Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.6 and release/0.12.7

69b6c534 2022-09-21 Andy C [release] Shell functions for 0.12.6
6acece1a 2022-09-22 Andy C [devtools] Fix .gitpod.yml and extract into shell script
5298b687 2022-09-22 Andy C [devtools] Skip prompt with gitpod
22c92998 2022-09-22 Andy C [deps] Start Dockerfile.common
f775331e 2022-09-23 Andy C [deps] Dockerfile.pea is based on common
7d4e87c0 2022-09-23 Andy C [benchmarks] Resurrect perf script; run on osh_eval and mycpp/examples
f6341626 2022-09-23 Andy C [benchmarks/perf] Use sudo -E so BENCHMARK=1 gets passed through
4d333a31 2022-09-23 Andy C [benchmarks/perf] Tweaks and fixes
d4f97194 2022-09-23 Andy C [benchmark/perf] Automate flat vs. call graph profiles
aeae2b88 2022-09-23 Andy C [web] Functions to share directories
64f2604d 2022-09-23 Andy C [deps] Speed up Docker builds with cache mount
e1058037 2022-09-23 Andy C [deps] Build Dockerfile.{cpp,dummy} from common, with cache mount
7ae8c23e 2022-09-23 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.other-tests against Dockerfile.common
67c1eb20 2022-09-23 Andy C [deps] Add missing packages to Dockerfile.other-tests
1e819a50 2022-09-24 Andy C [deps] Slim down and fix apt deps of Dockerfile.cpp
113b2935 2022-09-24 Andy C [deps] Rebuild dev-minimal image from Dockerfile.common
a33aef0f 2022-09-25 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.ovm-tarball on top of Dockerfile.common
1983852b 2022-09-26 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.clang against Dockerfile.common
3248eb8c 2022-09-26 Andy C [deps] Add R packages to Dockerfile.cpp
f0e65a51 2022-09-26 andychu [soil] Run and publish R report for mycpp/examples (#1332)
ca9b5950 2022-09-26 andychu [github-actions] Also trigger CI on push to soil-staging (#1333)
08ddcef0 2022-09-26 Andy C [mycpp] Add missing testdata
e78345ee 2022-09-26 Andy C [mycpp] Demo to show that unordered_set hash function is trivial!
cc0b5f20 2022-09-26 Andy C [mycpp] Better demo to show malloc() address alignment
eec98082 2022-09-29 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Fix unordered_set hash bucket demo
414c7efa 2022-09-29 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Also benchmark set<void*>insert()
1be8f0ff 2022-09-29 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Don't run slow benchmark
8f934b07 2022-09-28 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Make roots arbitrarily sized with std::vector.
201ac221 2022-09-29 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Introduce 'mallocleak' variant to benchmark against
e7a31124 2022-09-30 andychu [mycpp/runtime] GC properly handles object cycles (#1341)
03d49a8e 2022-09-30 Jesse Hughes [mycpp/runtime] Use std::vector instead of std::unordered_set for all objs (#1340)
7fdef314 2022-09-29 Andy C [benchmarks/compute] Function to run and report on one machine
73b42faf 2022-09-30 Andy C [refactor] Style changes and renaming
13639d30 2022-09-30 andychu [mycpp/runtime] Separate BufWriter and FormatStringer (#1344)
189aeee0 2022-09-30 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add minor test coverage for mylib::Writer
4193c627 2022-09-30 Andy C [mycpp] Remove obsolete comment
3a1c1e18 2022-10-01 Andy C [ASDL] Refactor to define constructors separately
a6f7a2f9 2022-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix bad invariant when f.write('') is called
22096e5c 2022-10-01 Jesse Hughes [mycpp/runtime] Add field masks to Tuple{2,3,4} (#1347)
a8715890 2022-10-01 Andy C [ASDL] First cut of field masks in generated C++ code
c4b41a9f 2022-10-02 Andy C [refactor] Extract type expression and reformat
d6df2185 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Unit tests use parallel _bin/ structure
c936d918 2022-10-02 Andy C [ASDL] Remove Abbrev*() methods from C++ for real this time
794e6814 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Start asdl/
65f8b548 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Start refactoring into "rules" which takes variant matrix
47e25a46 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Refactor into Rules() wrapper
8122d927 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Introduce notion of labels, deps
b34f94ab 2022-10-02 Andy C [build] Add test for ninja_lib
4e9f8011 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/examples] Improve the 'classes' test
809eec84 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp] Generate dummy maskof_T() function
31ef095b 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/examples] Add nice linked list benchmark to test out field masks
852b2607 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp] Generate field mask functions
b9e569f4 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp] Fix field_mask_ statement in derived classes
ffadb9ce 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp] Generate either maskbit() or maskbit_v()
0abf1ea1 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/examples] Demonstrate quadratic behavior of BufWriter
b65401ac 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Rewrite collection threshold logic, and add GC stats
3c6c58ff 2022-10-04 Andy C [refactor] Rename some variables
b19e9a82 2022-10-04 CoffeeTableEspresso [mylib] Add Buf member BufWriter; remove quadratic behavior (#1352)
14a21553 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add max live GC stat.
65fe1bc9 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Restore condition that was in the original PR
844ca30e 2022-10-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Collect() returns the live object count for unit tests
2ddd2cb2 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start "return value rooting" policy
44dcbf89 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] More testing of RootSet
54c30cd6 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Polishing RootSet
e69f3532 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start showing the f(g(), h()) problem
5317d6f9 2022-10-05 Andy C [refactor] Rename methods and members in the GC heap
5e52c68c 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] ReturnOnRoot in Alloc<T>
153becb9 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Remove CopyBuffer* functions.
1737693b 2022-10-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add Str::SetObjLenFromC() for getcwd(), gethostname()
62e23bef 2022-10-05 Andy C [refactor] Comments and code re-org
68633b1f 2022-10-06 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] new_slice_demo() passing with Return Value Rooting
c7182132 2022-10-06 Andy C [rename] RootsScope -> RootingScope
35400bc2 2022-10-06 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add RootInCurrentFrame() and use it in Allocate()
629684ed 2022-10-06 Andy C [build] Replace gcstats variant with gcverbose
740e76ed 2022-10-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix bad specialization of InitSlabCell().
0e1de9e9 2022-10-07 Andy C [refactor] Inline MaybeCollect()
a8cfeec8 2022-10-07 Andy C [release] Bump to Oil 0.12.7