Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.14.0 and release/0.14.1

a6949f8dc 2023-01-22 Andy C [mycpp] Fix for context managers with zero args
de53dde3b 2023-01-22 Andy C [cpp] Remove setvbuf(); restore default libc buffering
e4b9620da 2023-01-22 Andy C [spec/loop] Add test case for multi-level break
62cfd7c91 2023-01-22 Andy C [spec/loop] Add test case for multi-level continue.
cde8dd99c 2023-01-22 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Reproduce issue with 'continue' skipping GC
bee4121cc 2023-01-22 Andy C [CommandEvaluator] Move manual GC point right after running traps
a2c96a61b 2023-01-22 Andy C [refactor] Move ControlFlow exception to core/
593de4879 2023-01-22 Andy C [osh-language] Implement multi-level break/continue
d27989e91 2023-01-22 Andy C [opy] Remove 'verify-golden' test because it's flaky.
bd8f1ec01 2023-01-22 Andy C [xtrace] Print control flow integers unconditionally
25ad78e4d 2023-01-22 Andy C [translation] Fixes for oil_lang/
86ee5f473 2023-01-22 Andy C [doc] Fix broken links in /release/$VERSION/quality.html
9c67bf840 2023-01-22 Andy C [translation] Remove break within switch/tagswitch
08d4a288b 2023-01-23 Andy C [cleanup] Remove executable bit
a8c503de5 2023-01-23 Andy C [cpp] Change GC threshold to 50K objects
c7eb667f6 2023-01-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start print_stderr() API instead of writeln(s, kStderr)
32582f860 2023-01-23 Andy C [refactor] Migrate stderr_line() -> mylib.print_stderr()
129c24230 2023-01-23 Andy C [mycpp] Add test case for too many or too few args to %
5aed9eb89 2023-01-23 Andy C [core refactor] Make e_strict() strongly typed
1e27c1995 2023-01-23 Andy C [core refactor] Make e_die_status() statically typed
780fc4db7 2023-01-23 Andy C [core refactor] Make e_usage() statically typed
d849f915f 2023-01-23 Andy C [core refactor] Make e_die() statically typed, and change all usages
225146280 2023-01-23 Andy C [core] Fixes for last e_die() change
2c9c4eee4 2023-01-23 Melvin Walls [frontend] Generate constants and move flag specs for completion (#1463)
a4981c3ee 2023-01-23 Melvin Walls [cpp] Return managed Tuple from MakeDirCacheKey() (#1464)
a2a2f706f 2023-01-23 Melvin Walls [mycpp/runtime] Add core functions and methods for completion (#1462)
25715cec6 2023-01-23 Andy C [core refactor] Make p_die() statically typed
5e8af0c58 2023-01-24 Andy C [cleanup] Remove the idea of 'speck'. They're just Tokens
5ab27a78e 2023-01-24 Andy C [mycpp] Remove special varargs translation of e_die() p_die() etc.
c542104e2 2023-01-24 Andy C [core/refactor] Static typing of more errors
b5a123d52 2023-01-24 Andy C [fix] Remove speck and restore log()
4cdbdfa23 2023-01-24 Andy C [fix] Fix error.RedirectEval constructor, and remove used import
3fd6be1d9 2023-01-24 Andy C [core refactor] More static typing of errors
03a4749d5 2023-01-24 Andy C [refactor] Use Token as loc_t
b09d01702 2023-01-24 Andy C [core refactor] More static typing of errors
03228dea4 2023-01-24 Andy C [core refactor] Use syntax_asdl::loc_t type everywhere
bfd0039a3 2023-01-24 Andy C [core] Handle None cases in new error APIs
e03147b1f 2023-01-24 Andy C [cpp] Rewrite core_error.h like core/
dbe752f76 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Remove special cases p_die, e_strict
1054c47c2 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Test cases for supporting default args
9d30aee23 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Detect invalid default args, and report multiple errors at once
441650359 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Detect invalid default arguments
06881b87b 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] More work on default args
5a1ce6029 2023-01-25 Andy C [fix] mycpp error checking, and remove default arg
8391cefa2 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Write default arguments in function/method declarations
a0fb4dcd3 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Remove special cases for pyerror, and str_cmp
065e1ecfe 2023-01-25 Andy C [translation] Remove special cases in cpp/translation_stubs.h
1783599cb 2023-01-25 Andy C [translation] More translation of errors
82169f5d3 2023-01-25 Andy C [fix] cpp unit test
68ea6a590 2023-01-25 Andy C [translation] Translate all of core/{error,pyerror}.py !
db7aa7ab8 2023-01-25 Andy C [cpp] Remove CPP_UNIT_TEST hacks
872c2e69a 2023-01-25 Andy C [mycpp] Clean up big mess of 'using' vs. 'namespace' alias
4de0b5384 2023-01-26 Andy C [build] Add missing deps
9a75b1583 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Introduce lexer.DummyToken()
230c9b78e 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Introduce arena.NewTokenId(), and fix lint errors
ab1a890dc 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Use arena.NewToken() APIs
623a893ee 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Simplify and test MaybeUnreadOne()
b70d59915 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Merge line_span into Token
1e93a03c1 2023-01-26 Andy C [fix] Fix C++ unit tests after line_span removal
da0505e08 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend refactor] Minor renaming
fc5c39b3e 2023-01-26 Andy C [fix] Lint errors
451a6702c 2023-01-26 Andy C [frontend] Remove some span_id, in favor of Token
bf49430f5 2023-01-26 Melvin Walls [translation] Eager version of iterator state in ReadlineCallback (#1466)
efb72e4f5 2023-01-27 Andy C [frontend] Omit some token values
07d8251b2 2023-01-27 Melvin Walls [translation] Make completion code statically typed (#1470)
e0a4b7594 2023-01-27 Andy C [mycpp] Remove stderr_line() function, which was a special case
925a5b02f 2023-01-27 Andy C [types] Suppress error about unused type: ignore
6bc9fd950 2023-01-27 Andy C [devtools/types] Clean up shell automation and hard-coded list
2dd43620e 2023-01-27 Andy C [osh2oil] Start type checking and slimming down the code.
698539ec7 2023-01-27 Andy C [test] Start moving cases to test/
931df7881 2023-01-27 Andy C [test/ysh-prettify] Migrate to better style
c57d52616 2023-01-27 Andy C [test/ysh-prettify] Salvage more tests from osh2oil
76f55a7f3 2023-01-27 Andy C [test/ysh-prettify] Convert all test cases to new format.
0e900106a 2023-01-27 Andy C [osh2oil] Update printing of var sub and command sub
a84ee7703 2023-01-27 Andy C [ysh-prettify] Tests for assignment
2b8a80925 2023-01-27 Andy C [ysh-prettify] Scrub test cases and remove dead code.
9a262b055 2023-01-27 Andy C [ysh-prettify] Add static types
7ca79b354 2023-01-27 Andy C [refactor] Consistently use node.tag_() API, not old node.tag
b83f64dd6 2023-01-27 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
fc7348c7e 2023-01-27 Andy C [ASDL] Fix test
6977b0ba8 2023-01-27 Andy C [ysh-prettify] Now type checks.
512aef267 2023-01-27 Andy C [tools] Fix some type errors
41ef602b6 2023-01-27 Andy C [translation] Make osh2oil translate and compile!
01159e43d 2023-01-28 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
821e315eb 2023-01-28 Andy C [test/lint] Another lint fix
ae9ed791a 2023-01-28 Andy C [ASDL] Fix: sum types with shared variants are "simple", not compound
10de083fb 2023-01-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] AssocArrayLiteral uses assoc_pair
a642a42ba 2023-01-28 Andy C [fix] AssocArrayLiteral parsing in last commit
3f8933a50 2023-01-28 Andy C [ASDL] Fix distinction between simple and compound sum types.
787f6bae8 2023-01-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Move word.Empty -> rhs_word.Empty
0023df8f3 2023-01-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove int* spids attributes from suffix_op
07ff1b7c4 2023-01-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove int* spids from single_quoted, double_quoted
522f3f2cb 2023-01-29 Andy C [fix] Add right quote tokens in expression parser
8938d387d 2023-01-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove int* spids from braced_var_sub
8a2e80de6 2023-01-29 Andy C [fix] dynamic VarRef usage of braced_var_sub
f7bf6617a 2023-01-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove span IDs from command_sub, in favor of Tokens
7b2973129 2023-01-29 Andy C [osh-language] Don't expand aliases if we get typed_args
469fa06c9 2023-01-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove int* spids from typed_args and BraceGroup
7d367bf76 2023-01-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove int* spids from sh_lhs_expr
85ab2d100 2023-01-29 Andy C [fix] Fix untyped sh_lhs_expr calls
78ca6b96f 2023-01-29 Melvin Walls [translation] Translation completion engine and related builtins (#1471)
2f3f7c39f 2023-01-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Get rid of global _EOL_TOK instance
710789891 2023-01-29 Andy C [mycpp] Respect Python's global statement
9c55b5f47 2023-01-29 Andy C [mycpp] Revert the last 2 commits regarding global variables.
bbb01732a 2023-01-29 Andy C [ASDL] Change default string value to kEmptyString.
6e19d5fb0 2023-01-30 Andy C [demo] Pickle hacking
ab3ab56cc 2023-01-30 Andy C [gc] Add manual collection point in brace expansion function.
be3fde673 2023-01-30 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Move the object ID assertion to Allocate()
9f7572405 2023-01-30 Andy C [mycpp/examples] New test for global variables
80997078b 2023-01-31 Andy C [core] New APIs using SourceLine
82c72aa82 2023-02-01 Andy C [fix] Remove logging
d8cc545e7 2023-02-01 Andy C [osh-language] Use new Arena methods to expand aliases
7cc695e2e 2023-02-01 Andy C [refactor] Remove some Init_*() methods in favor of default args
0a1a3324b 2023-02-01 Andy C [cleanup] Remove old alias expansion code.
ff53163b4 2023-02-01 Andy C [refactor] Add BlockArg type
8aeebca85 2023-02-01 Andy C [frontend] Rewrite Hay shell block evaluation and fix bug
36a277f5c 2023-02-01 Andy C [fix] CommandParser and WordParser get Arena from LineReader
30e443bd3 2023-02-01 Andy C [frontend refactor] Token points directly to SourceLine
d39cd64cc 2023-02-01 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove unused line_id field
5edb45301 2023-02-01 Andy C [frontend] Introduce lexer.LazyVal() function
e29ba096b 2023-02-01 Andy C [frontend refactor] Add common functions that operate on Tokens
8667000ac 2023-02-01 Travis A. Everett [refactor] CurrentSpanId#int -> CurrentLocation#loc_t (#1476)
f65fa6e7c 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Rename Token.val -> Token.tval
c66b0311a 2023-02-02 Andy C [fix] Unit tests after last commit
35e03524b 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Use 'Token op' consistently in suffix_op
c171c2816 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Start adding string name to simple_var_sub
7bf70a33e 2023-02-02 Andy C [fix] Instantiate simple_var_sub with 2 fields
c0519a433 2023-02-02 Andy C [refactor] Use var_name instead of Token.tval when evaluating
4360037ea 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Use simple_var_sub in arith_expr
8c254e8e7 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Add var_name to braced_var_sub
a8e2eceb5 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove lexer.LazyVal() in favor of TokenVal()
cf0ba3d03 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] word_part.{TildeSub,Splice} store their own strings
86fca992c 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] EscapedLiteral stores its own string
36bf6b2c9 2023-02-02 Andy C [fix] Work around ASDL bug with 'string? user_name'
ed0ad2fbd 2023-02-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] NewStr(0) returns kEmptyString
6bacd7489 2023-02-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Optimize BufLineReader to reuse strings
770b90f65 2023-02-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime fix] Silly bug in last commit
8a46dbc96 2023-02-02 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Optimize Str::join() when called with a single string
d025a558b 2023-02-02 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove more .tval fields
b0cd5646a 2023-02-02 Andy C [refactor] Remove int* spids attributes from core/runtime.asdl
3a1cb01b8 2023-02-02 Andy C Revert "[refactor] Remove int* spids attributes from core/runtime.asdl"
8461a42c8 2023-02-02 Andy C [translation] Add missing print_function; detect the problem in mycpp
ade5929f6 2023-02-03 Andy C [ASDL] Start InitEmpty() zero-arg constructor
350d100af 2023-02-03 Melvin Walls [mycpp/runtime] Small changes to support C++ readline (#1480)
dd2f38ef3 2023-02-03 Melvin Walls [core] Refactor main loop to avoid ambiguous break (#1479)
794de426d 2023-02-03 Melvin Walls [frontend] Unify py_reader and reader (#1481)
26cb7b6ae 2023-02-03 Melvin Walls [completion] Minor cleanups for readline in C++ (#1478)
40fc7dc8a 2023-02-03 Andy C [ASDL] Implement zero arg Create() constructor
0c47a6bfe 2023-02-03 Andy C [ASDL] Plumbing for --init-zero-n in C++
cdab23b7b 2023-02-03 Andy C [ASDL cpp] Implement T::Create(), like Python
e0d882ea3 2023-02-03 Andy C [fix] ASDL unit tests
14ab990c6 2023-02-03 Andy C [ASDL cpp] Default for optional fields is nullptr
8b80941e3 2023-02-03 Andy C [mycpp] Translate AsdlType.Create() -> AsdlType::Create()
5c49540dc 2023-02-03 Andy C [mycpp] Cleanup hard-coded names for :: vs ->
0ec05ecb0 2023-02-04 Melvin Walls [translation] Implement C++ readline stubs (#1483)
64ebdf93c 2023-02-04 Andy C [ASDL cleanup] Misc cleanup
62db5b016 2023-02-04 Andy C [translation] Consolidate more under bin/
b02e510d4 2023-02-04 Andy C [bin] Point all stubs at, not
bc52b96d8 2023-02-04 Andy C [test/spec-cpp] Get rid of bin/osh_cpp; just compare Python and C++
000016245 2023-02-04 Andy C [build] Restore _OIL_DEV, which also sets -D GC_TIMING
a24fc6f03 2023-02-04 Andy C [soil] Add test/stateful to the cpp-spec task
c5ff175a5 2023-02-04 Andy C [soil] Disable test/stateful
a040b60c6 2023-02-04 Melvin Walls [cpp] Add missing members to Readline field mask (#1485)
da3994fa9 2023-02-04 Melvin Walls [cpp] Set rl_completion_append_character to NUL (#1487)
1eaf9b396 2023-02-04 Andy C [soil] Run test/stateful in the soil/cpp-spec task
2c9231fd0 2023-02-04 Andy C [soil fix] For tasks that run outside a container.
125ed7aeb 2023-02-05 Andy C [refactor] Type-driven refactoring: remove span_id in PrefixPrint()
d23e80b4b 2023-02-06 Andy C [build refactor] cc_binary has 'bin_path' instead 'top_level'
91b23f490 2023-02-06 Andy C [rename] to bin/ and _bin/cxx-dbg/oils-for-unix
489061fca 2023-02-07 Melvin Walls [completion] Fix file system action trailing slash regression (#1493)
f9fe9f589 2023-02-06 Andy C [benchmarks] Try mimalloc
86b37b996 2023-02-08 Andy C [osh refactor] Remove unnecessary arg
7f657aa9d 2023-02-08 Andy C [osh refactor] lvalue variants use explicit blame_spid
314094d40 2023-02-08 Andy C [osh refactor] Add wrapper around lvalue.Named()
b61884e69 2023-02-08 Andy C [core refactor] Remove int* spids attributes
6779935a1 2023-02-08 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Add parse.configure-cpython
babf218d4 2023-02-08 Andy C [core refactor] runtime.asdl now uses ASDL --init-zero-N
72f43cf63 2023-02-08 Andy C [frontend refactor] syntax.asdl uses --init-zero-n
de67c69ee 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Change data to int* attributes
2059334b4 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Make --init-zero-N the default
86182ccc2 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Fix build, and return proper exit code
1719e7978 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Fix C++ unit tests
da83c600d 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Remove old code without --init-zero-N
2953cdb7f 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Don't allocate map fields with ::Create()
9928cd80a 2023-02-08 Andy C [ASDL] Pretty-print empty lists and maps
59ac6d2b8 2023-02-08 Andy C [osh cleanup] Remove TildeSub hack due to ASDL bug that's now fixed
597faee3f 2023-02-08 Andy C [frontend refactor] Allow redirects to be None.
81bc9074f 2023-02-08 Andy C [benchmarks/gc] Finish adding parse.configure-cpython task
118d39011 2023-02-08 Andy C [fix] 'redirects is None' optimization
17e1f012c 2023-02-09 Andy C [refactor] Back out of redirects optimization
bc6fa6811 2023-02-09 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Suite showing that List/Slab are hot
df2536c12 2023-02-09 Andy C [mycpp cleanup] Delete old code
980042f88 2023-02-09 Melvin Walls [translation] Handle SIGINT (#1488)
c6b2b5e4c 2023-02-09 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Start task list, like benchmarks/gc
5523a6a4c 2023-02-09 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Revive the R reports
9055b0095 2023-02-10 Andy C [mycpp/runtime cleanup] Correct some comments
643475f39 2023-02-10 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Use '--demangle full' to get template args in types
adf6ff7dd 2023-02-10 Melvin Walls [cpp] Don't use readline if stdio is not TTY (#1497)
b86698943 2023-02-10 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Analyze all typed allocations
d8c620b65 2023-02-10 Melvin Walls [cpp] Implement pyos::InputAvailable() (#1498)
47c1548e1 2023-02-10 Andy C [optimize] Get rid of List[bool] allocation in the common case
8fa709870 2023-02-10 Andy C [fix] Use BoolOutParam, not List[bool]
df0be02ac 2023-02-11 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Export and analyze List::reserve() calls
1555c2868 2023-02-11 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Initial Slab<T*> in List<T*> from 64 bytes -> 32 bytes.
6b7ce7773 2023-02-11 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Make Dict Slab policy more like the List one
b5752e298 2023-02-12 Andy C [translation] Fill in pyutil.GetVersion()
ac6bfc16f 2023-02-13 Andy C [fix] Work around circular dependency with pyutil.GetVersion()
cff7004ef 2023-02-13 Andy C [release] Preserve old links to oil-native
004261c5d 2023-02-13 Andy C [doc] Emphasize that ( ) surrounds expressions
4b025f766 2023-02-13 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.14.1
578a7874d 2023-02-13 Andy C [build] Update Python method defs
505c8e7fb 2023-02-13 Andy C [build] Add missing dep in OVM build
c8bd89537 2023-02-13 Andy C [test/ysh-prettify] Add release hook
a81b846f0 2023-02-13 Andy C [release] Fixes for release automation