Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.14.1 and release/0.14.2

417e7edfb 2023-02-13 Andy C [release] Repair spec-cpp and ysh-prettify for 0.14.1
3ad7a68c1 2023-02-13 Andy C [soil] Run build/ all in cpp-spec task
1d413dd61 2023-02-13 Andy C [cleanup] Remove unused pgen-native dir
97197b1e6 2023-02-14 Andy C [tools] Remove bad Assertion when translating redirects.
79c88cf51 2023-02-15 Chris Watkins [ASDL] Reorder member variables of generated c++ types (#1503)
98f01a947 2023-02-14 Andy C [build] Fix oils-for-unix name in ./install
25829cd6a 2023-02-15 Andy C [build] _build/ uses relative dirs of _bin/cxx-opt-sh, like Ninja
77d01d6e6 2023-02-15 Andy Chu [build] Update uftrace version
31746614c 2023-02-15 Andy Chu [devtools] Installed R 4.2.2 on Ubuntu Bionic
5d1eb2b0f 2023-02-15 Andy C [benchmarks] Tried mimalloc
bce212e3c 2023-02-15 Andy C [build] Revert most of "[benchmarks] Tried mimalloc"
083c4efe1 2023-02-15 Andy C [core cleanup] Remove unused method
8ccf8d77c 2023-02-16 Andy C [translation] Implement --version
42f0cfbb5 2023-02-16 Andy C [fix] Test for --version
a70fd93dd 2023-02-16 Andy C [mycpp] Move SmallStr from demo/ ->
04c207a2b 2023-02-16 Andy C [mycpp/demo] Work on vtable problem
7c9ddda9d 2023-02-17 Chris Watkins [spec/redirect] Add a test for bash's handling of >&file (#1505)
fc4f0aac8 2023-02-16 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Move string length out of object header
519623782 2023-02-16 Andy C [test/spec] Create a fresh TMP dir for each (test case, shell) pair
9e7901162 2023-02-17 Chris Watkins Add usage info to test/ (#1507)
0319b8416 2023-02-17 Andy C [build] Detect Ubuntu python2-dev vs. python-dev
f669fd4b5 2023-02-17 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Make object ID 30 bits, and mask/num pointers 24 bits
1e6d3e796 2023-02-17 Andy C [osh-language] Implement $_ special variable
c2d68ec41 2023-02-17 Andy C [mycpp cleanup] Reformat code with yapf auto-formatter
74309f435 2023-02-17 Andy C [cpp/core] Round signal queue down to 1022
9a3a4fce5 2023-02-17 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] List::append() simplification
e7b8932fe 2023-02-17 Andy C [rename] SignalHandler -> SignalSafe
faa3cc1be 2023-02-17 Andy C [core refactor] Use more methods to protect SignalSafe state
21355a414 2023-02-17 Andy C [core refactor] global SigintCount() -> SignalSafe::TakeSigInt()
b306bd852 2023-02-17 Andy C [signals] TrapState.display can be None in non-interactive shell
584a915c5 2023-02-18 Andy C [signals refactor] Use method SignalSafe::TakeSignalQueue()
ccdfe0683 2023-02-18 Andy C [cpp/data_race_test] Add test for SignalSafe
aa0372b21 2023-02-18 Andy C [cpp] Add a separate test for each method on SignalSafe
a270bb44d 2023-02-18 Andy C [cpp] Demo of std::atomic making ThreadSanitizer happy
2949fe189 2023-02-18 Andy C [translation] Disable logging in completion that crashes C++
2bbeb57c4 2023-02-18 Andy C [refactor] Rename variables in SignalSafe
475b065aa 2023-02-18 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Assert that %s and %r get Str* instances
0f7b245bf 2023-02-19 Andy C [refactor] Use boolean instead of counter for PollSigInt()
0f93d15d3 2023-02-19 Andy C [core] Add SignalSafe::PollSigWinch()
bcbe41f9f 2023-02-19 Andy C [core] Remove _IDisplay::OnWindowChange() and use PollSigWinch() instead
e6742aee2 2023-02-19 Andy C [cpp/libc] Remove invalid setlocale()
fd34c5af8 2023-02-19 Andy C [translation] Use ASAN to ensure that we don't leak memory at exit
f3ed3bb78 2023-02-19 Andy C [test/spec-cpp] Run all test with ASAN
b1bfa559a 2023-02-19 Andy C [cleanup] Remove ASAN_OPTIONS=detect_leaks=0 in a few places
ea338d963 2023-02-19 andychu [core optimize] SignalSafe::ReuseEmptyList() avoids many allocations (#1509)
92fa3c00f 2023-02-20 Andy C [benchmarks/perf] Add profile-fib function
ae245c5bc 2023-02-21 Andy C [osh-language] Relax eval_unsafe_arith restrictions
12430a5b7 2023-02-21 Andy C [osh-language] Implement new eval_unsafe_arith on unset, printf, ${!ref}
a53501193 2023-02-22 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow POSIX shell arithmetic
d050eed2c 2023-02-22 Andy C [oil-language] Remove parse_dynamic_arith
6e23cb594 2023-02-22 Andy C [test] Start test/ survey
aa5f24710 2023-02-23 Andy C [soil] Add a task to build all docs
62c665242 2023-02-23 Andy C [errors] Make I/O error messages more specific.
1f5c88d29 2023-02-24 Chris Watkins [mycpp/README] osh_eval -> osh (#1515)
0ca5c8a58 2023-02-24 Andy C [doc] Update deps/ and add trees/
7ff64a840 2023-02-24 Peter Debelak Fix --readline handling and datarootdir fallback (#1514)
f85d9e9f2 2023-02-25 Chris Watkins [devtools] Move clang-format config to .clang-format (#1516)
d383581cc 2023-02-25 Chris Watkins [mycpp/runtime] Use obj_header() to init GC objects (#1517)
938b21d30 2023-02-24 Andy C [configure] Restore --without-readline
248589a66 2023-02-25 Andy C [trees] Renaming and more design sketches
7b4f5f67a 2023-02-25 Andy C [trees] More design notes
a6114a0ef 2023-02-26 Andy C [soil] Run test/ in a new soil/wild task
1314e2c15 2023-02-26 Andy C [soil/wild] Rebuild image with re2c and cmark
a094348d6 2023-02-26 Andy C [soil/wild] Run on a subset of files, and fix CSS / HTML paths
38b66c691 2023-02-27 Andy C [deps] Start wedge build tool, with re2c and uftrace packages
8aef2c386 2023-02-27 Andy C [deps] Wedge definition for cmark
2f6dfccc3 2023-02-27 Andy C [deps] Starting to build wedges inside a Debian container
b6726f16d 2023-02-27 Andy C [deps/wedge] Add dash definition, password-less sudo
d9097b0d7 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.wild with wedges
499d14730 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Move gcc out of Dockerfile.soil-common
c5841452c 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.cpp with 2 wedges
fa8989ddf 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Migrate Dockerfile.pea to new python3 wedge
4af4cdc03 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Rebuild most images with wedges
e35b136a4 2023-02-28 Andy C [deps] Rebuild the rest of the Dockerfiles with wedges
a2a0cca0a 2023-03-01 Andy C [deps] Separate cpp -> cpp-spec, benchmarks
89661f67d 2023-03-01 Andy C [soil] Add benchmarks2 task, with new image with uftrace
cf744056b 2023-03-01 Andy C [soil] New benchmarks2 task for uftrace
2f6e33b03 2023-03-01 Andy C [deps] Change wedge dir structure so we can have auxiliary test data
476b205b6 2023-03-01 Andy C [deps] Patch uftrace wedge to find
4d8a98a44 2023-03-02 Andy C [deps] Make wedge for R libraries like dplyr
885fc0793 2023-03-02 Andy C [deps] Rebuild all images with R-libs wedge
9acefd6d4 2023-03-02 Andy C [deps/wedge] Change protocol to wedge-make, wedge-install
648c166a3 2023-03-03 Andy C [deps] Implement build/ fetch
2f663b93d 2023-03-03 Andy C [builtins/shopt] Add ysh:upgrade, ysh:all
1aea3ace4 2023-03-03 Andy C [fix] oil:basic -> ysh:upgrade in test
43c529215 2023-03-03 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Turn on all R reports
e65f49c8d 2023-03-03 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Publish .wwz with index.html
c3e1d2668 2023-03-03 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Fix cmark reference
42bec5c7b 2023-03-03 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Make a nice summary HTML page
c7e2c048a 2023-03-04 Andy C [build/] New fetch and install procedure
40c079baa 2023-03-05 Andy C [deps] Copy mypy snapshot from _build/deps-source to ~/wedge
ad72d33f3 2023-03-05 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Make report prettier
38ca64d9e 2023-03-06 Andy C [build/deps] fetch and install py build deps only
10349abf2 2023-03-07 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.14.2
dbc102985 2023-03-07 Andy C [test/unit] Fix PYTHONPATH when running unit tests.