Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.0 and release/0.12.3

68850ef1 2022-07-24 Andy C [release] Shell functions for the 0.12.0 release.
d77b4406 2022-07-24 Andy C [release] Minor improvements to the quality page.
c25103c6 2022-07-26 Andy C [gc_heap] Restore StackRoots, even in leaky mode
81426a24 2022-07-29 Andy C [doc] Fix typo in 'append' help
23262c90 2022-07-29 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.12.1
6d54380d 2022-08-01 Andy C [benchmarks] Run and publish snapshot osh-parser benchmark
b9c4af4c 2022-08-01 Andy C [oil-native] Remove dumb_alloc from the opt build
8108f7d6 2022-08-01 Andy C [cpp] Fix (typo) buffer overflow found by cachegrind.
c4ed0f0c 2022-08-01 Andy C [benchmarks] Change host-id to be more stable
aca38fdb 2022-08-02 Andy C [oil-language] Handle more errors in expression evaluation.
5a997bfa 2022-08-02 Andy C [builtin/append] Make it work on arrays initialized with []
322ff2ee 2022-08-02 Jesse Hughes [devtools] Update baseline spec assertion list and passing test cases (#1256)
6314524e 2022-08-02 Andy Chu [mycpp] Cleanup to remove #ifdef
6b643b07 2022-08-02 Andy Chu [cpp] Remove 'new Str' and Str0 from leaky_libc
f68e5fe6 2022-08-02 Andy C [cpp] Remove all the cstring-TODO comments.
bf6d84a6 2022-08-02 Andy C [cpp] Get rid of mylib::Str0
83683df8 2022-08-02 Andy C [cpp] Remove 'new Str' from tests.
8b7d5f2a 2022-08-03 Andy C [rename] leaky_dumb_alloc -> dumb_alloc
70dbac33 2022-08-03 Andy C [osh-language] Make declare -i a no-op.
db365821 2022-08-03 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.12.3