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pass 6767
ok 11
0pass pass SETUP
1pass pass "${a[@]}" and "${a[*]}"
2pass pass ${a[@]} and ${a[*]}
3pass pass 4 ways to interpolate empty array
4pass pass empty array
5pass pass Empty array with :-
6pass pass nounset with empty array (design bug, makes it hard to use arrays)
7pass pass local array
8pass pass Command with with word splitting in array
9pass pass space before ( in array initialization
10pass pass array over multiple lines
11pass pass array with invalid token
12pass pass array with empty string
13pass pass Retrieve index
14pass pass Retrieve out of bounds index
15pass pass Negative index
16pass pass Negative index and sparse array
17pass pass Negative index and sparse array
18pass pass Length after unset
19pass pass Retrieve index that is a variable
20pass pass Retrieve index that is a variable without $
21pass pass Retrieve index that is a command sub
22pass pass Retrieve array indices with ${!a}
23pass pass Retrieve sparse array indices with ${!a}
24pass pass ${!a[1]} is named ref in bash
25pass pass ${!a} on array
26pass pass All elements unquoted
27pass pass All elements quoted
28pass pass $*
29pass pass "$*"
30pass pass Interpolate array into array
31pass pass Exporting array doesn't do anything, not even first element
32pass pass Arrays can't be used as env bindings
33pass pass Set element
34pass pass Set element with var ref
35pass pass Set element with array ref
36pass pass Set array item to array
37pass pass Slice of array with [@]
38pass pass Negative slice begin
39pass pass Negative slice length
40pass pass Slice with arithmetic
41pass pass Number of elements
42pass pass Length of an element
43pass pass Iteration
44pass pass glob within array yields separate elements
45pass pass declare array and then append
46pass pass Array syntax in wrong place
47ok ok Single array with :-
48pass pass Stripping a whole array unquoted
49pass pass Stripping a whole array quoted
50pass pass Multiple subscripts not allowed
51pass pass Length op, index op, then transform op is not allowed
52pass pass Array subscript not allowed on string
53pass pass Create a "user" array out of the argv array
54pass pass Tilde expansion within array
55pass pass Brace Expansion within Array
56pass pass array default
57pass pass Singleton Array Copy and Assign. OSH can't index strings with ints
58pass pass declare -a / local -a is empty array
59pass pass Create sparse array
60pass pass Create sparse array implicitly
61pass pass Append sparse arrays
62pass pass Slice of sparse array with [@]
63pass pass Using an array itself as the index on LHS
64pass pass Using an array itself as the index on RHS
65pass pass a[$x$y] on LHS and RHS
66pass pass Dynamic parsing of LHS a[$code]=value
67pass pass Dynamic parsing of RHS ${a[$code]}
134 passed, 2 OK, 0 not implemented, 0 BUG, 0 failed, 0 timeouts, 0 cases skipped

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osh47 Single array with :-

['x', '']
osh-cpp47 Single array with :-

['x', '']