Commits Between Branches release/0.1.0 and release/0.2.0

bee2d0f 2017-09-12 Isaac "Octa9on" Carroll support running as -osh for use as login shell (#35)
89a89be 2017-09-14 Andy Chu Implement test -r and test -w.
71bacc7 2017-09-14 Andy Chu Implement $UID and $EUID (a bash extension)
1d964ee 2017-09-18 Andy Chu Make note of a bug in dash I found while writing the configure script.
ec7ca9d 2017-09-22 Linus Heckemann Tests: portability improvements and additional test (#40)
8da6ccb 2017-09-22 Andy Chu Fix the evaluation of "${empty:-}".
5d44441 2017-09-22 Andy Chu Fix bug I introduced in last commit with ${empty:-} (no quotes).
bd2a916 2017-09-25 Andy Chu Rename tests for 'test' builtin for consistency.
232d722 2017-09-25 Andy Chu Spec tests for the getopts builtin.
fc3fc85 2017-09-25 Andy Chu Split out tests for errexit and run them on busybox ash.
a36fe9a 2017-09-25 Andy Chu Implement the getopts builtin, with tests.
7583c4c 2017-09-27 Andy Chu Add function to change permission on a chroot.
a239109 2017-09-30 Andy Chu Change status of 'getopts' builtin in the help.
ce06499 2017-10-05 Andy Chu Add PID to the OIL_TIMING trace.
65f7b6c 2017-10-06 Andy Chu Save a performance experiment with PyPy.
c448b23 2017-10-08 Andy Chu Add a stub for pytrace, a tracing module that uses sys.setprofile().
116879b 2017-10-08 Andy Chu Fix function name in osh2oil.
b01362d 2017-10-08 Isaac "Octa9on" Carroll Implement test -e and test -h (#45)
b567c49 2017-10-12 Andy Chu Completely rewrite the test/ framework.
2948027 2017-10-12 Andy Chu Allow interactively sorting the tables generated by test/
09ee4a6 2017-10-14 Andy Chu Miscellaneous tweaks to make the report look and work better.
daa52c4 2017-10-15 Andy Chu Publish wild test results as a .wwz archive.
2155281 2017-10-16 Andy Chu Reorganize the test/wild project tree.
8d24526 2017-10-17 Andy Chu Add many more projects to wild tests.
982f3b1 2017-10-17 Andy Chu Fix uncaught exceptions in OSH parser uncovered by wild tests.
3ed19ba 2017-10-17 Andy Chu Fix error messages when there is a redirect with an assignment.
0bb6633 2017-10-17 Andy Chu Error location for unterminated double quoted string.
77f7e9b 2017-10-17 Andy Chu Change to use util.ParseError, so we get location information.
d52e4a4 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Fix crash in an error case: the function name word has quotes.
cb7c301 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Check result of ParseForWords.
ca7ad2a 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Prevent crash on syntax error, from ksh93 repo.
58c4884 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Fix uncaught exception in OSH parser.
bc3a9fd 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Fix uncaught exception parsing 'for ('
de4b702 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Use repr() to pretty print because it can handle arbitrary bytes.
b900561 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Add location info to the 'redirect of assignment' error.
08622d4 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Make 'typeset' a synonym for 'declare' for now.
fba1a2e 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Fill out spec tests for extended glob.
c19885e 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Fix spec tests and adjust allowed failures.
467a4d8 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Add location information to arithmetic parse error
4e64a4d 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Lex and parse extended globs.
2371058 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Attach span IDs to ExtGlobPart. Fixes a few crashes.
4ac4dc8 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Add a missing error message, silencing stack trace.
7ab1188 2017-10-18 Andy Chu Update the list of things not represented.
b260e9a 2017-10-19 Andy Chu Parse 'declare -p' etc. as commands, not assignments.
2f864e5 2017-10-19 Andy Chu Start benchmarking the parser performance, and other changes.
6f83e3a 2017-10-22 Andy Chu Package up the OSH parser benchmarks and run them on another machine.
bcd18e4 2017-10-26 Andy Chu Parse the setup.shl project, and fix error message.
ab88ce7 2017-10-30 Andy Chu Fix and report the Python 2 version for spec tests.
547056e 2017-10-30 Andy Chu Changes to oil --version.
8020646 2017-10-30 Andy Chu Run the osh-parser benchmarks on different platforms.
394b260 2017-10-30 Andy Chu osh-parser benchmark: split host and shell into 2 columns: name and ID.
e7e8f19 2017-10-30 Andy Chu Polish the HTML report produced by benchmarks/
9abab43 2017-11-03 Andy Chu Make spec test HTML look more like HTML from and
5395173 2017-11-03 Andy Chu Make a new _release/VERSION tree for testing release the doc tree.
538b1f2 2017-11-04 Andy Chu Tweaks to wild tests and spec tests.
77d096c 2017-11-06 Andy Chu Add a more detailed error message when the app bundle can't be imported.
b989ecb 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Set up busybox ash link in 'scripts/ build-and-test'.
4c3df40 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Link to raw timing data from the osh-parser report.
8cdaa42 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Generate the changelog and announcement for 0.2.alpha1 release.
d40c29d 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Fix CSS link in spec test code listings.
d2bcab0 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Fix spec test index link.
4080735 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Deployed the release tree for 0.2.alpha1.
ee4d2b8 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Fix the behavior of 'readonly foo', caught by our own configure script!
ba59db6 2017-11-07 Andy Chu Several changes to prepare to optimize here doc parsing.
0aebe9e 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Cleaning up the spec/ dir.
a07ca40 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Move testdata
593348f 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Spec test files don't need to be executable.
feec0de 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Wow, greatly simplified here doc parsing code!
9378f2e 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Fix gold/ after testdata was moved.
29ba6af 2017-11-08 Andy Chu Bump version to 0.2.0.