 2022-07-07 Andy C [cleanup] Remove unused OilFlagSpec code.
2fbcafb5 2022-07-07 Andy C [cleanup] Reformat C++ code
d19a20e5 2022-07-07 Jesse Hughes Work around ASDL bug by initializing BraceGroup() with empty array (#1211)
31140c56 2022-07-07 Andy C [comment] Make note about ASDL bug #1216.
78e46204 2022-07-07 Jesse Hughes Fix list_contains with specializations (#1214)
3a627231 2022-07-07 Andy C [refactor] Rename cpp/* -> cpp/*_leaky
23cc7be9 2022-07-07 Andy C [mylib] Fix boundary condition in Str::replace.
130e6674 2022-07-07 Andy C [mycpp] Able to run unit tests with {cxx,clang}-{asan,ubsan}
bc84b91a 2022-07-07 Andy C [mylib] replace() now handles NUL bytes correctly.
b9fe4ec9 2022-07-08 Andy C [mylib] str_contains() handles NUL bytes correctly
3179e0af 2022-07-08 Andy C [mycpp/test] Run more variants in the continuous build.
6750e4d3 2022-07-08 Andy C [spec/oil-xtrace] Workaround: sort stderr for determinism.
b9df6d6b 2022-07-08 Andy C [devtools] Fix ctags script
35839992 2022-07-08 Andy C [soil] Show the shell command to run for each task.
a379d91e 2022-07-08 Andy C [cpp] Restore strftime() error checking in PR #1196.
d96deeba 2022-07-09 Andy C [refactor] Rename to cpp/leaky_ prefix instead of leaky suffix
26500691 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil] Move mycpp deps to the cpp Dockerfile.
985999c2 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil] Split 'cpp' into cpp-small and cpp-spec
079e5fc2 2022-07-09 Andy C [github-actions] Fix maybe-merge dependencies
42386cfb 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil/cpp] Work around dev build dependency issue
bece9cea 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil/cpp] Another fix for 'build/ oil-cpp' dependencies
b540bc42 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil] Start cpp-coverage task
119e6c97 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil] Store Clang tarball in ~/oil_DEPS in the container
71c0a9c5 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil/cpp-coverage] Extract Clang from the right place
53a0d6e6 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil/cpp-coverage] Fix build and publish report
da33a231 2022-07-09 Andy C [soil/cpp-coverage] Fix Clang permissions bug
9239384a 2022-07-10 Andy C [soil] Coverage report for mycpp/examples
61d88823 2022-07-10 Andy C [soil/mycpp-coverage] Tweak coverage report appearance
f1851a31 2022-07-10 Andy C [cpp] Add unit test coverage report for cpp/ dir
c133b80b 2022-07-10 Andy C [soil/cpp-coverage] Add unified report
c809cdea 2022-07-10 Andy C [sourcehut] Run multiple Soil jobs in each of 4 workers
b0578db0 2022-07-10 Andy C [sourcehut] Fix 'job-reset' permissions issue
dc7c3094 2022-07-10 Andy C [soil] Really fix permissions issue this time
f25222e0 2022-07-11 Andy C [soil] Add debugging for podman disk space issue.
8e0037e5 2022-07-11 Andy C [sourcehut] Use fuse-overlayfs everywhere
5804a8ed 2022-07-11 Andy C [soil] Record status separately for each job.
a8ba3f17 2022-07-11 Andy C [fix] Fix typo in Soil script
fd3686a1 2022-07-11 Andy C [eggex] Reject an invalid pattern like / ! /
a24dcba5 2022-07-11 Andy C [eggex] Show error when encountering implemented !! REF, etc.
8f562c28 2022-07-11 Andy C [fix] Disable eggex test cases in oil-native
c4ffc5fe 2022-07-11 Andy C [soil] Put job exit status in persistent dir _soil-jobs
5619ad99 2022-07-14 Andy C [ASDL] Fix tests under podman (on sourcehut)
fdc8e8b1 2022-07-16 Chris Watkins [cpp] Pass the environment to execve() (#1226)
93a8d0cc 2022-07-16 Chris Watkins [cpp] Throw OSError* from posix::execve() to match Python (#1230)
2176be21 2022-07-19 Andy C [mycpp] Add ability to run tests in dbg mode
ac5a8e71 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Remove unnecessary finally: clause
7f8bfdc2 2022-07-19 Andy C [translation] try/finally -> context manager in osh/
f40a429d 2022-07-19 Andy C [core/process] try/finally -> context manager
042f6289 2022-07-19 Andy C [core/ui] ErrorFormatter now has ctx_Location API
c9b5155f 2022-07-19 Andy C [translation] Remove try/finally in popd / cd { }
ac6f22e8 2022-07-19 Andy C [fix] Return status 1 in both error cases
4f9a9edd 2022-07-19 Andy C [translation] Respect status argument for fatal errors
ee50bcd8 2022-07-19 Andy C [translation] Translate exec / umask / trap builtins
428a9e87 2022-07-19 Andy C [sourcehut] Fix 'did-all-succeed' tests
a2c2cd29 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Combine small files into cpp/leaky_pylib.{cc,h}
43e170d7 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Consolidate small files into cpp/leaky_core.{cc,h}
4a0cc06f 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Minor header file cleanups
94cbb165 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Start consolidating small cpp/leaky_osh_* files
731af922 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Combine small files into cpp/leaky_osh.{cc,h}
dfad5a4f 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Move code to .cc files.
f819984f 2022-07-19 Andy C [cpp] Remove unused signal module
5f192df1 2022-07-19 Andy C [refactor] Combine small files in cpp/leaky_stdlib.{h,cc}
409a96a7 2022-07-19 Andy C [rename] CopyStr() -> StrFromC()
661be8b0 2022-07-19 Andy C [translation] _build/cpp/core_optview.h compiles with new GC runtime
31716fb4 2022-07-20 Andy C [translation] Make generated arg_types.{h,cc} compatible with GC runtime
7ddadd67 2022-07-20 Jesse Hughes [gc_heap] Fix buffer overflow in Str::split (#1241)
41ce8784 2022-07-21 Andy C [mycpp/test] Re-enable my_runtime_test
f82b26f6 2022-07-22 Chris Watkins [cpp] posix::_exit() now calls _exit(), not exit() (#1233) (#1242)
c895f8ea 2022-07-21 Andy C [github-actions] Configure build to run on PRs.
76862b44 2022-07-21 Andy C [asdl/gen_cpp] Remove unsupported pretty printing methods
3592892f 2022-07-21 andychu [mylib_leaky] Rewrite Str::Xstrip() family of functions to use CPython's style (#1244)
e8f49e63 2022-07-22 Andy C [rename] my_runtime -> gc_lib
1e312e57 2022-07-22 Andy C [rename] gc_lib -> gc_builtins
322e69cb 2022-07-22 Andy C [rename] mylib2 -> gc_mylib
3b04ccee 2022-07-22 Andy C [rename] mylib_leaky -> mylib_old
310f665a 2022-07-23 Chris Watkins [translation] Translate the wait builtin (#1249)
1b696e95 2022-07-22 Andy C [translation] Move Str::Xstrip() to new mycpp/leaky_types
3dca2c1c 2022-07-22 Andy C [cleanup] Reformat C++ with IndentPPDirectives: BeforeHash
9db89250 2022-07-22 Andy C [refactor] Extract mycpp/gc_types.h from gc_heap.h
e002d4ce 2022-07-22 Andy C [build] Create 'gcstats' variant
4b229914 2022-07-23 Andy C [build] Share COMPILERS_VARIANTS matrix among 3 C++ builds
4021565a 2022-07-23 Andy C [mycpp build] Separate compilation for unit tests and examples.
d0178ace 2022-07-23 Andy C [metrics] Publish preprocessed metric on CI and release quality.html
828224bd 2022-07-23 Andy C [release] Publish test/coverage.wwz, with Clang unified test coverage
b310cd32 2022-07-23 Andy C [tools/osh2oil] Skip redirects
dda06ac1 2022-07-23 Andy C [release] Fix the oil-native tarball
cdcc54b8 2022-07-23 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.12.0
47b52f76 2022-07-23 Andy C [doc] Document --location-* flags for Hay.