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OSH Table of Contents

These are links to topics in the Oils Reference.

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Table of Contents
Front End (front-end)
Command Language (cmd-lang)
Assignments and Expressions (osh-assign)
Word Language (word-lang)
Other Mini Languages (mini-lang)
Builtin Commands (builtin-cmd)
Global Shell Options (option)
Special Variables (special-var)
Plugins and Hooks (plugin)

Front End (front-end)

  [Usage]         osh-usage   config   startup   line-editing   prompt
  [Lexing]        comment #   line-continuation \

Command Language (cmd-lang)

  [Commands]      simple-command   semicolon ;
  [Conditional]   case   if   true   false   colon :
                  bang !   and &&   or ||   dbracket [[
  [Iteration]     while   until   for   for-expr-sh ((
  [Control Flow]  break   continue   return   exit
  [Grouping]      sh-func   sh-block {   subshell (
  [Concurrency]   pipe   |   X |&
                  ampersand &
  [Redirects]     redir-file  >  >>  >|  <  <>   X &>
                  redir-desc  >&  <&
                  here-doc    <<  <<-  <<<
  [Other Command] dparen ((   time   X coproc   X select

Assignments and Expressions (osh-assign)

  [Literals]      sh-array      array=(a b c)   array[1]=B   "${a[@]}"
                  sh-assoc      assoc=(['a']=1 ['b']=2)   assoc['x']=b
  [Operators]     sh-assign     str='xyz'
                  sh-append     str+='abc'
  [Builtins]      local   readonly   export   unset   shift
                  declare   typeset   X let

Word Language (word-lang)

  [Quotes]        quotes        'abc'  $'\n'  "$var"
  [Substitutions] com-sub       $(command)   `command`   @(split command)
                  var-sub       ${var}   $0   $9   
                  arith-sub     $((1 + 2))
                  tilde-sub     ~/src
                  proc-sub      diff <(sort L.txt) <(sort R.txt)
  [Var Ops]       op-test       ${x:-default}  
                  op-strip      ${x%%suffix}  etc.
                  op-replace    ${x//y/z}
                  op-index      ${a[i+1}
                  op-slice      ${a[@]:0:1}
                  op-format     ${x@P}

Other Mini Languages (mini-lang)

  [Arithmetic]    arith-context Where legacy arithmetic is allowed
                  sh-numbers    0xFF  0755  etc.
                  sh-arith      1 + 2*3   a *= 2
                  sh-logical    !a && b
                  sh-bitwise    ~a ^ b
  [Boolean]       dbracket      [[ vs. the test builtin
                  bool-expr       [[ ! $x && $y || $z ]]
                                test ! $x -a $y -o $z
                  bool-infix    [[ $a -nt $b ]]  [[ $x == $y ]]
                  bool-path     [[ -d /etc ]]
                  bool-str      [[ -z '' ]]
                  bool-other    [[ -o errexit ]]
  [Patterns]      glob          *.py
                  extglob       ,(*.py|*.sh)
                  regex         [[ foo =~ [a-z]+ ]]
  [Other Sublang] braces        {alice,bob}@example.com
                  histsub       !$  !!  !n
                  char-escapes  \t  \c  \x00  \u03bc

Builtin Commands (builtin-cmd)

  [I/O]           read   echo   printf
                  readarray   mapfile
  [Run Code]      source .   eval   trap
  [Set Options]   set   shopt
  [Working Dir]   cd   pwd   pushd   popd   dirs
  [Completion]    complete   compgen   compopt   compadjust   compexport
  [Shell Process] exec   X logout 
                  umask   X ulimit   times
  [Child Process] jobs   wait   ampersand &
                  fg   X bg   X kill   X disown 
  [External]      test [   getopts
  [Introspection] help   hash   type   X caller
  [Word Lookup]   command   builtin
  [Interactive]   alias   unalias   history   X fc   X bind
X [Unsupported]   enable

Global Shell Options (option)

  [Errors]        nounset   pipefail   errexit   inherit_errexit
  [Globbing]      noglob   nullglob   failglob   dashglob
  [Debugging]     xtrace   X verbose   X extdebug
  [Interactive]   emacs   vi
  [Other Option]  X noclobber

Special Variables (special-var)

  [Shell Options] SHELLOPTS   X BASHOPTS
  [Other Env]     HOME   PATH
  [POSIX Special] $@  $*  $#     $?  $-     $$  $!   $0  $9
  [Platform]      HOSTNAME   OSTYPE
  [Call Stack]    @BASH_SOURCE   @FUNCNAME   @BASH_LINENO   
                  X @BASH_ARGV   X @BASH_ARGC
  [Tracing]       LINENO   SOURCE_NAME
  [Process State] X BASHPID   X PPID   UID   EUID   
X [Shell State]   BASH_CMDS   @DIRSTACK
                  X COMP_TYPE   COMP_ARGV
  [History]       HISTFILE
  [cd]            PWD   OLDPWD   X CDPATH
  [getopts]       OPTIND   OPTARG   X OPTERR
  [read]          REPLY
  [Functions]     X RANDOM   X SECONDS
  [Shell Vars]    IFS   X LANG

Plugins and Hooks (plugin)

  [Signals]       SIGTERM   X SIGINT   X SIGABRT   SIG...
  [Traps]         EXIT   X ERR   X DEBUG   X RETURN
  [Words]         PS1   X PS2   X PS3   PS4
  [Completion]    complete
  [Other Plugin]  X command_not_found   PROMPT_COMMAND

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