Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.7 and release/0.12.8

cc041b68 2022-10-07 Andy C [soil] Create separate 'benchmarks' job
7d98af98 2022-10-07 Andy C [mycpp] Some plumbing for Return Value Rooting
628b3b89 2022-10-09 Andy Chu [mycpp/examples] Add gHeap.OnProcessExit() at end of main()
e98676a8 2022-10-09 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] OnProcessExit() now does everything before exit
0c547485 2022-10-09 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add missing errno include (#1359)
4ce2718b 2022-10-10 Andy C [cpp] Add leaky_core_test
35f24fa4 2022-10-09 Melvin Walls [cpp] Fix umask call (#1361)
55270894 2022-10-10 Melvin Walls [cpp] Fix leaks cause by malloc() calls (#1364)
e3f5513c 2022-10-10 Melvin Walls [core] Fix pipestatus, etc. with list comprehension usage (#1366)
0931f6d2 2022-10-11 Andy C [cpp] Restore pyos_test
09cf78d3 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] Moving toward declarative Ninja
6c5db64a 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] Fold osh_eval into cc_binary()
ce7c801c 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] controls the list of translation units
6b0ff1b5 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] Fix implicit deps in Rules.compile()
a025d064 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] Move cpp/ to Ninja
aa76ae70 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] Move leaky_binding_test to Ninja
2d723e33 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] Most of cpp/ done
3146a402 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] Move non-declarative setuff out of cpp/
03878816 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] cc_library() lazily writes Ninja rules, per config
777b3a00 2022-10-11 Andy C [build refactor] Clean up cc_library(), and move preprocessed metric
11dd391f 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] Fix unit tests and refactor
a9d04e9d 2022-10-11 Andy C [build] Fix mycpp unit test targets
b5baa023 2022-10-12 Andy C [build] Add more_cxx_flags as 3rd element of config tuple
7543bd74 2022-10-12 Andy C [build] Fix pre-build in cpp/
fce3a765 2022-10-12 Andy C [build] Fix unit test
ce7d460b 2022-10-11 Melvin Walls [frontend] Generate C++ code from (#1365)
6f8ed614 2022-10-11 Melvin Walls [frontend] Fix bogus signal values (#1371)
9cf0b89f 2022-10-12 Andy C [rename] AllocStr -> NewStr to be consistent
e0433f30 2022-10-12 Andy C [build] Add testing interface to
30bfb6e9 2022-10-12 Melvin Walls [cpp/core] Add missing newline to 'times' builtin output (#1372)
73ae3802 2022-10-12 Andy C [build] More unit tests for
00fb4aa7 2022-10-13 Andy C [build/ninja_lib] Add generated headers to implicit deps
30cadb1e 2022-10-13 Andy C [build/ninja_lib] Calculate proper transitive closure of cc_libraries
772d1c4a 2022-10-13 Andy C [build/ninja_lib] Correctly calculate implicit deps for cc_library()
10e1ae23 2022-10-13 Andy C [build] Move ASDL unit tests to Ninja
2acc0299 2022-10-13 Andy C [build] Refactor toward using high level Rules
61fad3c1 2022-10-13 Andy C [build] Fix tarball, and lint error
e24614e3 2022-10-13 Andy C [soil] Fix build after removing build/ all
2e1a2272 2022-10-13 Andy C [coverage] Add to exclusion list
9eded64b 2022-10-13 Andy C [prebuilt] Regenerate code with mycpp field masks
c41b24a4 2022-10-13 Andy C [build refactor] Add bin/
f7f1c132 2022-10-13 Andy C [build] Add -D CPP_UNIT_TEST to cpp/leaky_core_test
072602fa 2022-10-13 Andy C [build] Prepare to export header for
85481cea 2022-10-14 Andy C [build refactor] Move code gen rules in to app dirs
dcb65c2c 2022-10-14 Andy C [build refactor] More moving into app code dirs
63436569 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Move shell tests in build/ into Ninja
3f38a65c 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Add more cc_library() targets
efeb7134 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] All C++ tests are now in Ninja!
3a4b628b 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Fix tarball build
48295cd6 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Remove gen-asdl hack
87de1ad5 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Put Oil grammar header in Ninja
43bc54e0 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Move grammar.marshal back to _devbuild
dd5d2bf1 2022-10-14 Andy C [build] Fix grammar location
f560a9ca 2022-10-15 Andy C [cpp] Add and ThreadSanitizer support
361e5fab 2022-10-15 Andy C [cpp/data_race_test] Demo of race with List<T>::append()!
ac8b2143 2022-10-15 Andy C [cleanup] Fix typos in comments
41452297 2022-10-18 Melvin Walls [core] make post-fork signal setup translatable (#1381)
a721a370 2022-10-18 Andy C [mycpp] Translate e->errno as e->errno_ to avoid macro conflict
06af5464 2022-10-19 Melvin Walls [mycpp/gc_list] Fix copy constructor (#1379)
0ed49675 2022-10-19 Melvin Walls [core] move trap-related state into SignalState (#1380)
1a8e6b1f 2022-10-20 Melvin Walls [osh] Move more trap mutations into SignalState (#1384)
0d310cb4 2022-10-21 Melvin Walls [core,osh] Make SignalState translatable (#1385)
d5ffadbf 2022-10-22 Andy C [mycpp refactor] Rename tuple_types.h -> gc_tuple.h
3247da2b 2022-10-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix overflowing constant
3025c0c1 2022-10-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add a GC header to some exceptions
db1342c4 2022-10-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fold myerror.h into builtins.h
6cce517c 2022-10-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] More cleanup of exception types
d32c33ce 2022-10-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Unit tests passing with RET_VAL_ROOTING
33114888 2022-10-23 Andy C [cpp] Clamp down on ASAN leak detection
5c1452cc 2022-10-23 Andy C reformat
6e08fa62 2022-10-23 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.12.8