Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre16 and release/0.6.pre17

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre16 and release/0.6.pre17

2837925 2019-03-03 Andy Chu Small tweaks to benchmarks; minor code cleanup.
89da2df 2019-03-04 Andy Chu [ASDL] Minor optimization: Only create the 'spids' field in variants.
5a3ce35 2019-03-04 Andy Chu [spec/prompt] Fix the hostname test.
44522c1 2019-03-04 Andy Chu [types] Add type annotations for osh_parse, starting at the lexer.
7356a43 2019-03-04 Andy Chu [types] Added annotations to osh/
291720d 2019-03-04 Andy Chu [types] Add types for frontend/
9b1bdaa 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Add annotations to the arithmetic parser.
99df449 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Add annotations to word_parse and bool_parse.
509b43c 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Apply annotations from a more comprehensive unit test run.
d93e639 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Annotate osh/cmd_parse.
d469b2f 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [refactor] Make things look nicer after MyPy.
407fba3 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Apply more annotations, e.g. for
5d0d963 2019-03-05 Andy Chu [types] Apply more type annotations.
e8e74a4 2019-03-06 Andy Chu [types] Down to 16 errors in --strict (without strict None checking)
bc0bd77 2019-03-06 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by excluding id_kind_asdl from demos.
e52f45c 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [types] Down to 5 type errors.
b17e2a4 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [cleanup] Style cleanup of imports.
cd16bf1 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [types] osh/ now passes.
e416c86 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [types] bin/osh_parse passes strict type checking!
5952049 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [build] Fix build/ all
496953d 2019-03-07 Andy Chu [build] MyPy type checking for osh_parse runs on Travis!
5710e80 2019-03-09 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use the more modern octal syntax.
c400045 2019-03-11 Andy Chu [cleanup] Don't use namespaces for token and line_span.
f8969f0 2019-03-12 Robert Hencke [cleanup] Fix location of script in (#244)
d81cb56 2019-03-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Move SpanIdFromError to osh/
90b713c 2019-03-12 Andy Chu [cleanup] Fix import style throughout.
bedbfb2 2019-03-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Move code out of core/
43888ab 2019-03-12 Andy Chu Fix bug due to moving a function.
42adba6 2019-03-15 Andy Chu [cleanup] Consolidate backslash escaping.
a14497e 2019-03-17 Andy Chu [prompt] Prettify expansion of \W with ~ where applicable.
88a6817 2019-03-18 Joshua Nelson Implement the 'builtin' builtin (#251)
a9f6b40 2019-03-18 Andy Chu Fix crash in 'builtin command ls'.
8fc93e4 2019-03-19 Andy Chu [spec/builtins2] Remove stderr assertions since they're not stable.
988f4d8 2019-03-19 Andy Chu [interactive] Fix display bug executing command at bottom of screen.
60665f2 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [interactive] Our SIGWINCH handler updates readline's state.
9714755 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [interactive] Cap the right cursor to the terminal width.
ecffde5 2019-03-20 Joshua Nelson [prompt] Respect \[ and \] in the prompt evaluator (#256)
4c28743 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [prompt] ${x@P} shouldn't contain \x01 and \x02.
377b4ab 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [doc] The 'builtin' builtin is now implemented
967b641 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre17.
7ec42fc 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [build] Fix opy build.
8cbee90 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [demo] Figured out how $HOME works!
64c90e9 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [opy] Update regtest golden data.
952e96e 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.
dce8a09 2019-03-20 Andy Chu Export PWD and OLDPWD.
22ea84e 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [history] Avoid conflict with ${!indirect} and [!charclass].
b66eb5f 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [build] Fix PYTHONPATH for the three app bundles.
65dd46c 2019-03-20 Andy Chu Make bin/{opy,opyc} consistent with the bin/oil wrappers.