Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre11 and release/0.6.pre12

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre11 and release/0.6.pre12

65f6cc7 2018-12-15 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.6.pre11 release.
49a08d0 2018-12-16 Andy Chu [release] Fix announcement links.
a3cfe8c 2018-12-16 Andy Chu [osh] In osh -n, don't print any nodes any line failed to parse.
1e58d96 2018-12-17 Andy Chu [builtin] Implement [ -s foo ] to test for non-empty file.
13e0b74 2018-12-17 Andy Chu [builtin] Stub out 'shopt -s histappend'
ad72c90 2018-12-17 Andy Chu [completion] Start implementing the compopt builtin.
a900879 2018-12-18 Andy Chu [completion] Respect 'compopt -o nospace'.
c6a2aa2 2018-12-18 Andy Chu [completion] Implement compopt -o default / dirnames / plusdirs.
c0e87cd 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] Restore trailing slashes for filename completion.
725be8d 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] Implement dynamic 'compopt'.
8dbca6d 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] Implement complete -X EXTGLOB.
a6dfaab 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] Share demo/ with unit tests.
cee90bd 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] Test different combinations of options and fix behavior.
725dfbf 2018-12-19 Andy Chu [completion] A harness to test _init_completion from bash-completion.
41492ff 2018-12-20 Andy Chu [completion] Stub for the _init_completion builtin.
e82fc9f 2018-12-21 Andy Chu [demo] Investigating the bash startup sequence with strace.
f6de2e9 2018-12-21 Andy Chu [completion] Set COMP_ARGV and implement _init_completion -s.
9526206 2018-12-22 Andy Chu [completion] _init_completion passes all oracle tests!
2430e18 2018-12-22 Andy Chu [refactor] Move completion oracle to testdata/completion/
e485ac4 2018-12-22 Andy Chu [completion] Replace _init_completion with a compadjust builtin.
e0af113 2018-12-23 Andy Chu [doc] Update the OSH quick ref with completion builtins.
954eaf6 2018-12-23 Andy Chu [completion] Validate the names passed to compadjust.
32d8f8b 2018-12-23 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix Travis build.
a3040c3 2018-12-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify AdjustArg() algorithm.
062c3a7 2018-12-24 Andy Chu Demos for compiling to more efficient code.
8f691ce 2018-12-26 Andy Chu [doc] Roughly document completion variables.
d9f0bd3 2018-12-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate creation of LineLexer and Lexer.
7e17bce 2018-12-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Uses a separate ParseContext and Arena in completion.
57a797b 2018-12-26 Andy Chu [history] Implement the history builtin; start lexing history expansion.
1bfd3c9 2018-12-27 Andy Chu [history] Implement a separate lexer for history expansion.
0c84626 2018-12-27 Andy Chu [history] Implement history expansion with !
cc32f7e 2018-12-28 Andy Chu [builtin/history] history N now shows N history entries.
adb9a2c 2018-12-28 Andy Chu [history] Move history file to ~/.config/oil/history_{osh,oil}.
184647d 2018-12-28 Andy Chu [metrics/source-code] Split Oil and OSH/common libraries.
85dfd51 2018-12-29 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Implement ${x@Q} to shell-quote strings.
ff677c0 2018-12-29 Andy Chu [completion] Try to properly quote filename completions.
372de9e 2018-12-31 Andy Chu [demo] Clean up demo/
228ff33 2019-01-02 Andy Chu [demo] pyreadline implements almost all of what we want in OSH.
e20b69f 2019-01-02 Andy Chu [demo] Experiment with bash's globstar behavior.
8786934 2019-01-02 Andy Chu [demo] Got Shed Skin to generate C++ code, but it doesn't compile.
c9ca954 2019-01-02 Andy Chu [doc] OSH architecture notes.
8c16808 2019-01-02 Andy Chu [demo] Fill out pyreadline with many features.
f70ceb9 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] User can hit tab again for more completions.
6863465 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Save and restore cursor position to return to prompt.
b5d5ee8 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Handle completion across multiple lines.
845906b 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix missing import.
6465d7c 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Go back to ReturnToPrompt().
3b2692d 2019-01-05 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] More prototyping of the UI.
77687bc 2019-01-06 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Implement different prompt styles.
ec8e2ca 2019-01-08 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Change PS2 for Oil, and code cleanup.
312942d 2019-01-09 Andy Chu [demo/pyreadline] Moved to oilshell/blog-code/interactive-shell/
d8f01cd 2019-01-14 Andy Chu Search for dangerous shell features in the 'wild' corpus.
b0a3cfe 2019-01-15 Andy Chu [completion] Disable escaping for now.
9aca5fc 2019-01-15 Andy Chu [completion] Disable StatusLine.
c62849f 2019-01-15 Andy Chu [builtin/trap] Allow 0 for EXIT and 1 for SIGHUP, etc.
eaf8730 2019-01-15 Andy Chu [builtin/trap] Normalize signals/hooks as dictionary keys.
afb9c64 2019-01-18 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre12.
0b0dfa2 2019-01-18 Andy Chu [osh2oil] Fix instantiation of parser.
fd4bf24 2019-01-18 Andy Chu [release] Regenerate cpython-defs.