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pass 1717
0pass pass single quoted -- implicit and explicit raw
1pass pass Implicit raw single quote with backslash is a syntax error
2pass pass single quoted C strings: $'foo\n'
3pass pass Double Quoted
4pass pass Multiline strings with '' and ""
5pass pass C strings in %() array literals
6pass pass shopt parse_raw_string
7pass pass Triple Double Quotes, Expression Mode
8pass pass Triple Single Quotes, Expression Mode
9pass pass Triple Double Quotes, Command Mode
10pass pass raw strings and triple quotes
11pass pass Triple Single Quotes, Command Mode
12pass pass Triple Single Quotes, Here Doc
13pass pass Triple Single Quotes, disabled
14pass pass $''' in command mode
15pass pass here doc with quotes
16pass pass triple quoted and implicit concatenation
34 passed, 0 OK, 0 not implemented, 0 BUG, 0 failed, 0 timeouts, 0 cases skipped