Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.13.1 and release/0.14.0

5086b9524 2022-12-30 Andy C [benchmarks/osh-parser] Fix stage1-cachegrind function
58c79b436 2022-12-30 Andy C [devtools] Update Zulip script.
af5e09925 2022-12-30 Andy C [demo] Playing with SWIG
3d5a62ec9 2022-12-31 Melvin Walls [mycpp] add some missing member initializers (#1438)
c0bfe66ce 2022-12-31 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Implement maxsplits param for Str::split() (#1439)
4a7c322cb 2022-12-31 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime test refactor] Remove unnecessary macros
5d8c4babb 2022-12-31 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Str::split() test cases
86254b153 2022-12-31 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Simplify and optimize Str::split()
2a5bf4551 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp] Use FIELD_MASK() macro, to allow both mark-sweep and Cheney
ff34e983f 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Store string length and num pointers directly in header
28ce38e6c 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp fix] Init classes with num_pointers, not obj_len.
e3342ed19 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Move field mask in ObjHeader, opening up obj_id
78f73133f 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix mycpp header init after FIELD_MASK() move
47896c883 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp] MaybeShrink() replaces SetObjLenFromStrLen()
434be1a08 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start implementing mark bitmap
f49323194 2023-01-01 Andy C [cpp cleanup] Remove build variants that aren't useful
e7c81d9f6 2023-01-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Introduce gc_alloc.h
f469ab26d 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Move functions that wrap gHeap into gc_alloc.h
6a2864fea 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime fix] Fix #ifdef for different heaps
60cd22bfe 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Make gc_list.h self-contained
a3ff30622 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime cleanup] Remove FormatStringer
612c8de39 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Minor fix for Clang coverage.
d0bced704 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Make compile again
1c4c86e3e 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start assigning small integer object IDs
8a993c3a8 2023-01-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Turn on the Mark bitmap!
ad2907b6c 2023-01-03 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Make #includes more minimal
ea63c596f 2023-01-03 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] More #include optimization
4a086489f 2023-01-03 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Make marking non-recursive.
610ec722a 2023-01-03 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Pull nullptr checks out of MaybeMarkAndPush()
2a6eb37e4 2023-01-03 Andy C [mycpp] Implement object ID recycling, via lazy free()
8cb5add69 2023-01-05 Andy C [demo] matchertext test
449cc58b5 2023-01-05 Andy C [demo] Test Ninja and Make
f98fbe76f 2023-01-06 Melvin Walls [translation] Factor out fanos library shared with C++ and pyext (#1437)
472bf7d08 2023-01-06 Andy C [fanos] Distiguish between empty string and EOF.
6ca9bac40 2023-01-06 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Optimize StrFromC() to return global '' instance
e4f02f8ca 2023-01-06 Andy C [fanos refactor] Consolidate some constants
e92ce2949 2023-01-07 Andy C [fanos] Add test coverage for IOError
c4b6fe636 2023-01-07 Andy C [demo/compare-strace] Tests to prepare for Unix I/O, not C I/O
ea98edf5d 2023-01-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Sketch out a consistent, lower-level API for I/O
f729631a9 2023-01-07 Andy C [mylib] Remove fileno() from LineReader API
5ea1edb11 2023-01-07 Andy C [mylib fix] Workaround for build errors
576b18112 2023-01-07 Melvin Walls [translation] Unify shell.Main() and shell_native.Main() (#1444)
f8420f0c8 2023-01-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] ValueError test coverage / GC header
48aee9dc8 2023-01-08 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Playing around with schema syntax in C++ files
86e798d24 2023-01-08 Andy C [test/spec] Reproduce parsing issues with for loops in #1446
03baffca1 2023-01-08 Andy C [test/spec] Reproduce command sub parsing bug #1387
fa7d2155f 2023-01-10 Andy C [mycpp/examples] All examples run now!
b2d1d6196 2023-01-11 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Translate Python generators to C++ (#1448)
35dfda7ad 2023-01-13 Andy C [spec/bugs] Reproduce autoconf word split bug #1449
d50e8e64a 2023-01-13 Andy C [spec/bugs] Reproduce autoconf arith bug #1450
3f9c881f5 2023-01-13 Andy C [spec/bugs] More reproduction on autoconf word splitting #1449
6cb28a9f3 2023-01-13 Andy C [osh-language] Disallow proc sub <( in most unquoted modes
805bffcee 2023-01-13 Andy C [osh-language] Compatiblity for DQ inside backticks inside DQ
1286d2269 2023-01-14 Andy C [fix] Removing accidental logging
f779ef965 2023-01-14 Melvin Walls [cpp/pylib] Implement path_stat::isdir() (#1451)
7c8179368 2023-01-14 Melvin Walls [cpp/core] Add PasswdEntry, GetAllUsers() (#1452)
a00c39730 2023-01-14 Andy C [oil-language] Fix parsing for expression in command sub
6a7769505 2023-01-14 Andy Chu [cpp] Add test coverage for pyos::ReadError
f41335d10 2023-01-14 Andy Chu [cpp/core] Add missing object header!
a80f56d07 2023-01-15 Andy C [test/gold] Copy some more backtick test cases from issue #1449
6c9c8a2b3 2023-01-15 Andy C [oil-language] Another fix for nesting expressions inside shell $()
dc64bf089 2023-01-16 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] New writeln() interface
bfef3dfc6 2023-01-16 Andy C [cpp] I/O to stderr can be buffered
60cf09a60 2023-01-17 Andy C [cpp] Demo of stat mtime for translating core/
ba7ab0e5f 2023-01-17 Andy C [translation] Remove 'finally' in favor of ctx_FlushStdout()
8908f0ac2 2023-01-17 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
b4849d277 2023-01-17 Andy C [core] Flush stdout in SubProgramThunk
d2d649a73 2023-01-18 Andy C [bin refactor] Move code out of bin/, and start type checking
8dae95c7d 2023-01-18 Andy C [bin refactor] Move translated main code to
ccc24ac93 2023-01-18 Melvin Walls [translation] Add bindings for completion (#1453)
d4eed3d7d 2023-01-18 Andy C [bin] Start translating
86a6c8c7c 2023-01-18 Andy C [bin] translates, compiles and links!
b887ce00a 2023-01-18 Andy C [bin] Fix applet error message, and add ysh symlink
25e7fb8b7 2023-01-18 Andy C [devtools] Fix symlink creation
51f2fbfb6 2023-01-18 Andy C [release] Use same install script for the new native tarball
631eeea84 2023-01-18 Andy C [install] Install with new oils-for-unix name
2be6f473d 2023-01-19 Andy Chu [core/completion] Add cast to fix type error
c1330a273 2023-01-19 Andy C [fix] Missing import in previous commit
584a8d2a1 2023-01-19 Andy C [translation] Big migration from osh_eval -> oils_cpp
860d0f7e7 2023-01-20 Andy C [cleanup] Remove some special cases for osh_eval
80876a6de 2023-01-20 Andy C [benchmarks/report] Remove osh_eval legacy
4c395c895 2023-01-20 Andy C [refactor] Moving away from oil-native name
0255d7c4a 2023-01-20 Andy Chu [build rename] _build/ -> _build/
5d50b4d91 2023-01-20 Andy Chu [rename] Rename tarball to oils-for-unix
c5dbd5f2c 2023-01-21 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Fix LineReader inheritance
dd0f03fa0 2023-01-21 Andy Chu [mycpp/gc_dict] Add missing test coverage
5b27f3cce 2023-01-21 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Make headers stand alone.
6fd1063e3 2023-01-21 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Remove unused methods
670c7c2d7 2023-01-21 Andy C [cpp] Add test coverage; rewrite pyutil interface
3c5f5da7d 2023-01-21 Andy C [prebuilt] Rebuild files after repr() change
abc08fd46 2023-01-21 Andy C [cpp] Fix memory leak in realpath()
117e799ec 2023-01-21 Andy C [cpp/libc] Fix buffer overflow in wcswidth()
d3e6ce1cb 2023-01-21 Andy C [cpp] Add coverage for more functions
4d38aee49 2023-01-21 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.14.0
e9e863877 2023-01-21 Andy C [build] Update CPython defs
437b8142e 2023-01-21 Andy C [test/parse-errors] Fix pattern for C++ build
d4e3ba9ce 2023-01-21 Andy C [release] Fix renamed variable