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pass 1919
0pass pass Append string to string
1pass pass Append array to array
2pass pass Append string to undefined variable
3pass pass Append to array to undefined variable
4pass pass error: s+=(my array)
5pass pass error: myarray+=s
6pass pass typeset s+=(my array)
7pass pass error: typeset myarray+=s
8pass pass error: append used like env prefix
9pass pass myarray[1]+=s - Append to element
10pass pass myarray[-1]+=s - Append to last element
11pass pass Try to append list to element
12pass pass Strings have value semantics, not reference semantics
13pass pass typeset s+=
14pass pass typeset s${dyn}+=
15pass pass export readonly +=
16pass pass local +=
17pass pass assign builtin appending array: declare d+=(d e)
18pass pass export+=array disallowed
38 passed, 0 OK, 0 not implemented, 0 BUG, 0 failed, 0 timeouts, 0 cases skipped