Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.21.0 and release/0.22.0

c88c365e8 2024-03-14 Andy C [spec/tilde] Failing test for temp binding and tilde
bde68fee4 2024-03-14 Andy C [osh fix] Detect tilde in temp binding
26e1d7690 2024-03-14 Andy C [github-actions] Try workaround for ASAN + github actions bug
6a130e04a 2024-03-14 Andy C [mycpp] Expressing StackArray with MyPy
3e8b22e01 2024-03-14 Andy C [mycpp] Document shimming technique
d4366a1ed 2024-03-14 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
a28cda38b 2024-03-14 Andy C [sourcehut] Run cpp-small again
1781058bf 2024-03-14 Andy C [sourcehut] Add cpp-spec
36c5a80f7 2024-03-15 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Harness with OILS_GC_STATS
2624f204b 2024-03-15 Andy C [github-actions] Apply ASAN workaround to interactive job
8774abe07 2024-03-15 Andy C [benchmarks] Debugging autoconf
4ef2d38c4 2024-03-15 Andy C [errors] Add error location to value.Place
c1ae3d5d8 2024-03-15 Andy C [core] First pass of MultiTracer
1bd884195 2024-03-15 Andy C [core] Fix bug when trying to execute empty string
33c5aec67 2024-03-15 Andy C [test/unit] Fix build
d7e5ff95d 2024-03-15 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Enhanced strace harness
2caade4cf 2024-03-16 Andy C [test/unit] Fix build
1f2281d72 2024-03-16 Andy Chu [eggex refactor] Move some constant evaluation to parse time
1af4de1fa 2024-03-16 Andy Chu [eggex refactor] Evaluate char literals at parse time
6ef228aa8 2024-03-16 Andy Chu [eggex refactor] Evaluate CharCode at parse time
5e997cf77 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [eggex refactor] Remove Token.tval from evaluation
981d387a2 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Simplify EvalCStringToken()
67afc0ea2 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Implement Str.find(substr, start, end)
a98051d81 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Start using optimized Token functions
532e10c62 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Evaluate SingleQuoted at parse time
475ca77d9 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Removing Token.tval from multi-line str algorithm
b92af3a28 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Consolidate Token functions
40a14b6c1 2024-03-17 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Introduce Id.Ignored_LeadingSpace for SQ
67fe30cbf 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Simplify whitespace stripping algorithm
dfdc626c4 2024-03-17 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
945897850 2024-03-17 Andy C [test/lossless] Temporarily disable
77b9f7e92 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove Id.Char_Literals in favor of Id.Lit_Chars
6a6b2488e 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Simplify DQ leading space algorithm
04b7a46a3 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Lexer no longer materializes token strings.
b4b602a8c 2024-03-17 Andy C [test/unit] Remove .tval usages, fix build
f0e6769ad 2024-03-17 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
49f02ff2b 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove TokenWithStr
6a7a91d68 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] NameTok -> Token
e0409fe32 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] NameTok -> Token
70b09e3de 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend rename] NameTok -> SimpleVarSub
6c1ab926d 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend] Restore lossless invariant when leading space is trimmed
4b7e3c9da 2024-03-17 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
97d95c613 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend refactor] Id.Ignored_HereTabs -> Id.Lit_CharsWithoutPrefix
947d971b6 2024-03-17 Andy C [frontend optimize] SimpleVarSub is now represeneted with Token
e5ef2365c 2024-03-18 Andy C [frontend] Show Token string in abbreviated ASDL format
56782aa72 2024-03-18 Andy C [frontend] Use LazyStr() in a few places
6aa35e991 2024-03-18 Andy C [cleanup] Misc comments and tests
a2fabf011 2024-03-18 Andy C [tools/ysh-ify refactor] Show that we can use a Token-based API
0fd99cee0 2024-03-18 Andy C [frontend perf] Revert to TokenVal() over LazyStr()
dff83e68f 2024-03-18 Andy C [frontend perf] Instrumentation and WideToken idea notes
1c25aa069 2024-03-18 Andy C [release] Automate fetching Zulip release thread
9552ad49e 2024-03-19 Samuel Hierholzer [spec/var-op-test] Add failing test case for "${v[@]+foo}" and set -u (#1857)
90a731c13 2024-03-22 Andy C [test/cpp-unit] Run more tests with ubsan
a6ad0185d 2024-03-23 Andy C [tools] Test Dict<Token*, int>
48582331b 2024-03-23 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove last "spids" usage
34d4ca894 2024-03-23 Andy C [mycpp] Allow Dict<T*, int> by object identity
de6bad03e 2024-03-23 Andy C [tools] Don't save tokens in Dict when only parsing.
5989d7641 2024-03-23 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove span_id from Token
cc9d93d2c 2024-03-23 Andy C [core] Fix self.num_tokens bug, in last commit
eac92762c 2024-03-24 Andy C [frontend] Remove unused code
1ad82d6a4 2024-03-25 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
6fad2992c 2024-03-27 Andy C [spec/var-op-test] Enhance tests for ${array[@]+foo}
5329348d2 2024-03-27 Andy C [osh] Make ${a[@]+foo} and ${a[@]:+foo} match bash
8bb4deb06 2024-03-27 Andy C [spec/nix-idioms] Don't test ${!hooksSlice}, where bash is more strict
71fbd880e 2024-03-27 Andy C [frontend] Limit tokens to 65535 bytes
21f161f65 2024-03-28 Andy C [spec/parse-errors] Don't use python3
6dc11577e 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Rearrange Token fields, for C struct packing
7929686d8 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend optimize] Introduce uint16 ASDL type for Token id, length
93740fce5 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Fix pretty printing Id_t in Token
f51cb0a28 2024-03-28 Andy C [cpp] Fix unit test
4c56b4bff 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Start WideToken refactor
32abbbfe7 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Token -> WideToken
3d7c59369 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Token -> WideToken
64fc67473 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend fix] Check for None
2597cb1eb 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Simplify WideToken representation
a69279dbe 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] word_part.Literal is WideToken
4eefb39b5 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Get rid of some LazyStr() calls
d43ed9065 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend refactor] Remove Token.tval field
c269c539d 2024-03-28 Andy C [frontend] Revert WideToken change
2971642f2 2024-03-28 Andy C [word_eval optimize] _Length() returns int
3ea9ce2c0 2024-03-28 Andy C [word_eval] part_value.String -> Piece
efd5f56fc 2024-03-29 Andy C [osh] Hide ${mystr[@]} errors behind shopt -s strict_array
7842a6be6 2024-03-29 Andy C [osh] Start parsing case terminators ;& and ;;&
7c42c91be 2024-03-29 Andy C [osh] Implement case terminators ;& and ;;&
218a453ad 2024-03-29 Andy C [core] Don't fork HereDocWriter process for small here docs
731806161 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Measure processes after here doc optimization
d96a53075 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Clean up and document harness
478335be3 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Nicer report
083de6b7c 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmark/autoconf] Report on both inner and outer times
f7b32f49e 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Clean up analysis
88e09dce0 2024-03-29 Andy C [benchmarks/autoconf] Polish reports and instructions
a8dd7acef 2024-03-29 Aidan [docs/error-catalogue] Add OILS-ERR-201, Str with arithmetic operators (#1891)
75e87ce24 2024-04-03 Andy C [ysh] Allow aliases in ysh:upgrade, but not ysh:all
d18e07175 2024-04-03 Andy C [ysh] Disallow [[ in YSH
e47d54ade 2024-04-03 Andy C [test] Fix errors from last commit
fb0252162 2024-04-03 Andy C [osh] Hide string export check behind shopt --set strict_array
8f7b4484f 2024-04-03 Andy C [test/runtime-errors] Fix test case
f8833d33b 2024-04-03 Andy C [spec/builtin-vars] Fix test cases after strict_array change
3aa38394e 2024-04-03 Andy C [spec/append] Fix test case
695911653 2024-04-03 Andy C [json] Recognize negative numbers!
8054fe32d 2024-04-05 Andy C [spec/regex] Reproduce bug that Nix tickled
c24d4fc0a 2024-04-05 Andy C [errors] More precise error for "assoc array keys must be strings"
0c11f34d4 2024-04-06 Andy C [errors] arith_expr.Binary blames operator Token
16490c6af 2024-04-06 Andy C [doc/error-catalog] Explain assoc array error
98ea9ed24 2024-04-06 Yihang Liu [stdlib] Draft of semaphores, backed by named pipes (#1899)
dacbf3990 2024-04-06 Andy C [spec/regex] More test cases
42b112548 2024-04-06 Andy C [osh] More tests and planning for =~ regex parsing
ecb591236 2024-04-06 Andy C [osh] More work on lexing and testing BashRegex
4264a9f75 2024-04-06 Andy C [osh] More testing of bash regex
61d9b205d 2024-04-06 Andy C [osh] Fix test, remove Id.Lit_RegexOp
ee262cfb6 2024-04-09 Yihang Liu [deps] Add env var $PY_FTP_MIRROR for faster CPython tarball download (#1929)
ec1528a80 2024-04-06 Andy C [osh] Overhaul of BashRegex parsing
c06fc4cec 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [test/unit] Remove most BashRegex unit tests
5c859c185 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Fix bug with first token in BashRegexGroup
273a97746 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Polish bash regex parsing
ebf0cae3e 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Fix assertion
e593a8fc6 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix build
729614c05 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Fix BASH_REMATCH - unmatched groups are empty strings
09251759e 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Remove unused code in bash regex parser
c3760f882 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh] Simplify BashRegex lexer definition
e747ec8a9 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [test/spec refactor] Split spec/builtin-io -> builtin-{echo,read}
53424ac6a 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-read] Failing tests for read -n whitespace
4990ba1b6 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-read] Expose read vs. read myvar splitting difference
aa1e9ad59 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-read] Clarify tests, disable dash
d37259745 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [builtin/read] $REPLY var isn't subject to word splitting
1ec35c7fd 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [builtin/read] Implement read --num-bytes
fa4430991 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [osh refactor] Simplify parsing and representation of BashRegexGroup
1b6b8013c 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [spec/nix-idioms] Demonstrate let -> eval ": \$(( ))" rewrite
b578a18c8 2024-04-10 Yihang Liu [devtools] direnv file to automatically add python2, etc. to $PATH (#1928)
991fd8877 2024-04-10 bar-g [doc/variables] Fix mistake: setglobal creates global (#1939)
1cd7a5e57 2024-04-09 Andy Chu [ysh] Prepare for 3rd section in proc arg lists
bb35f43af 2024-04-11 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Get rid of ISNONTERMINAL calls
3adad24ec 2024-04-11 Andy Chu [ysh] Fix unit tests
4ad4c3978 2024-04-11 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Remove ISNONTERMINAL call
d9c32d323 2024-04-11 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Simplify by removing ISNONTERMINAL calls
d58871e73 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Use pgen2 more cleanly
06df3c6d3 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Remove last ISNONTERMINAL usage
8c0c19be6 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Remove NotImplementedError
3ee6d3f5b 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [eggex] Give a proper parse error for dot{N *}
8c8e9ae75 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Minor cleanup
64a054e66 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh refactor] Arg group is more like param group
18484a285 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [pgen2 refactor] Use NT_OFFSET more consistently
d364efef7 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [translation] Fix dependencies
a1c7ee338 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [build] Remove another pgen2.token dependency
b5d05bee0 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh] Parse block expr argument with arglist3 grammar rule
8429adf36 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh] Start evaluating block expr arg and default separately
275627f7b 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh fix] Fix typo
610e5e624 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [ysh] Block arg has its own arg group - the third one
645b28c65 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [doc/proc-func] Update with block arg as expression
2ababe181 2024-04-12 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Update topics on procs
d642ef8d4 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [test/spec] Preparing for ARGV changes
4405950e9 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [core refactor] Preparing to make ARGV real vars
15266dee1 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [translation] Fix build
f1fe1c616 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix tests
194673386 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [ysh breaking] ARGV is a normal List variable
d73e83635 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [translation] Fix build
a0152a6af 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [ysh] Allow 'typed proc' in proc definition
1633c5fee 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [test] Organize cases for command.Simple parsing bug
2e3e6b79f 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Remove unused expression keywords
590f5fc7e 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [frontend cleanup] Remove Id.ControlFlow_Return special case
95042393c 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [frontend cleanup] Use simpler ArithId() function
463703023 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Simplify detetion of ... with CommandId
bd8b88c20 2024-04-13 Andy Chu [frontend refactor] Simplify { } parsing at end of command.Simple
3e6e89636 2024-04-14 Andy Chu [ysh] In command.Simple, won't words after typed args (x) or [x]
6972ce820 2024-04-14 Andy Chu [ysh] Allow redirects after block arg
c9bc8ad34 2024-04-16 Andy Chu [ysh] Properly implement setglobal
255931ad8 2024-04-16 Andy Chu [test/ysh-runtime-errors] Adjust test case
66347c621 2024-04-16 Andy Chu [test/spec] Replace json write --pretty F
d06f19746 2024-04-16 Andy Chu [data_lang] Test JSON behavior
57aea6209 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [ysh/builtin] toJson() toJson8() accepts space=
9152b7eec 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [ysh breaking] json write (x) takes space=0 instead of flags
04d95094f 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [ysh] Preparing for @() to decode J8 lines
9658f67d8 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
a015b9e3c 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [osh breaking] Remove read :x enhancement
37648c0c7 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [osh] Remove mapfile :x sugar as well
130e8bc7e 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [spec/ysh-user-feedback] Adjust readarray aka mapfile usage
d60c00e30 2024-04-17 Andy Chu [j8] Start lexer for J8 Lines.
7f6d19141 2024-04-18 Andy Chu [test/spec] Add whitespace tests
f090c966d 2024-04-18 Andy Chu [spec/whitespace] Test cases for differing \r handling
b182ca04a 2024-04-18 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Use definition of ASCII whitespace like JSON spec
014432287 2024-04-18 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Remove isprint() function
20d2da4cb 2024-04-18 Andy Chu [ysh breaking] @() decodes J8 lines, instead of doing IFS splitting
8ec2bda62 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8] Check that unquoted J8 Lines are UTF-8
6daac0e74 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [doc] Document @() and J8 Lines format
4e3378895 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [spec/ysh-builtin-help] Fix test after rename.
bf5bc7286 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [json] Fix check to disallow ASCII control chars
35876ac46 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [test refactor] Rename json-errors -> j8-errors
22739e94b 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8] Disallow ASCII control chars in unquoted J8 lines.
43fe05006 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Document rules about ASCII control chars too
680ee6163 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8] Fix crash bug with \z in J8 string data.
7879fd0f3 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8 refactor] Use Id.Unknown_Backslash consistently
9f814b9f2 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [doc] Document ASCII control char rule for J8 Lines
40bf94bae 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8 refactor] Introduce Id.J8_Newline, to count lines
0acba3192 2024-04-19 Andy Chu [j8] Add line numbers to error messages.
7c5854f2f 2024-04-21 Coleman McFarland [doc] Rename Perl 6 -> Raku (#1944)
b39100570 2024-04-20 Andy Chu [benchmarks/autoconf] Fix over-counting execve() bug
06058ff26 2024-04-22 Andy Chu [yaks] Fix build
1233d0776 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [release] _build/ runs with /bin/sh
ac430f98b 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [build] Remove uses of install -v and ln -v
702833bab 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [release] Remove more install -v
8aa30d435 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [soil] Run ./install in the CI
6c1c7bd49 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [release] Fix typos in install script
0804f6bc8 2024-04-25 Andy Chu [release] Tweak install logging
cd4a8699c 2024-04-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks/gc-cachegrind] Restore gc+exit measurement
8734769d0 2024-04-26 Andy Chu [osh] Parse zsh but don't execute them
212b93012 2024-04-27 Andy Chu [doc] Move Oils reference to the top of the release page.
1826547fc 2024-04-28 Melvin Walls [core] Always clean up child process on exit (#1948)
56e587a37 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [sourcehut] Run benchmarks task
3872a9ec5 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Add openvswitch workload
2af9b2968 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Add util-linux configure workload
a8877e773 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [devtools] Demo of xshar working
c1f37bc5a 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [devtools] Added xshar demo to CI
0b60c6fe8 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [devtools] Making xshar with oils-for-unix tarball
53f926915 2024-04-28 Andy Chu [devtools/xshar] Able to embed osh-runtime testdata
962d16955 2024-04-29 Andy Chu [devtools/xshar] benchmarks/ entry point
95f5d5c05 2024-04-29 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add --rusage-2 to
6ab9f3d94 2024-04-29 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Add page faults comparison
a9f385437 2024-04-29 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Change comparison to minor page faults
c2367b57f 2024-04-29 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Sort deatils by workload
bbe831da0 2024-04-29 Aidan [spec/ysh-methods] Failing test case for problems in osh/string_ops utf8 decoders (#1952)
3333a8229 2024-04-30 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Sort details by workload
d46cc3dd3 2024-04-30 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add /bin/true workload
9b300fa80 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Getting benchmarks/osh-runtime to run
a34d52524 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix var reference in last commit
93f7a6695 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Hooking up benchmarks/osh-runtime
7d8145ad6 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] test-oils entry point respects flags
19f200181 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Add --help and --version
659935488 2024-05-02 Matthew Davidson [spec/builtin-copmletion] Add cases for compgen -k and -e (#1954)
f722afdc1 2024-05-01 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Cosmetic tweaks.
c86e255e4 2024-05-02 Matthew Davidson [devtools] Add bzip2 to Ubuntu/Debian wedge deps (#1956)
32d28f480 2024-05-02 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fix shell bug due to dynamic scoping
80405626b 2024-05-03 Justin Pombrio [core] Pretty Printing for Oils values (#1945)
5bae16917 2024-05-04 Aidan [data_lang] Create UTF8 decoder to round-trip surrogate halves (#1955)
e8902ce03 2024-05-02 Andy Chu [cleanup] Misc reformatting and comments
5b4bc7d5b 2024-05-04 Andy Chu [prebuilt] Rebuild everything
e7699d45c 2024-05-04 Andy Chu [prebuilt] Fix for new core/ dependency
f0d2af9fe 2024-05-05 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Remove index.html from provenance
3da131530 2024-05-05 Andy Chu [soil] Get rid of static index.html in .wwz
cf7de8fc5 2024-05-05 Andy Chu [cleanup] Get rid of index.html, tea
f5d99b2bf 2024-05-06 Melvin Walls [devtools] Add ebpf tracepoint infrastructure and some tracepoints (#1957)
0038035a5 2024-05-06 Melvin Walls [core] Reduce calls to malloc before execve() (#1959)
46cb1ce07 2024-05-06 Aidan [data_lang refactor] Remove all uses of Bjorn DFA and delete unused UTF-8 decoders (#1961)
d5f39aa09 2024-05-07 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] HTTP upload to new wwup script
387416028 2024-05-07 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Move .wwz creation out of benchmark script
aa2f4b9ca 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Remove duplicate args in tar
61018cf67 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools] Fallback to 1 when nproc isn't available
a21c434c0 2024-05-08 andy-macbook [benchmarks] dump-host-id works on OS X
96d96a169 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Nicer dir structure for osh-runtime payload
78bb79ba4 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Fix typo in arg order
2a93467ef 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Fix task selection wrapper
6f0f27977 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Fix typo bug
9172cd6c9 2024-05-08 Andy Chu [devtools/test-oils] Fix .wwz payload for osh-runtime
399e20dad 2024-05-09 Andy Chu [benchmarks/vm-baseline refactor] Use TSV instead of CSV
1af081ada 2024-05-09 Jörg Thalheim [doc] Link to instead of (#1964)
9021a6d23 2024-05-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Validate code more
5cedc0cf3 2024-05-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Remove dead code for fmtX() functions
84b0beece 2024-05-11 Aidan [data_lang] Use new UTF-8 decoder in osh/string_ops (#1965)
a8b7b2aa2 2024-05-11 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
157774326 2024-05-13 Andy C [spec/builtins] Failing test for cd
72e996c45 2024-05-15 Andy C [spec/builtins] Fix dash assertion
9a4fa60df 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo] More build fixes
c78128743 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] Trying to get re2c example to work!
c12854a54 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] Fix for compiling the wrong file!
2d310d28a 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] Automate re2c demo
f81ef5f05 2024-05-15 Andy C [soil] Move demo to job with re2c binary
787776045 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] CI fix
65fc7e695 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] Don't check for PNG
efa328132 2024-05-15 Andy C [demo/houston-fp] Enhance ASDL example
6b787add8 2024-05-16 Aidan [fastfunc] Use the python2/oils string model in Utf8DecodeOne (#1967)
a99495031 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [spec/builtins2] Failing test case for command -v bug
b8cc16e51 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [builtin/cd] Check for too many arguments
5e2c2fe2d 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [builtin/compgen] Implement compgen -e and -k
1da58a499 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [doc/j8-notation] Add FAQ about mapping to interior types.
422d1f158 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [builtin/cd] cd with block requires an explicit arg
1229a7857 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [release] Publish doc metrics on quality page
c54d04000 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [release] Move INSTALL.txt -> INSTALL-old.txt
985224b9d 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [doc] Add portablity doc
8d2e7db19 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [doc/portability] Small updates
c13c46b87 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [doc] Update INSTALL.txt
00cf4ddee 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [osh/builtins] Add stub for ulimit
d04c7011c 2024-05-18 Andy Chu [test/spec cleanup] Adjust allowed failures
cc7d5789f 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing spec tests for ulimit builtin
0ddfd39a7 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [spec/builtins] Failing test cases for ulimit
d6f35a799 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Validate input
825b12dec 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [translation] Fix build by including sys/resource.h
9cee460a4 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec fix] Fix allowed failures
64e87a4c8 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [test/spec refactor] Create spec/builtin-misc
9195bb4d3 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Add table of resources
426a7b7a1 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Fill in ulimit -a
bd527023c 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Implement get and set
093db0a5b 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Detect arg that would overflow
b2f3517f3 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
e36858222 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/echo] FlushStdout() so ulimit error surfaces
eb557e97f 2024-05-19 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Spec tests for permission denied
1f68de354 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Show more info after error in Python
9c94521d7 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-process] Make ulimit test more independent of environment
0315bc08c 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [builtin/ulimit] Add ulimit --all for readability, update doc/ref
7f80d5161 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [mycpp/runtime] Check return value of write() flush() close()
7d034f617 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [cpp cleanup] Format all code
ef59d63d6 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [core] Check errors from fflush() after all builtins
fb9c8672c 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [core] Also catch handle IOError while running builtins
a1048cb48 2024-05-20 Andy Chu [core] Check I/O errors in = keyword, like a builtin
d410be473 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [ysh] Allow $"" as alias for "", to be explicit
a193dae11 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [j8] Add optional j"" prefix to JSON-style strings
8664b2c2a 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [ysh] Support $""" in expression mode, for consistency
c80dea073 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [j8] Also recognize j"" prefix in J8 Lines format
b18840cee 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [spec/unicode] Many failing test cases for max code point.
b8a971ba8 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [data_lang/pretty] Fix crash on non-Unicode string
55ebff070 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [build fix] Add missing type annotation
a0b80c78d 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [spec/ysh-unicode] Polish test cases, e.g. JSON
4aab5cb3c 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [unicode] Check for code points above 0x10ffff at parse time
f0157e0b5 2024-05-21 Andy Chu [unicode] Consolidate surrogate range and max code point checks
6960ac9ce 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [unicode] Make surrogate range and max code point checks more consistent
76fea0239 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [osh] Don't do code point checks for echo -e and printf
15af724eb 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [osh unicode] Also back out of strictness for $''
e06c06dac 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove some unused Python UTF-8 functions
4fbd36aff 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix assertions
6f73a44be 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Rewrite chap-errors
55aed43d7 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [ysh/builtin-func] Implement getVar() function
b70086771 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [cpp] Fix memory leak in libc::wcswidth()
f1c4e6920 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Polish chap-expr-lang
b4965a1ee 2024-05-22 Andy Chu [doctools] Adjust doc/ref HTML highlighting rules
5c4a0b9a2 2024-05-23 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Make doc/ref/toc-* look nicer
07a37a9d2 2024-05-23 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Make the TOC look prettier.
4d1c2815f 2024-05-23 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Make toc-ysh look better
3ce6de661 2024-05-23 Andy Chu [doc/ref] Polish appearance
e82227edb 2024-05-24 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Add ControlFlowGraph library (#1975)
a2f5f2347 2024-05-26 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Generalize blocks, and other control flow graph tweaks (#1976)
b77a4882a 2024-05-26 Andy C [test/unit] Fix PYTHONPATH for python2 vs. python3
5be391cd2 2024-05-26 Andy C [test/unit] Fixes and consolidation
6183c11c4 2024-05-26 Andy C [soil] Run all tests in CI
a6f828e91 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Reorganize options section
ac5796c7e 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Rewrite reference for options
f4929b7f1 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Create new chapter for YSH command keywords
5a8c3522c 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Re-order chapters
8ed51911b 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc fix] Remove obsolete $osh-help and $oil-help markdown abbreviations
5d2544e4f 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Work on chap-type-method
c40be1d5a 2024-05-27 Andy C [build fix] Can't re-order steps when building doc/ref
c5d130a73 2024-05-27 Andy C [doc/ref] Improve broken links / orphan links detection in ref-check
76d622e95 2024-05-28 Andy C [doc/ref] Fill in broken links
e902ed56c 2024-05-28 Melvin Walls [mycpp fix] Avoid subclass name collisions by using SymbolPath (#1978)
982b65ba5 2024-05-28 Andy C [doc/ref] Write a few more topics
2d03fc543 2024-05-29 Andy C [doc/ref] Add chap-index for name conflicts
204d4e09b 2024-05-29 Andy C [cleanup] Format code
5726b8b0c 2024-05-29 Andy C [cleanup] Auto-format the doctools/ dir
1924f9937 2024-05-29 Andy C [test/lint] Add the doctools/ dir
4b9e74824 2024-05-29 Andy C [spec/ysh-builtin-help] Enhance test cases
280fd07be 2024-05-29 Andy C [doctools] Fix help topic extraction, with test
4350f11d1 2024-05-29 Andy C [test/lint] Expand to more dirs
fcd12ff2d 2024-05-29 Andy C [cleanup] Auto-format lazylex/ dir
00675157a 2024-05-29 Andy C [doc] Split into published.html and index.html
da21cf3f4 2024-05-29 Andy C [doc/ref] Make the TOC look nicer
5b2d7a0cb 2024-05-29 Andy C [doc/ref] Overhaul navigation
877653939 2024-05-29 Andy C [doc/ref] Start to make chapters look like the TOC
990cc0689 2024-05-30 Andy C [doc/ref] More work on chapter appearance
2d9582876 2024-05-30 Eli [doc] Fix markdown backticks (#1979)
2d6eab57e 2024-05-30 Andy C [doc/ref] Remove old CSS
40cb398b1 2024-05-30 Andy C [doc/ref] Use the new navigation bar on all chapters
3ec8223a5 2024-05-30 Andy C [doc/ref] More polish
77c202424 2024-05-30 Andy C [doctools] Start dense TOC style for doc/ref
cbde18aec 2024-05-30 Andy C [cleanup] Remove WideToken experiment
a49660d1d 2024-05-30 Andy C [doctools] New dense TOC style for doc/ref
0acaeab65 2024-05-30 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Add pass to create control flow graph (#1977)
630c3025f 2024-05-30 Andy C [sourcehut] Enable cpp-tarball task
12f0beb11 2024-05-30 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.22.0
a7bcadd34 2024-05-31 Andy C [release] Compare tarballs from github and sourcehut
19ddf310b 2024-05-31 Andy C [build/cpython-defs] Update for release