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pass 4645
0pass pass zero args: [ ]
1pass pass one arg: [ x ] where x is one of '=' '!' '(' ']'
2pass pass one arg: empty string is false. Equivalent to -n.
3pass pass -a as unary operator (alias of -e)
4pass pass two args: -z with = ! ( ]
5pass pass three args
6pass pass four args
7pass pass test with extra args is syntax error
8pass pass ] syntax errors
9pass pass -n
10pass pass ! -a
11pass pass -o
12pass pass ( )
13pass pass ( ) ! -a -o with system version of [
14pass pass == is alias for =
15pass pass == and = does not do glob
16pass pass [ with op variable
17pass pass [ with unquoted empty var
18pass pass [ compare with literal -f
19pass pass [ '(' foo ] is runtime syntax error
20pass pass -z '>' implies two token lookahead
21pass pass operator/operand ambiguity with ]
22pass pass operator/operand ambiguity with -a
23pass pass -d
24pass pass -x
25pass pass -r
26pass pass -w
27pass pass -k for sticky bit
28pass pass -h and -L test for symlink
29pass pass -t 1 for stdout
30pass pass [ -t invalid ]
31pass pass -ot and -nt
32pass pass [ a -eq b ]
33pass pass test -s
34pass pass test -b -c -S (block, character, socket)
35pass pass test -p named pipe
36pass pass -G and -O for effective user ID and group ID
37pass pass -u for setuid, -g too
38pass pass -v to test variable
39pass pass test -o for options
40pass pass -nt -ot
41pass pass -ef
42pass FAIL Overflow error
43pass pass Bug regression
44pass pass test -c
45pass pass test -S
91 passed, 0 OK, 0 not implemented, 0 BUG, 1 failed, 0 timeouts, 0 cases skipped

Details on runs that didn't PASS

osh-cpp42 Overflow error

[osh-cpp stdout] Expected 'status=2\n', got 'status=1\n'