Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.8 and release/0.12.9

df9729fb8 2022-10-23 CoffeeTableEspresso [mycpp] Fix -Wcatch-value in generated code (#1390)
c747a342d 2022-10-24 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-parser] Fix integer overflow in R
c87da4c61 2022-10-24 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Distinguish CleanProcessExit() vs FastProcessExit()
f4c03e3e2 2022-10-24 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Implement OIL_GC_THRESHOLD
5ee6d8f2e 2022-10-24 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add bumpleak variant with
74379f923 2022-10-24 Andy C [benchmarks] Add tcmalloc comparison
39fb6ec61 2022-10-24 Andy C [benchmarks] More comparison of tcmalloc
aef3a5947 2022-10-24 Andy C [mycpp] Fix tests, and move out of binary
da451978d 2022-10-24 Andy C [build] Change variant tcmallocleak -> tcmalloc
1fa76b13b 2022-10-24 Andy C [coverage] Exclude mycpp/bump_leak
1b3bf82d4 2022-10-24 Andy C [build] Add opt32 variant using -m32
ca709edfb 2022-10-24 Andy C [benchmarks] Plugin analyze allocation sizes with uftrace
752cd48a5 2022-10-25 Melvin Walls [cpp] make print_time() consistent with bash (#1392)
6f445bcff 2022-10-25 Andy C [cpp refactor] Make fnmatch() binding more consistent with Python
3b55c9fb5 2022-10-26 Andy C [oil-native] Disable segfault handler
8d3af9b46 2022-10-26 Melvin Walls [frontend/consts_gen] Make string length explicit in lookup tables (#1394)
3639caf1a 2022-11-01 Samuel Hierholzer [spec/oil] Create two basic spec tests for argparse builtin (#1395)
f2d993d3d 2022-11-01 Andy Chu [spec/oil] Adjust allowed failures
b2ebe70b2 2022-11-04 CoffeeTableEspresso [mycpp/runtime] BufWriter uses GC type Buf (#1393)
d36fd9719 2022-11-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Clean up gc_mylib_test
c0af52b01 2022-11-04 Andy C [translation] Type checking and translation filters for core/
257bb7ce7 2022-11-05 Andy C [translation] Work on compile errors for core/
113c3bb4e 2022-11-05 Andy C [cpp refactor] Clean up and rename the preamble
03f9e966d 2022-11-05 Andy C [mycpp] Detect list comprehension bug, and fix it in osh/
9a59a434a 2022-11-04 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Prepare BufWriter for 2 optimizations
0d6e20970 2022-11-05 Andy C [benchmarks] Update benchmarks/compute; try to run it in Soil
629dbea20 2022-11-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Use size_t for allocation interfaces
793c9881f 2022-11-05 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Implement BumpLeakHeap::Reallocate() correctly
d1d497c91 2022-11-05 Melvin Walls [translation] Add job control to oil-native (#1400)
e4f737dff 2022-11-06 Andy C [benchmarks/compute] Port to Soil.
71027aa94 2022-11-07 Andy C [soil] Deploy benchmarks.css wit the job .wwz
ebde717d8 2022-11-07 Andy C [soil/benchmarks] Add benchmarks/ parser-compare
b8fa35a26 2022-11-07 Andy C [benchmarks/compute] Compare against bumpleak variant
fb8ff97a5 2022-11-08 Andy C [soil/benchmarks] Add benchmarks/vm-baseline
7d2596edb 2022-11-08 Andy C [soil/benchmarks] Add benchmarks/osh-runtime
055567e62 2022-11-08 Andy C [cleanup] Remove unused --*-mem-dump flags
1b751a919 2022-11-08 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Add link to raw files
2cfcb476e 2022-11-08 Andy C [benchmarks refactor] Move functions to
259929431 2022-11-09 Andy C [soil/benchmarks] Add benchmarks/osh-parser
c1f383954 2022-11-09 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Make an HTML report
24331b6be 2022-11-09 Andy C [benchmarks] Able to publish our own provenance and link to it
ce8790eff 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks] Add source code links, and adjust precision display
d1196268b 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks] More adjustments to precision display
eac976109 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks/mycpp refactor] Be consistent with other benchmarks
b42c90768 2022-11-10 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.12.9