Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.13.0 and release/0.13.1

4abd5a20b 2022-12-18 Andy C [release] Shell functions for 0.13.0, and automation fixes
47e6fb0dc 2022-12-18 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Implement StrFormat() for dynamic format strings (#1427)
e46498820 2022-12-18 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Potential Small Str implementation
f60fd990c 2022-12-18 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Fix buffer overflow detected by ASAN
149afae40 2022-12-19 Andy C [mycpp/demo] More prototyping of small string optimization
be89ea64c 2022-12-19 Andy C [mcypp/demo] Prototype small string as C++ union
b6b6289e2 2022-12-19 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Polish the new 'union Str' implementation.
f2d4969e4 2022-12-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Implement str_equals(), str_concat() in new small string
bf828c961 2022-12-20 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Translate % to StrFormat(), supporting dynamic format strings (#1430)
a4607aa7b 2022-12-20 Andy C [mycpp] Test case for invalid format strings
49ddf0a80 2022-12-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo] ObjHeader with API for both mark-sweep and Cheney
38c92d0ca 2022-12-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Implement Str::MaybeShrink()
c36c7087f 2022-12-20 Andy C [mycpp/demo] More polish of new GC header.
5422c1bca 2022-12-21 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Optimize str_equals() a bit more
d6514708c 2022-12-21 Andy C [refactor] Rename GC_EVERY_ALLOC -> GC_ALWAYS
e4bde2546 2022-12-21 Andy C [metrics/source-code] Count mycpp runtime more accurately
8069a44f9 2022-12-21 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Change RootGlobalVar() to take void*
204fbf714 2022-12-21 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Export TSV files of allocations
4c5e15535 2022-12-21 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Change GC policy to prevent thrashing near the threshold
a0f2e32cf 2022-12-22 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Analyze string and alloc sizes with R
961bc6cc2 2022-12-22 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Don't put globals in the mark set.
19f633127 2022-12-22 Andy C [mycpp/gc_builtins] Add missing error checks to to_float()
b0212646c 2022-12-22 Andy C [mycpp] Add more unit tests
252df5e22 2022-12-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Reallocate() doesn't work with GC
c93200bca 2022-12-22 Andy C [cpp/stdlib] Add error handling to posix::open()
1e386ec98 2022-12-22 Andy C [mycpp] Translate Python integer division operator // to C++ /
a9723bd98 2022-12-22 Andy C [cpp/stdlib] Add more unit tests
dfed2a1f3 2022-12-22 Andy C [cpp] Remove unused CopyFile(); rewrite PrintTimes()
55cac7af0 2022-12-23 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
ffbd7f25f 2022-12-23 Andy C [cpp] Simplify PrintTimes()
7fef1b9f9 2022-12-23 Andy C [benchmarks] Polish allocation report
4f441eaf5 2022-12-23 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Add more workloads, including shell execution.
fb523731c 2022-12-23 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Make some IDs shorter
a7652a264 2022-12-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add GC stats
2a86ea177 2022-12-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Implement OIL_GC_STATS_FD=99
6ce3c6c34 2022-12-24 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fixes for BUMP_LEAK
c82d94ced 2022-12-24 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Integrate OIL_GC_STATS into the report
66c060815 2022-12-24 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Style changes to the new GC object header
e273efd4c 2022-12-23 Melvin Walls [translation] Make core/ translatable (#1429)
75a96c89d 2022-12-24 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Start integrating new ObjHeader style
2a2708125 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [cpp refactor] Remove inheritance from Obj in cpp/ dir
c97f6ad16 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [cpp refactor] More changes to new object header
d191cc5c2 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Fix build errors and warnings under Clang
675dcf0d6 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Make cheney_heap compile again
fd6a70dc0 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime refactor] Remove the last of 'Obj' inheritance
36bae9a83 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime refactor] Port tuples to the new style
1eb235961 2022-12-25 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime refactor] Remove uses of OBJ_HEADER() macro
509ac7e8e 2022-12-26 Andy C [ASDL] Use new initialization style GC_ASDL_CLASS()
56002134d 2022-12-26 Andy C [ASDL] Fix type tags in 7 bits
490333449 2022-12-26 Andy C [cpp refactor] Remove Obj inheritance
f51558ffb 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp cleanup] Remove --ret-val-rooting code
3154ce362 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp] Remove inheritance from Obj.
e81e4a897 2022-12-26 Andy C [cpp refactor] Remove more uses of Obj
4f8aa02ed 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Distinguish between ObjHeader and Obj
4ab4d01c1 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp refactor] Rename Obj -> RawObject
1b1eba268 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp] Remove e_usage() as a special varargs function
e74444ab2 2022-12-26 Andy C [fix] Revert change that introduced StrFormat(StrFormat(
09109764a 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Clean up exception typyes
8a27cd305 2022-12-26 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Polish appearance.
38f7f59ca 2022-12-26 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix appearance bug with cxx-opt-sh/ path
33611069a 2022-12-26 Andy C [cpp refactor] Prepare for adding ObjHeader::is_header bitfield member
799e9bf48 2022-12-26 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Add 1-bit field ObjHeader::is_header
9bbf1f814 2022-12-27 Andy C [build] Generate separate file _build/detected-cpp-config.h
53f152d44 2022-12-27 Andy C [build] Only turn on GC_TIMING under ./
a670dd1fe 2022-12-27 Andy C [build] Do mkdir -p first
0d2251273 2022-12-27 Andy C [build fix] Add missing #include
c399cc061 2022-12-27 Andy C [soil] Fix test invocation
109cdb8b2 2022-12-27 Andy C [cpp] Optimize the Alloc<> function a bit
1a9301251 2022-12-27 Andy C [cpp refactor] Introduce FAIL(reason) macro
bde91e23a 2022-12-27 Andy C [cpp cleanup] assert() -> DCHECK in gc_list.h
7313684fc 2022-12-27 Andy C [metrics] Quick Python script to find duplicate strings in binary
328dc0483 2022-12-27 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] New object header struct with bitfields.
e93741265 2022-12-27 Andy C [cpp cleanup] Remove build warnings
968cc27c2 2022-12-27 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Rename Tag -> HeapTag
eb20b0c2d 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime refactor] Prepare for adding GC stats
298206732 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks refactor] Remove OIL_NATIVE variable
8019e1e00 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks refactor] More preparation for GC stats
42e34e389 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Start measuring GC stats.
71ac402d2 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime refactor] Use TSV provenance
c68ba692f 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fix bug in shell binary paths
b9a0bdce5 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fix typo in last commit
e45bee504 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime refactor] Remove xargs in 2 places
19153b50a 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Join and publish GC stats
6f8ad3735 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fixes for benchmark/ caller
ee92c7a53 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks] Refactoring around provenance
46ba82e2f 2022-12-28 Andy C [benchmarks refactor] Planning join, consistent dir structure
4555671d5 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks] Start a much simpler shell-provenance function
6f27be562 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-parser] Port soil-run to shell-provenance-2
2f0d8ab82 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/vm-baseline] Port to new provenance function
f4b38442e 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/compute] Use new shell provenance
5db813b51 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks] Remove old provenance function.
64bcc25d0 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix id-test on in Soil
921c72ed6 2022-12-29 Andy C [soil] Move benchmarks/id-test
daf9a71a1 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Use new osh-runtime/raw.$host.$job_id dir
cfa1f4400 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Add host-name to GC stats, for proper join
59f1b6cc8 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Deduplicate shells in the report
7b3ff761f 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Measure GC stats from direct child process
8b0a1cf61 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Adjust appearance, reorder columns
33273eb2a 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks] Fixes for release process
666e17eb8 2022-12-29 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.13.1
cd22f9d9a 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-parser] Fix host name for cachegrind analysis
cfb5058ad 2022-12-29 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fix analysis for 2 machines.