Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.12.9 and release/0.13.0

aa6362b77 2022-11-10 Andy C [release] Shell functions for the 0.12.9 release
1fdaf7903 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks] Abbreviate paths used in benchmarks/compute
c568754d5 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-parser] Add "flat" cachegrind table in CI
08e9355cd 2022-11-10 Andy C [benchmarks/mycpp] Add system time ratio table
fd9ee5159 2022-11-10 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add GC headers to some types (#1405)
4350ec5f2 2022-11-11 Andy C [build] Clean up cpp/ unit test build variants
01bdb1020 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp refactor] Rename unit tests
12cf91eb1 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp] Create GOOD_TESTS and run with 'rvroot' variant
dffd21c7c 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp refactor] Create cc_library rules //cpp/frontend_{match,flag_spec}
3740ff6e8 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp refactor] Toward a more consistent test / library structure.
5bf465d37 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp refactor] Renaming, remove dependencies
15693a6a8 2022-11-11 Andy C [cpp] Restore a dependency I removed
a5b31c80f 2022-11-11 Andy C [devtools] Experiments with Clang tooling to verify GC progress
8cf06370b 2022-11-12 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Turn on -D RET_VAL_ROOTING!
cd064769b 2022-11-12 Melvin Walls [cpp] Start to proliferate RootingScope (#1407)
2dba7b1a8 2022-11-12 Andy C [mycpp] Slightly different API for return value rooting
1db3239a7 2022-11-12 Andy C [mycpp/runtime rename] PushScope/PopScope -> PushFrame/PopFrame
eb74571c1 2022-11-12 Andy C [mycpp refactor] Remove leaky_ prefixes on filenames
7d0d4c09d 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp refactor] Remove leaky_ prefixes
624c14af0 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp refactor] Simplify logic for running unit tests.
cb4919597 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp build] Add missing dependency
a959ba4ea 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp refactor] Create //cpp/libc and associated test
f8a9a8c82 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp refactor] Create //cpp/osh and associated test
dd80325af 2022-11-12 Andy C [cpp refactor] Finish creating separate cc_library() targets
1409c3060 2022-11-13 Andy C [refactor] del d[key] -> mylib.dict_remove(d, key)
2f4c7732e 2022-11-13 Andy C [refactor] mylib.dict_erase() is the only dict key deletion API
636891b66 2022-11-13 Andy C [mycpp fix] Finish dict_erase() renaming
0ec4805e1 2022-11-13 andychu [cpp/qsn] Optimize rooting for core/qsn functions (#1409)
8d11ad188 2022-11-13 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add RootsFrame to libc bindings (#1411)
84bc3750a 2022-11-14 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Organize unit tests more logically.
14f3d723b 2022-11-14 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] More re-org of unit tests.
90754becd 2022-11-14 Andy C [cpp] Add missing dependency for e_die()
7e83c1e05 2022-11-14 Andy C [cpp refactor] Consolidate tests into cpp/
b8105e27f 2022-11-15 CoffeeTableEspresso [mycpp/runtime] Make MarkSweepHeap::Reallocate() NotImplemented (#1412)
74a75624a 2022-11-15 Andy C [spec/process-sub] Workaround for flakiness in test
7fb916b1e 2022-11-15 Melvin Walls [cpp] Use RootsFrame in pyos signal bindings (#1410)
45c09c15b 2022-11-16 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Remove old gc_heap.h header
c131255d4 2022-11-16 Andy C [mycpp/runtime rename] Name mark_sweep_heap like bump_leak_heap
47f4fc87b 2022-11-17 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add rooting to pylib and stdlib (#1413)
219faee60 2022-11-18 Andy C [test/coverage] Include dir _test/clang-coverage-D_CPP_UNIT_TEST
d9867092e 2022-11-17 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add rooting to cpp/frontend_* (#1414)
38aad5c93 2022-11-18 Andy C [test/coverage] Add -D BUMP_LEAK dir as well
6343552c7 2022-11-20 Andy C [cpp/qsn] Add rooting and 100% test coverage -- found bug!
366a1bfa1 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo/target_lang] Demonstrate signed/unsigned issues
7a446d796 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo/target_lang] Fix unit test broken in last commit
ea8984fa0 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp] Turn on --ret-val-rooting for code gen
0864ecbc5 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Rename AddGlobalRoot -> RootGlobalVar
053d98c01 2022-11-20 Andy C [ASDL] Add return value rooting to generated C++
cedc8683e 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp] C++ codegen: Initial pass of return value rooting.
8ad4c763e 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp refactor] Simplify translation and fix test harness.
99db2b75e 2022-11-20 Andy C [mycpp] Return value rooting for tuple-by-value optimization
463839706 2022-11-20 Andy C [soil] Fix mycpp/TEST logging I broke recently
3822ecb5b 2022-11-20 Andy C [soil] Propagate exit code properly
f1e3ed4f6 2022-12-04 Andy C [osh build] Add missing dependency
7a47d77da 2022-12-04 Waldir Pimenta clarify zero-width assertions (#1418)
b4e4c8623 2022-12-04 andychu [cpp] Turn off return value rooting policy (#1420)
28c8685c7 2022-12-06 Andy C [doc] Document the join() function and optional delimiter.
0bbae63b2 2022-12-07 Andy C [github-actions] Use Ubuntu 20 image, not ubuntu-latest
d3db7817d 2022-12-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add manual collection point mylib.MaybeCollect()
a62ba833b 2022-12-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix tests by adding method to BumpLeakHeap
9d853d5e2 2022-12-07 CoffeeTableEspresso [mycpp/runtime] Make BufWriter::getvalue() zero-copy with MutableStr (#1417)
d82790654 2022-12-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Minor style changes to previous commit, and reformat
5962a8962 2022-12-08 Andy C [mycpp/examples] Add manual collection points
0c8fb20f0 2022-12-08 Andy C [oil-native] Add manual collection points for shell loops
905fab70b 2022-12-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix 'mallocleak' variant
9797d1587 2022-12-09 Andy C [doc/error-handling] Fix claim about the grammar and exit status.
2b9b70696 2022-12-12 Andy C [mycpp] Rename maskof_Foo() -> static member function Foo::field_mask()
795fcc918 2022-12-12 Andy C [mycpp] Implement field reordering and Tag::Scanned for most classes
ed4e5fe6c 2022-12-13 Melvin Walls [core] Add interface for GNU readline (#1424)
d94a4567c 2022-12-12 Andy C [frontend/flag_gen] Fix field masks for flag record types
729e34d79 2022-12-13 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] #if VALIDATE_ROOTS catches missing Obj headers
63d2c7021 2022-12-14 Melvin Walls [refactor] Rename readline wrapper, integrate with configure (#1425)
beea646c3 2022-12-14 Andy C [core/optview_gen] Add field masks to generated classes
f4e6204f0 2022-12-14 Andy C [build] Include configure script in the oil-native tarball
141e09b62 2022-12-14 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add global roots to MarkSweepHeap
ddaded25f 2022-12-14 Andy C [mycpp] Fix Tag::Scanned object length
170a671d4 2022-12-14 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Rooting for global stdout and stderr objects
3d641b3e5 2022-12-14 Andy C [mycpp] Fix bad Tag::Opaque optimization
ecdc0647d 2022-12-15 Andy C [cpp] Add missing Obj header to global object
7f57927ca 2022-12-15 Andy C [github-actions] Consistently use Ubuntu 20 in the VM
afc169fa3 2022-12-15 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix leak when using getline()
2f1d38b0a 2022-12-15 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Implement GC_TIMING to check pause times
fb3b50463 2022-12-15 Andy C [oil-native] Turn on GC in osh_eval, by lowering GC threshold!
6dd3d1a02 2022-12-15 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Keep track of total GC time
e1097abc7 2022-12-15 Andy C [core/main_loop] Add manual GC points
226511e90 2022-12-15 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Adjust OIL_GC_THRESHOLD and add params
e987dc35f 2022-12-17 Andy C [benchmarks/perf] Tweaks to parser profile
dda559242 2022-12-17 Andy C [cpp] Remove RET_VAL_ROOTING, RootSet, etc.
d44f989de 2022-12-17 Andy C [cpp] Finish removing return value rooting
dac8a8d1f 2022-12-17 Andy C [cpp] Remove StackRoots in hand-written code
ecca9cfc7 2022-12-17 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Prototype of new GC header.
82192a6b5 2022-12-17 Andy C [mycpp] Update README
85a6caf99 2022-12-17 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.13.0
190feae82 2022-12-17 Andy C [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate methods