Commits Between Branches release/0.4.0 and release/0.5.alpha1

2192156 2018-02-04 Andy Chu Fix test for closing ] in [.
f09c2d6 2018-02-04 Andy Chu Fix a bunch of long lines.
1c8b031 2018-02-07 Andy Chu osh/ is a new module with metaprogrammed data structures.
056e493 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Move the AST from osh.ast_ -> osh.meta.ast.
42fa8d7 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Cleanup after the osh/ change.
723b8ba 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Fold the core/ loader into osh/
e289c9a 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Move types that don't depend on Id to osh/types.asdl.
0b69297 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Fix lint errors.
f7b22d7 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Replace util.Enum OperandType with bool_arg_type in types.asdl.
f444dd7 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Replace all usages of util.Enum with simple ADSL sum types.
88d93df 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Add a skeleton for the 'oilc' applet, which itself has subcommands.
197ca84 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Skeleton of main() for the bin/oil binary, with --help.
537b49d 2018-02-07 Andy Chu Initial implementation of 'oilc deps'.
d53ed8b 2018-02-10 Andy Chu oilc deps: refine the algorithm for detecting functions.
0a33187 2018-02-11 Andy Chu Preparing to benchmark compile time and binary size.
0834861 2018-02-11 Andy Chu Work on benchmark, and test IFS splitting corner cases.
297593f 2018-02-15 Andy Chu The benchmark now runs.
6f86d6b 2018-02-15 Andy Chu runs on two machines and 'stage1' aggregates the results.
5f601e6 2018-02-16 Andy Chu Generate an ovm-build report in HTML, via benchmarks/report.R.
b2fe31d 2018-02-16 Andy Chu records binary size, and add TSV support everywhere.
bc2de38 2018-02-16 Andy Chu Generalize table row highlighting for the ovm-build benchmark.
4643b79 2018-02-16 Andy Chu Calculate native code size (bundle size - bytecode size).
0e25182 2018-02-17 Andy Chu Save bash and dash binaries too.
82e936a 2018-02-18 Andy Chu Factor out scripts/ so that other repos can use it.
f4bc12b 2018-02-23 Ivan Gonzalez Travis does the developer build and runs {unit,spec} tests. (#84)
b53a6d5 2018-02-23 Andy Chu A couple tweaks to the Travis test run.
d7c2ba6 2018-02-23 Andy Chu A script that runs 'oilc deps' over the oil repo.
34c67e9 2018-02-21 Andy Chu Demo of running virtualenv scripts. Not yet working under OSH.
69c0a07 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Reviving OPy: run it on the Oil repository.
14e088c 2018-02-24 Andy Chu ./ compile-osh-tree now finishes.
67a4e32 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Successfully run Oil unit tests with bytecode compiled by OPy.
37df248 2018-02-24 Andy Chu osh --help now works when compiled with OPy.
6fb35c8 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Running all spec tests with _tmp/oil-opy/bin/osh.
58f6ce1 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Create the oilc symlink on installation.
829429b 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Modify to print a .py-only manifest too.
34c7ebc 2018-02-24 Andy Chu Compile Oil's stdlib dependencies with OPy.
165a5c6 2018-02-24 Andy Chu OPy's stdlib dependencies can now be compiled with OPy as well.
ca85906 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Building bytecode with OPy via the Makefile.
7f405fe 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Makefile: Put either of bytecode-{cpython,opy}.zip in the app bundle.
4dbb64d 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Show the bytecode-*.zip filename in oil --version.
51ffcd4 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Tweaks to prepare for a release with
3fdaa2e 2018-02-25 Andy Chu On release, run spec tests after the binary is built.
4d0c1e0 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Fix bin/ osh -c 'echo $0'
49b63ef 2018-02-25 Andy Chu Remove _build/detected-config.h from the tarball.
50cfbb5 2018-02-26 Andy Chu Add the pyc-bytes metric to the release index.
976a969 2018-02-26 Andy Chu Include ovm-build benchmark in 'benchmarks/ all'.