Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.15.0 and release/0.16.0

15b8449af 2023-05-03 Andy C [soil] Show whether the task runs with a TTY.
e21bf43ce 2023-05-04 Aidan [test/ysh-ify] Add test for non-brace function bodies (#1601)
b0f3b3869 2023-05-04 Andy C [tools] 'oshc tokens' debugging tool
1aff14b3d 2023-05-05 Aidan [osh refactor] Replace spids with explicit Token fields (#1600)
0ac8a801d 2023-05-06 Melvin Walls [oil_lang] Statically type comparison expressions (#1602)
ce2d0e036 2023-05-06 Andy C [ASDL] Make a list of upcoming code gen options
843ad9744 2023-05-07 Aidan [osh refactor] Replace spids with explicit token fields (#1603)
f0f830b37 2023-05-09 Andy C [metrics] Account for new ASDL comment lines
0014039b2 2023-05-09 Andy C [test/process-table] Move index.html -> www/index.html
9a3ee160a 2023-05-10 Andy C [test/spec-py] Improve repro for random spec test stoppages
d531fd569 2023-05-11 Andy C [test/spec-py] interactive-osh runs serially by default
8d1983ba9 2023-05-12 Aidan [ASDL] Implement the zero_arg_singleton generate option (#1606)
9196fdc4a 2023-05-13 Aidan [refactor] Enable ASDL zero_arg_singleton for loc type (#1611)
8934fef77 2023-05-13 Andy C [rename] Move functions from osh/ -> frontend/
dd83eaba7 2023-05-13 Andy C [rename] Use location.OfX() pattern consistently
4700c25c9 2023-05-13 Andy C [refactor] Simplify loc.OfCommand() using new fields
43468f685 2023-05-13 Andy C [refactor] command.{Pipeline,AndOr} spids -> Tokens
5168858fc 2023-05-13 Andy C [frontend refactor] Simplify AST for Pipeline
a445a3c68 2023-05-13 Andy C [frontend] Add blame Token to command.Simple
e7bd2c68b 2023-05-13 Andy C [CommandEvaluator] Use Tokens instead of spids
e736c1db0 2023-05-13 Andy C [refactor] Simplify errexit message with Token-based location info
350c7fbd1 2023-05-13 Andy C [translation fix] Wrap with StrFromC()
c47b93c15 2023-05-13 Andy C [refactor] Remove more span IDs
4e50025d8 2023-05-13 Andy C [tools/osh2oil] Update for loop translation
91649e4f7 2023-05-13 Andy C [tools/osh2oil] Simplify and improve ShFunction translation
c7c77cd0c 2023-05-13 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove 'attributes spids' from command_t
7006b58c4 2023-05-14 Andy C [cpp] Fix missing 'test -c', and add test coverage
0fe42d561 2023-05-14 Andy C [cpp] Add missing 'test -S', and add test case
41646d8f4 2023-05-14 Andy C [frontend] Add right token to word_part.ExtGlob
1a68562aa 2023-05-14 Andy C [frontend] Add right token to array literals
8bdf25ceb 2023-05-14 Andy C [frontend] Add right token to word_part.ExprSub
a107b15be 2023-05-14 Andy C [frontend] Remove 'attributes spids' from word_part_t
390175132 2023-05-14 Andy C [frontend refactor] Clean up API
f3844253e 2023-05-15 Andy C [frontend] Remove spids from AssignPair
8e2a57ec2 2023-05-15 Andy C [frontend refactor] spids -> Token for EnvPair
a04c461d6 2023-05-15 Andy C [ASDL] Remove 'attributes' now that we're not using them.
ea30dc484 2023-05-15 Andy C [ASDL, refactor] Make zero_arg_singleton the default, change all code
5c565a744 2023-05-16 Andy C [refactor] span_id -> Token for state.Mem current location
0cd5d636f 2023-05-16 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
984aab739 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] word.String() holds original word
67c2cd68a 2023-05-16 Andy C [fix] Fix assertion and blame_loc
1888d32a3 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Add location.LeftTokenForWord()
a5fae85c4 2023-05-16 Andy C [fix] Crash on missing blame_loc for word.String() EOF
a053748c2 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Use loc.Arith() consistently
963a106ad 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove usages of loc.Span()
b63d25de9 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Eggex char literal span_id -> Token
08de65b1f 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] re.LiteralChars span_id -> Token
1b5cbc490 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove last loc.Span()
b1c6076dd 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove location.GetSpanId()
bcc90cd61 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove some arena.GetToken() calls
1355f4cc8 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove more arena.GetToken()
66dc31260 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove more arena.GetToken()
38a9dbd39 2023-05-16 Andy C [fix] Typo in refactoring
a069bcc8e 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend refactor] Add location.RightTokenForWord()
692de000c 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend optimize] Arena doesn't hold onto Tokens!
c1fa58eac 2023-05-16 Andy C [frontend cleanup] Remove unused code
eabfe516c 2023-05-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] CompoundWord is a loc_t!
dabf7d874 2023-05-17 Andy C [refactor] Remove unnecessary loc.Word wrappers
56591a4a6 2023-05-17 Andy C [ASDL cleanup] Remove remnants of zero_arg_singleton
e4a0194ae 2023-05-17 Andy C [translation] Avoid stdin / stdout / stderr name conflicts
fa7bb862e 2023-05-17 Andy C [fix] Fix example program disallowed by last change
989a59201 2023-05-17 Andy C [breaking rename] Rename OIL_GC_* env vars -> OILS_GC_*
9eae51762 2023-05-18 Andy C [breaking rename] OSH_* env vars -> OILS_*
f85ade4d5 2023-05-18 Andy C [soil] New app-tests container image
0bab512ad 2023-05-18 Andy C [soil/app-tests] Run all tests with bash
4a21d469c 2023-05-18 Andy C [soil/app-tests] Suppress failure for bash
99eb5fac3 2023-05-18 Andy C [breaking rename] Use yshrc instead of oilrc
96c563f14 2023-05-18 Andy C [rename] More renaming oil -> ysh
527a90d12 2023-05-18 Andy C [history] Move default location to ~/.local/share/oils
3c65c2c03 2023-05-19 Andy C [builtin/history] Simplify and test arg parsing
2b732dd08 2023-05-19 Andy C [core/shell] Respect YSH_HISTFILE for bin/ysh
7de799787 2023-05-19 Andy C [core/shell] Rename ~/.config/oil -> ~/.config/oils
79d80cbff 2023-05-19 Andy C [fix] Add missing type annotation
dff65ce28 2023-05-19 Andy C [core/shell] Use $HOME before getpwuid() to get home dir
04af15791 2023-05-19 Andy C [deps] Rebuild Dockerfile.cpp-small with ltrace package
c7a3adc45 2023-05-19 Andy C [test/ltrace] Omit bash for CI
d0844a949 2023-05-19 Andy C [test/ltrace] Omit mksh for CI
394631995 2023-05-19 Andy C [doc] Document new rc files, {YSH_,}HISTFILE
9f4a24e83 2023-05-19 Andy C [breaking rename] OIL_VERSION -> OILS_VERSION
71f2318b2 2023-05-19 Andy C [rename] More OIL_ -> YSH_
fc512f383 2023-05-19 Aidan [oil_lang] Parse and evaluate new case command, for strings (#1614)
65d56820f 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse] Return word from self._Eat
b9c8e40cd 2023-05-20 Andy C [fix] Fix bad case pattern change
c2aa10604 2023-05-20 Andy C [tools/osh2oil] Rewrite case translator for new syntax!
3959e452d 2023-05-20 Andy C [fix] Type annotation
e2f1598c4 2023-05-20 Andy C [tools/osh2oil refactor] New Token-based API for Cursor
423167a75 2023-05-20 Andy C [frontend] New CaseArm schema, with location info for YSH typed case
93ec0d9d0 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse] Fix crash when translating invalid code
132575b8d 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse] Simplify more location info with new _Eat()
cead4c646 2023-05-20 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove old span ID wrappers from!
360194925 2023-05-20 Andy C [test/unit fix] Fix build
a3b86dfd5 2023-05-20 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
b996ff8e5 2023-05-20 Andy C [rename] oil-parse-error -> ysh-parse-error
dde3c691b 2023-05-20 Andy C [test/parse-errors rename] oil -> ysh
58bbdca3d 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Fix infinite loop with empty pattern ''
df48d8e8a 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Fix the last fix
3a0ddf496 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh-language] Rewrite ${x//pat/sub} parser
e78e0ebd1 2023-05-20 Andy C [osh-language] Rewrite PatSub parser again
ebdce70fb 2023-05-21 Andy C [frontend refactor] Function to get Token for CompoundWord
0d2f7310f 2023-05-21 Andy C [rename] Oil -> YshExpr in frontend/syntax.asdl
991bbce0b 2023-05-21 Andy C [rename] Oil -> YSH in parse errors
9e86d5a80 2023-05-21 Andy C [core/ui] Remove Arena
e4abea9df 2023-05-21 Andy C [refactor] Remove arena argument
c50541106 2023-05-21 Andy C [osh2oil refactor] spid -> Token APIs
4045e9bf5 2023-05-21 Andy C [devtools] Update "big parser refactoring" funcs / stats
3b6fa1b2d 2023-05-21 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove more span ID
44ff2e8a9 2023-05-21 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
b288cdaa1 2023-05-21 Andy C [cleanup] Remove mentions of span_id / spid
4222a94e5 2023-05-21 Andy C [fix] Syntax error
b8e4512f6 2023-05-21 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse refactor] Some simplifications to 'case' parsing
900e0c7bc 2023-05-22 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse refactor] Inline ParseOldCaseList and ParseYshCaseList
964ccd423 2023-05-22 Andy C [osh/cmd_parse] Comments about if
983d4cdb2 2023-05-22 Andy C [build/doc] Workaround for shell/Python unicode failure
6e69d507a 2023-05-23 Andy C [builtin/try] Fix bug where command subs were disallowed
6eeff1b02 2023-05-23 Andy C [oil_lang] Fix testdata with 'try'
5b6b75b04 2023-05-23 Andy C [core] Fix check for parsing options at top level
854f9a00d 2023-05-24 Andy C [translation] Rewrite and translate PushTermAttrs(), PopTermAttrs()
747175b68 2023-05-24 Andy C [builtin/trap] Don't ever set SIGINT to SIG_DFL
b5a8e1c22 2023-05-24 Melvin Walls [oil_lang] statically type some more expression evaluators (#1613)
1c4035d65 2023-05-24 Andy C [rename] oil_lang -> ysh/
d44180fca 2023-05-24 Andy C [rename] spec/oil-* -> spec/ysh-*
c932a406a 2023-05-24 Andy C [ysh language] and / or operators perform implicit bool(x) on operands
8139ff728 2023-05-24 Melvin Walls [asdl, core, ysh] Autoformat with yapf (#1632)
8c6fce425 2023-05-25 Andy C [core] Fix headless mode demo, and put it in the CI
6d15985a4 2023-05-25 Andy C [soil] Move headless to soil/dev-minimal
78ebdc9e3 2023-05-25 Andy C [headless] Can run the demo against osh-cpp
904f68fd7 2023-05-25 Andy C [headless] Fix python3 dependency
1adbe8995 2023-05-25 Andy C [builtin/echo] Change meaning of shopt -s simple_echo
dc1bdfbd0 2023-05-26 Andy C [doc] Update YSH FAQ about ~ and echo
63350006a 2023-05-27 Andy C [doc] Remove mentions of function sub $f(x)
e60d05932 2023-05-27 Andy C [ysh language] Remove $f(x) in favor of $[f(x)]
36b376912 2023-05-27 Andy C [fix] Fix more tests after removing $f(x)
906acd023 2023-05-27 Andy C [breaking YSH] Swap . and -> operators
734a36e7d 2023-05-27 Andy C [doc] Update syntax of sigil pairs with latest design
9ec174bb3 2023-05-27 Andy C [spec/ysh-unicode] Add good test cases from blog posts
04fdeb8c0 2023-05-30 Andy Chu [history] Fix crash due to bad logging statement
8adf480ff 2023-06-01 Andy C [rename] OSH_DEBUG_DIR -> OILS_DEBUG_DIR
30ebbc7d7 2023-06-01 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
acbd85a03 2023-06-01 Andy C [eggex breaking] Disallow $x ${x} "$x ${x}" in eggex
729fefa52 2023-06-01 Andy C [test/spec] Reproduce case NEWLINE bug
168ffcadf 2023-06-01 Andy C [test/spec] New file spec/interactive-parse in new suite needs-terminal
469c37ca6 2023-06-02 Andy C [soil] Disable new 'needs-terminal' suite for now
0328fa3e3 2023-06-02 Andy C [doc] Update YSH help topics for Oils 0.16.0
012cc063e 2023-06-02 Andy C [doc] Fix parsing for "TSV8"
d646d02b6 2023-06-02 Andy C [ysh language] Implement :|unquoted array literal|
b3a7fc05f 2023-06-02 Andy C [ysh language] Add expression splice @[split(x)]
70ff256e7 2023-06-02 Andy C [doc] Replace array literals %() with :||
52986d3b7 2023-06-03 Andy C [ysh language] Catch exceptions in evaluation of @[f(x)]
b721b5065 2023-06-03 Andy C [ysh refactor] Make exception handling more precise
3522b1379 2023-06-03 Andy C [ysh breaking] Remove @f(x, y)
e4387c6b7 2023-06-03 Andy C [ysh rename] testdata oil -> ysh
c0e91d4d5 2023-06-03 Aidan [ysh language] Parse most of YSH case statement (#1633)
aedb9012c 2023-06-03 Andy C [reformat] the asdl, core, ysh dirs
7d50f8081 2023-06-03 Andy C [reformat] The tools/ dir too
8258ce08c 2023-06-03 Andy C [reformat] the frontend/ and osh/ dirs
71b30c551 2023-06-03 Andy C [rename] _Peek() _Next() -> _GetFoo() _SetNext()
0dadf105c 2023-06-03 Andy C [test/unit] Fix build
7857e0e71 2023-06-03 Andy C [osh/] Follow _GetWord() contract
6804facf4 2023-06-03 Andy C [CommandParser refactor] More self._GetWord() discipline
8c7432bc0 2023-06-03 Andy C [reformat] bin/ dir
217900e83 2023-06-03 Andy C [reformat] data_lang/ dir
3dc612ac5 2023-06-04 Andy C [spec/ysh-proc] Show verbose idiom for multiple levels of setref
11f14e137 2023-06-04 Andy C [ysh breaking] Change proc p(@rest) { to proc p( {
bac7a5f27 2023-06-04 Andy C [ysh breaking] proc p (:out) -> proc p (out Ref)
f71e551da 2023-06-05 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.16.0
2f662231d 2023-06-05 Andy C [build/cpython-defs] Update for 0.16.0
643a4be18 2023-06-05 Andy C [deps] Add missing