Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.5 and release/0.12.6

ae2732f4 2022-09-06 Andy C [github-actions] Get rid of pull_request_target trigger
36272cda 2022-09-06 Andy C [soil] Tweak HTML
ae481f96 2022-09-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Move Python script out of shell
95151c9b 2022-09-07 Andy Chu Merge branch 'soil-staging' of into soil-staging
9a2b6cb6 2022-09-07 Jesse Hughes [mycpp/runtime] Initial implementation of mark and sweep collector (#1305)
44b1925f 2022-09-08 Andy C [test/lint] Fix most errors
d879e6cd 2022-09-08 Andy C [cpp] Fix errors
de35ec2c 2022-09-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Two memory leak fixes found by ASAN
db7378a7 2022-09-08 Andy Chu [mycpp/TEST] Start testing sweepasan with ASAN leak detection
5a6298a5 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [cpp refactor] Consolidate duplicate definitions of repr()
1403998b 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove _tmp on build/
0dcb4c16 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [build refactor] Consolidate shwrap templates into a single function.
d1a19727 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [build] Add missing ASDL header file deps to preprocessed metric
ca7eb831 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [build] Reorg code to build/ninja-rules-*.sh
14563f85 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [fix] Build errors from last change.
6ae78367 2022-09-14 Andy Chu [build fix] After renaming
d3780274 2022-09-16 Andy C [build] Add implicit dep on shell code generator
f2d7d89f 2022-09-17 Andy C [mycpp] Update instructions
3374aa3f 2022-09-20 Andy C [soil] Add metrics/ to the CI
200a63a0 2022-09-20 Jesse Hughes [mycpp runtime] Remove remaining malloc(), and globally enable MARK_SWEEP (#1316)
ed65965d 2022-09-20 Andy C [metrics/native-code] Add symbols.txt
d372748a 2022-09-21 Andy C [soil] Write basic container image layer stats
c85c954e 2022-09-21 Andy C [soil] Fix for jobs without containers
d554299e 2022-09-21 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix cachegrind parser measurement on CI
35ef5e9b 2022-09-21 Jesse Hughes [mycpp runtime] Consolidate test files, remove redundant code (#1320)
b95d5544 2022-09-21 Andy C [soil] Make image stats table sortable
2a471c18 2022-09-21 Andy C [mycpp] Fix invalid StackRoots in for loop
d1af2170 2022-09-21 Andy C [build] Turn on ASAN in the gcevery variant
0af95b3b 2022-09-21 Andy C [soil] Fix shell error in sourcehut
d0fa63f9 2022-09-21 Andy C [mycpp/examples] Demonstrate f(g(), h()) problem
a9469e0d 2022-09-21 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.12.6